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San Diego gritty pop punk rockers SE VENDE premiere new video, share top local acts and best records of the year

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Formed in 2010 by guitarists Jonny Cuz and Collin Smith, SE VENDE released their first album, Pour Me… Some Coffee, in 2013. The intervening years were marked by drug use and jail time that prevented the band from exploring its full potential. Now focused and with the addition of Ono Senteno on drums, Se Vende delivers dirty, crusty pop punk in San Diego, CA – a raw sound that is tight, without too much of the glossiness that can risk sterilizing emotions.

In 2018, the band was approached by Tony Hawk to have one of their tracks, “Positivity 101,” featured on the soundtrack of his video game, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam.

Their live shows make fans out of even the most jaded observer with infectious energy and brutal honesty bleeding through.

Se Vende draws influence from well-known legends such as Jawbreaker and The Breeders, is further informed by more obscure bands such as Fifteen, and spit out in a haze of alternately jangling and buzz saw guitars driven by the rhythm section.

Lyrically, Se Vende covers the continuum of the human experience, from hopeless drug addiction to hope for the future, without romanticizing either. They simply state the facts and encapsulate both the desperation and optimism that make up their own stories.

By day, founding members Jonny Cuz and Collin run their own print shop, which in the past year has also functioned as a DIY venue for the punk community in San Diego.

Se Vende by Becky DiGiglio
Se Vende by Becky DiGiglio

Their upcoming LP, Happy Accidents, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, Planet B, Satanic Planet) and Matt Coleman (DJ Unite, Sonido de la Frontera) at Penguin Studios in San Diego, CA. The album will be released on limited vinyl via Paper Street Cuts on December 2nd, 2022.

“…this San Diego trio sounds more like a rowdy first-gen Gilman band… I mean like A LOT! Grimple immediately leaps to mind. But to the uninitiated, I’m referring to the rough-and-tumble no man’s land between Pop Punk and Hardcore that was a signature East Bay sound in the 80s and early 90s. It’s rough dudes who lived rough lives and are living to tell you about it in a way that is fast and loud. Yet, at the same time, somehow melodic and heartfelt. It’s gritty and quick, loud and snotty, sometimes fun and sometimes sad, but always real.” — Bad Copy

Top favorite (local) bands, by SE VENDE bassist Collin Smith:

San Diego

Bent Blue

Bent blue. I first heard of them in December 2021. I caught their set at the Che cafe that same month. To me, they are good, honest hardcore and deliver their music with passion.

D. Wrex 

D. Wrex. Every time I see D. They are so genuine and real. They always have a hug or a shoulder to lean on. D. Wrex as a band are crushingly beautiful, authentic, and heartfelt.

Rival Squad

Rival squad. I love rival squad, the folks in the band are all rad. They deliver “catchy” d beat punk that had me hooked since I first heard them. They are punk for the punks and I love it.



Dfmk: the night we (se vende) met dfmk was at a show we were playing with them here in SD. Since then, we’ve been friends always stoked on each other. It’s rad when those sort of things happen because it makes this whole thing of diy punk even better. They rip, they rock, and they roll.


Violencia: I absolutely love violencia, both the music and the folks who make the music. Marco and Gobi are some sweet friends. I love watching all of their successes over the course of the band. Absolutely hard hitting hardcore, pissed and heartfelt.


Habak: I came across these folks a few months ago. They played our print shop and we kind of hit it off. Their music is intensely beautiful and they express their craft full of emotion and passion. Watching them play, you kinda get swept away by it all and I’m thankful for that.

Los Angeles


Lagrimas: I first came across these dudes the summer of 2021. Instantly loved their sound. Crust mixed with raw emotion and totally DIY, which holds a place in my heart. They came through to the print shop at our first shop show. They crushed, but in a beautiful way. I love seeing them get all the attention they’ve been receiving over the last year.

Deaf club

Deaf Club: these dudes are absolutely gnarly. The whole band is compiled of really awesome and insanely talented folks. Every time I listen to them I hear something new. They totally annihilate every set they perform. I remember seeing them in the LA river, a show I’ll never forget. The police helicopter was circling over head and deaf club was ripping it up with a powerfully raw intensity.

Se Vende by Becky DiGiglio
Se Vende by Becky DiGiglio

Best Records of the year, by SE VENDE:

1) Violencia / Double Me split EP (No Time Records, Here and Now Records, and 9 Lines Records)

Violencia / double me split: another radical release from violencia, they do not disappoint. Completely brutal, pissed, heavy, and authentic and I listen to it over and over again. Double me is pissed and gnarly and I’m all about it.

2) Dfmk – Dame Peligro “ ep (Alternative Tentacles)

Dfmk “dame peligro” ep. Ripping hardcore rock and roll. Catchy songs with a great delivery as usual. Rock n roll for the hardcore. It’s rad to see the homies getting out there.

3) Deaf Club – Bad Songs Forever ep (Three One G)

Deaf club “bad songs forever” ep. Hardcore from the future. Insane music accompanied by witty, clever lyrics. Totally insane stuff. There is a rad pixies cover too. I like how the recording captures a lot, if not all, of their intensity. This shit rules

4) End Of The Line – Self titled LP (Reissue) (Three One G)

End of the line reissue : I appreciate three one g for reissuing this album. I love 90s San Diego hardcore. And what I love about this band, in particular, is that they were only a band for the summer of 91. Super intense, spazzy hardcore and I love that shit.

5) Bent Blue – Where Do Ripples Go? (War Records)

Bent blue “where do ripples go”. This record rips, I like how the lyrics are introspective and heartfelt. There are some catchy hooks in there too, that I love. Bent blue just gives me a warm familiar feeling and I appreciate them for that.

6) Lagrimas – It’s Hard For Me to Accept This ep (Self released)

Lagrimas “it’s hard for me to accept this”. I love this release. Emotive crust that’s raw and beautiful, sad, angry, and at times hopeless. Some more great stuff from a great band full of great people.

7) Habak / Fractal split ep (Self released)

Habak / Fractal split ep. This release is epic. I can listen to it and get carried away by the Melodies. I love emo crust, and I love this band. It’s beautiful, feels sad at times, feels totally real and crushing. Fractal is epic as well, it’s easy to drift away along with their Melodies, in a world that’s often too demanding, it’s nice to escape into music sometimes.

Se Vende live dates for December:

12/6 Fullerton, CA @ Programme skate and sound
12/7 San Pedro , CA @ The Sardine
12/8 Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room
12/9 Tucson, AZ @ Groundwork’s

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