Ultra Lover by Emil Johansson
Ultra Lover by Emil Johansson
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Stockholm noise rock punks ULTRA LOVER share new wild track “14”

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From the eclectic streets of Stockholm, a city known as much for its scenic beauty as for its vibrant music scene, comes Ultra Lover – a band that defies the conventional boundaries of genre. These obscure sonic alchemists, set to release their second EP, “Absolute Future,” on January 26, 2024, are not just another addition to the noise rock punk panorama; they are its audacious redefiners.

Ultra Lover , a collective born from the diverse corners of Stockholm’s music scene, with members hailing from bands like GOD MOTHER, KULMA, TUNGSOL, and THIS GIFT IS A CURSE, have crafted a sound that’s both anarchic and methodically sculpted. Their debut, the “Faith Healer” EP, released last year on DC/DC, a fledgling indie label from Stockholm, already hinted at their potential to shake up the scene. Now, with “Absolute Future” and “Faith Healer“” set to hit the shelves in 12” vinyl form, courtesy of DC/DC and North America’s The Ghost Is Clear (TGIC), ULTRA LOVER is ready to unleash their full fury.

Describing Ultra Lover ‘s music is akin to narrating a fever dream – a maelstrom of noise rock, punk, kraut, grunge, and gospel. Picture this: METZ and MOTÖRHEAD team up to perform NEU! covers, but they’re doing it through a filter composed of crumpled NIRVANA posters, gothic motorcycle club aesthetics, and an array of malfunctioning distortion pedals.

Their new track, “14,” is a heady plunge into this world. It’s a haunted journey through the realms of noise rock-infused punk, dripping with an atmosphere that’s part deranged, part otherworldly – akin to a soundtrack from a night spent in a psych ward where something has gone terribly awry behind the walls.

Ultra Lover by Emil Johansson
Ultra Lover by Emil Johansson

Recorded by Ove Noring and Daniel Noring at Studio Ovett and Tungsol Studios, mixed by Daniel Noring, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, “14” is steeped in a post-punk ambiance, yet it exudes a uniqueness that’s unmistakably Ultra Lover.

The cover art and layout, courtesy of Jonas A. Holmberg, encapsulate the essence of Ultra Lover ‘s anarchic spirit.

Ultra Lover

Ultra Lover is best experienced live, where their performances are less concerts and more seismic events. They’re known for tearing down the metaphorical walls of any venue, leaving the audience exhilarated, perhaps a little bewildered, but always craving more.

Mark your calendars for January 26, 2024 – the “Absolute Future” is coming.

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