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Mellow post hardcore rockers unveil new cinematic video for “visité tus heridas (aire azul)”

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A couple of months since the release of their latest EP “estival“, Argentinian poetic, post rock filled alt post hardcore band have unveiled their first official video for the mellow track Visité tus heridas (Aire azul), a cinematic and breathtaking visual for their out of the ordinary and captivating take on the genre. Directed by Joel Alzugaray, the video can be seen above. is a three-piece-band from a town called Caleta Olivia in Patagonia Argentina. Following their first EP “Estival”, now presents their first official video for “visité tus heridas (aire azul)”, recorded in the southern coasts of their country.

The whole concept about the band goes around showing how life is down in Patagonia, paying special attention to the soundscape that is portrayed by’s music and lyrical content. The name “visité tus heridas (aire azul)” stands for “I visited your wounds (blue air)”.

Comments Sophie:

Estival is an EP that consists of 4 songs, all inspired by and dedicated to the south. Born as a summer band, we wanted to make something to be a part of the local scene during the 2 months that follow our vacation season (“estival” actually stands for “summer” or “the hottest month of the year”). Moreover, during 2020’s January and February the band played in basements, radios, local venues and also recorded the songs at a friend’s studio; this means that our published material was part of a whole experience of living a fast and not-very-meditated vacation with friends, in which we didn’t really thought about any plans as a formal band.

SUR I NAME by nahirromerofotografia

When the pandemic arrived, we figured that there would be some time to listen to the songs and make a more thoughtful production. So months passed and in October 2020 our EP was finally published and then edited in k7 by a local record label called Aktivate distro. We usually tend to say that we play post-hardcore/post-rock, or that our band sounds like Penfold and Birds in Row combined. However, the three of us are influenced by a lot of genres from jazz to emo to math-rock, specially bands that make those genres in our country like WRRN or YON, and maybe from other countries or more well-known like Thrice, Citizen and Slowdive. There’s a spotify playlist in which we selected some of the songs that inspired Estival that can be found in our profile or at this location.

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Finally, when we got together again in 2021’s summer (since we are a summer formation) and even though there still were COVID restrictions, our band was able to actively move the local scene, so this time we played again at the radio, friend’s houses and music spots that were allowed to host shows but now with the intention of making the more audiovisual material we could out of every occasion. Moreover, Joel Alzugaray (a film director from our town) got in touch with us to make a video for Visité tus heridas, which is the topic that brings us here. The official video for this song was recorded at the beach and paying attention to specific days in which the weather would best portray the song. In the course of the year we will be releasing the personal footage that was recorded by us, our friend J. Alzugaray’s films of the shows we played and hopefully a new song that we only got to perform live.

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