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“I Was A Loser In High School” – I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE EP premiere

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Swedish emo indie punk band I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE teamed up with 4 amazing DIY labels for this release. ‘I Was a Loser in High School’ is a collaboration between Zegema Beach RecordsThrough Love RecGood Post Day Records, and Unlock Yourself Records, and I am super stoked to have IDIOTEQ name linked to this premiere. The official release date for this cool effort is February 6th, but you can listen to the whole thing right now! Check out the official commentary from the band and bring some happiness to your ear with their catchy choruses, sharp drum beat and energetic, mathy guitar riffs and give them an honest shot!

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE are hitting the road with TOMORROW, ST. PETER in March! CARE will join them at the first couple gigs. See the flyer below and head over here to see more details.

All three tracks are actually really old. Everything (except vocal melodies and lyrics) were written by guitarist Joel in the same period as the tracks on our self-titled 12″ but for some reason we decided to save them.

“Prank” is basically just about how weird my brain was working when I was little. Like the fact that I could pretend eating candy without actually doing it and lose my cravings for it.

The lyrics in the title track “I Was a Loser in High School” are about me getting totally stressed out about the thought of everyone around me getting their lives together so much more smoothly than myself. Although it’s just what I get from stalking their Instagram accounts when I know most of it is just fake. Of course people only post the good stuff going on in their lives.

Lyrics for “Zitch Dog” are top secret hush hush.
The artwork is a photo taken in our original hometown at Jonathan and Joel’s old school. It’s their little brother who is sitting down watching a magazine he put on fire.


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