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Melodic, rock infused metalcore act WAVES IN AUTUMN share new video for “Leatherback”

Italian metalcore band WAVES IN AUTUMN have released their new single “Leatherback”, out now on every digital platform. In order to promote their new song and raise awareness on its theme, the band decided to make an increasing donation for every pre-save of their new single, devolved to the international non-profit organization Sea Shepherd, whose mission is to save marine wildlife and habitats. GO HERE to read more in out recent feature on that matter.

Davide Cavaioli, the singer of the band, says about the new song: “Visualize your biggest challenges: are you able to change in order to overcome them? We don’t know if you feel the same but sometimes we need to free ourselves from something that’s holding us from reaching our goals, because everyone would like to get rid of weaknesses or bad habits to improve their life, right? “Leatherback” is a song where we tried to put this feeling in music, when you’re down for something about yourself that’s holding you back and you think you can’t do anything about it but suddenly, you slowly start to feel a deep angry ferment within yourself. Am I really going to be stopped by myself? By something that I know better than anything else?”

“Leatherback” was mixed and mastered by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio in Turin (Italy).

Waves In Autumn

The need to escape from a reality where the balance between society and nature is rotten led the Italian Wild Hardcore-Metal band Waves in Autumn to release between 2019 and 2020 their first singles trilogy, featuring their roaring hymns “Yellowstone”, “Don’t Sell The Bear Skin” and “Danforth”, followed in 2021 by the first three single of a new series: ”Wildbeast” and “Heyoka” and “Leatherback”. In order to enlight new perspectives to everyone searching for glimmers of freedom in our unconscious captivity, Waves in Autumn explores the fierce instinct to break out limits we cage ourselves with by awakening our ancestral feelings and emotions, modeling spontaneous essential sounds into solid musical geometries of fiery punk riffs and melodies, evocative tribal rhythms and intense vocal lines. Since the beginning of their venture in 2017, the band shared the stage with international acts such as Sepultura, Miss May I, and many more.

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