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Melodic hardcore band CONVEYER signs with Victory Records

CONVEYER has laid a solid foundation over the last few years through numerous self-booked, successful North American tours and a self-released debut album, Worn Out.  As the newest addition to the Victory Records family, CONVEYER prepares to build on their devoted and faithful following with their sophomore release,When Given Time To Grow, set to be released September 4th, 2015.  Get a taste of the new album with the new song “Haven.”


Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, CONVEYER’s devotion to music and faith is the common thread that connected its members – Danny Adams (Vocals), Ty Brooks (Guitar), Nick Matako (Guitar), Ben Greene (Bass), and Daniel Glover (Drums).

Frontman Danny Adams says of the signing, “Realizing Victory was on board with CONVEYER and wanted to help us do more was a surreal experience.  When I was thirteen or fourteen, my mom signed up for a Victory sampler, and it got me into bands like Atreyu, Bayside, Silverstein and eventually The Warriors and Refused.  A majority of the bands that got me into going to shows and participating in a local hardcore/metal scene were putting out records through Victory before I even knew what music I liked.”

“To be a part of a label that is responsible for releasing some of my favorite records of all time is a dream come true.  We are honored to be a part of the Victory Records family,” adds guitarist Ty Brooks.

On the background of “Haven”, Adams explains, “It’s basically me expressing my disinterest in the immoral composition of the status quo on a worldwide scale, and Christ being the only antithesis to the mindset the world conditions us to live under.  I don’t think there’s a simple way for me to coalesce the entire point of the song, which is why I encourage people to come ask questions at shows or online.”

CONVEYER will hit the road this weekend on July 4th, appearing at several festivals such as Audiofeed, Ichthus, Sonshine and Pierced.  Stay tuned for more album and tour news on CONVEYER.


This is my aberration from the world I’ve come to know
Opposed to all that hinders the freedom of my soul
Faithless in a future disregarding my conviction
Remove me from the mindset of man

I hope I’m not just counting down the days
Until I relapse and forget to relate
There’s got to be more than what we’re all conditioned to expect
From this self-centered world of hate and regret, pain and neglect
I’m trying my best

I’ve had a change of heart
You have captivated this dead man
I will sing praises to show them
A chorus carried up on high

Ignoring importance, ignoring the critical
Existential urgency
Ignoring our purpose, ignoring the vital
Bled dry by apathy

Avoiding moral imperative
Death without life, an end with no means
A population of selfish men who have no one to blame but themselves
The world is plain and simple; Depravity of the heart
Living in a constant spiral of moral disregard
You will be my Haven for the rest of my days
Refine me from my self-centered ways

I’ve had a change of heart
You have captivated this dead man
I will sing praises to show them
A chorus carried up on high

CONVEYER on tour:


July 4 – Champaign, IL – Audiofeed Festival
July 6 – Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome
July 7 – Evansville, IN – Wired
July 8 – Lexington, KY – Ichthus Festival
July 11 – Ringgold, GA – Cloud Springs Deli
July 12 – Herrin, IL – Hitts
July 13 – Joplin, MO – Solace
July 14 – Merriam, KS – Aftershock
July 15 – Des Moines, IA – Underground Rock Shop
July 16 – Somerset, WI – Sonshine Festival
July 19 – Grand Rapids, MN – Pierced Festival
July 20 – Bismarck, ND – Side B
July 21 – Fargo, ND – The New Direction

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