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ME AND THE TRINITY: Hotfoot Records signs another metalcore act!

ME AND THE TIRNITY offer a nice blend of mathcore’ish metalcore in the vein of NORMA JEAN and other southern metalcore acts that aren’t generic as much as other modern melodic metalcore bands. Check out their recent video for the track “Judge”, scroll down to see their previous releases and be on thge lookout for “Crux”, coming out on December 9th via Hotfoot!


We live in an age where every genre of music seems to have to be clearly defined. You’re metal if you meet this criteria, you’re hardcore if you meet that criteria, so on and so forth. For Me and the Trinity, a 5-piece outfit from Savannah, GA, it doesn’t seem like the lines have to be that clear. Vocalist Timothy Burnsed asks, “Why do rock and roll bands have to follow any type of formula? We come from a town where we aren’t hardcore enough to be hardcore, not metal enough to be metal, and not punk enough to be punk, but honestly, I like it that way.” While the band doesn’t claim to be the pinnacle of originality in heavy music, Me and the Trinity has created their own formula to write the most real music they can write. The band takes their influences from favorites like Norma Jean, He Is Legend and The Chariot, among others, to create something passionate. The Fall of 2014 will see the band release their fourth album, a five-song effort entitled Crux. Burnsed says that this is the first time they have been able to go into the studio and have completely free reign to make the album they have always wanted to make. Me and the Trinity is a band of passion. They love what they do, they have meaning behind the words they yell, and they use a high-energy live show to prove that a band doesn’t have to follow a formula to make their mark in the heavy rock and roll community.

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