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Melodic pop punk rockers 5EVER share top 10 albums this year (so far) – new single streaming

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Boston melodic pop punk rockers 5EVER spent the earlier part of 2022 playing shows with New Found Glory and Just Friends, before going into the studio to record new music with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day. Their new single “Anything More” is a blend of the band’s pop-focused melodies heard all over 5ever’s debut EP, and a new sign of softer aggression that has been yet to be showcased.

To celebrate the release of “Anything More”, we have teamed up with the band to give you their list of top 10 records of the year so far! 

The band, consisting of Sam Nazaretian (Vocals), Tyler Dack(Guitar), Chance Wells (Bass/Vocals), and Alex Pickert (Drums), formed in 2021 and had one goal in mind: take the genre back to a place of fun.

Also, be sure to check out their previous single “Anything More”:


Best Records of 2022, so far:

Sam Nazaretian (Vocals)


The garden is back and doing exactly what they’re best at, making loud catchy punk music, it’s their best release in the past few years. I love their current aesthetic and I hope they turn into modern ICP

Alexander Pamos – Nascent

Lush music with an extreme maximalist approach. Alexander pamos’s debut is unique and feels very earnest, a well crafted piece of art.

Chance (Bass/Vocals):

Thomas Rhett – Where We Started

Many emo acts claim to be relatable because they’re depressed and hate their exes. You know what’s relatable? When half of you wants a cold beer, and the other half does too. This album has so many fun bangers, it’s really nice to not overthink stuff. Just reach into the cooler and grab me anything, that’s the energy I’m bringing into the year

Maude Latour – 001

“Maude…she’s the future of pop. Every song off her first 3 EPs has sounded like a single, I managed to catch her live last month and it was incredible. She’s gonna be making waves, a perfect combination of dreamy yet upbeat bangers that work for any season and any mood”

Tyler (Guitar):

Dustin Lynch – Blue in the Sky

I’ll be real; I haven’t even been able to listen to this entire album because I have been stuck playing the opening track on repeat for the past 3 months. Party Mode is a catchy sadboi country bop that can be enjoyed by anyone, from those who don a white collar, to folks sweating through a white t shirt and cowboy boots, and even people wearing white studded belts. I’m sure the rest of the album is fine, but Party Mode has to be the best song of 2022

Royal Coda – To Only a Few At First

I’m a huge sucker for the swancore, and this record has all the catchy vocal hooks and noodle guitar goodness I look for in this genre. I love Kurt Travis’ voice, and most of the songs are all ‘poppy’ enough, but still have a unique edge for the genre. They should like their own band as opposed to Dance Gavin Dance II. Great record.”

Alex (Drums):

NNAMDI- Please Take A Seat

“Nnamdi never ceases to amaze me! When I met him in like… 2013 or something, he was in a powerviolence band – now he makes music that is somehow pop, hip hop, experimental and emo at the same time. This album just out last week and is already my favorite release of the year. It makes me feel like dancing, crying and moshing throughout the whole thing – really an incredible piece of art front to back.

Just Friends – Hella

Just friends are literally my friends but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t put out one of the best records of 2022 on Pure Noise. Just Friends may tour with emo and pop punk bands but they prove that there are no rules in making music – just have fun. From soul, to rock, to funk, and hip hip – this album is all around FUN and makes you smile no matter which song you have on. Plus – it has TWO (2) Lil B features. TYBG

Full Band Consensus:

CHEEM – Guilty Pleasure

Pop Country has taken over our lives this year in the van, but our brother band CHEEM really had the best record of 2022 with their album Guilty Pleasure. Our very own Sam Nazz lends his so so smooth vocals to his other band and boy is this one a treat. Not sure why they called this thing Guilty Pleasure, because I feel no shame dancing around to this absolute bop fest. If you like one of those omelette stations where they take every ingredient they have, fry it up, throw a proprietary egg mixture on top, cook that shit until its soft and throw a little cheese on top, you’re gonna love this record. This diverse collection of fried up musical genres with Cheem’s own signature style topped with some melty hyper-pop / nu-metal cheese is sure to give anybody’s ears a pleasure they can be sure to not feel guilty about

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