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Melodic hardcore band WALK THE PLANK tackle isolation, fear, and loneliness on new EP – new video streaming!

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Walk The Plank‘s latest EP offering, “Loathe,” is a testament to their unflinching commitment to authenticity. Set for release on January 12th, 2024, under Mt. Crushmore Records, this release marks the band’s first output since the 2018 “Void Treader,” and it’s a sonic evolution that mirrors the tumultuous times we’re living in.

Frontman Ian Crocker doesn’t shy away from the complexities of modern life in “Loathe.” With a lyrical prowess that cuts through the noise, Crocker addresses the omnipresent cultural obsession with online relevance in “Anti-Social Media,” the gnawing despair of solitude in “Boredom,” and the hauntingly relevant issue of gun violence in “Good Guy With a Gun?” These tracks aren’t just songs; they’re reflections of a society grappling with its own identity and ethos.

Walk The Plank

Produced by Ben Green of Fairweather, “Loathe” is arguably Walk The Plank’s most potent and hard-hitting release to date. The official video for the title track, a sad melodic hardcore anthem, captures the band’s raw energy and unapologetic stance.

Crafted by Josh Anolik and featuring footage from the band’s 2018 European tour (captured by Eva Bozevniece) and 2019 Mexico tour, the video is a mosaic of the band’s journey, both in the studio and on the road, giving a glimpse into their world and the fervor with which they approach their journey.

As for the record itself, it’s a reflection of a period marked by isolation and uncertainty. “We wrote and recorded these songs just before COVID broke out in 2020,” reveals Crocker. “The lyrics deal with feelings of isolation, fear, and loneliness.” This emotional rawness is palpable in each track, cementing the EP as a poignant narrative of our times.

The anticipation for “Loathe” is further amplified by the announcement of a record release show on January 13th, 2024, at Atlas Brew Works in Washington DC, marking the band’s first live performance since 2020. This event, coupled with the promise of international shows throughout 2024, signals a robust return for Walk The Plank, who have long been a fixture in the hardcore scene.

“Loathe” is a mirror held up to the world, reflecting the angst, confusion, and resilience of a generation.


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