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Melodic hardcore punk rockers PINK SNOT share new single, thoughts on Winnipeg punk scene, and more

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Hailing from the musically drenched city of Winnipeg in the heart of the prairies, the self-proclaimed ‘no-core’ punk band PINK SNOT play a rallying cry of harmonic punk that makes you think husker du meets the 90’s and has a problem child that you can’t help but adore. The band’s first single “Dead Messenger” is a emotion soaked rally cry from the depths of depression, dealing with gender dysphoria, rejection and turmoil.

The band consists of singer/songwriter/ guitarist Katie McNorgan, Bassist Brandon Denby and drummer Colin McCheyne.

Winnipeg has always had an amazing punk scene.” – comments the band.

“Growing up with bands like Propagandhi, 12 Eyes, Guy Smiley I-Spy & Figure Four you couldn’t ask for more!

The Park Theatre has to be my favourite venue to go to shows and or play at! Just a great group of people there. There’s also Bulldogs, the Pyramid, Goodwill and The handsome daughter among many other great places to catch some great shows”

Asked about some of the newest bands worth a listen, PINK SNOT admit that the punk scene in Winnipeg right now is bustling with the likes of Mobina Galore, Stickaround, Screaming at Traffic, Clipwing, Death Cassette, Mouth Feel, Yur mom, Shit Happens, Chernobyl Wolves, The Castagnes, Avenue 46, and more! “There’s too many to note them all haha.” – they admit.

This city will loves and breaths punk music, with half a year of winter it’s the perfect past time. Covid couldn’t put a lid on this city for long and now it’s dripping with some great music and strong community vibes. We all pulled together to get thru and are more close nit then ever now. We look forward to releasing our first full length in the very near future and can’t wait to start touring to support it.” – they conclude.

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