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Mathy emo act I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE perform live for Little Elephant

Watch I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE play “Overall Adderall”, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman (Frozen Cover)” and “Touch” live at Little Elephant in Toledo, Ohio. The band released their amazing record “We Go Way Back” in early 2016  through Dog Knights Productions and NDE Records. You can listen to the full album below, as well.

“With lyrics covering the futility of searching for internet recognition, the hypocrisy of those who fight sexism only when it suits them and plans for singer Lukas Feurst’s funeral, the joyful music often seems at odds with Feurst’s lyrical content, but this makes listening to I Love Your Lifestyle such a joy. With insanely twiddly riffs and incredibly complex drums, the album is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.” – Punktastic

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