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Members of FUCKED UP and POWER TRIP coalesce to create the throbbing musical beast MASTERPIECE MACHINE

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London’s thrash punk label Quality Control HQ has released a new tune from the upcoming 12″ single (also on Triple-B Records) from MASTERPIECE MACHINE, new exciting project featuring members of Fucked Up and Power Trip! Imagine pounding the drum of Psalm-era Ministry with flashes of Nine Inch Nails, massive rock riffs, cinematic electronics, and post-hardcore influenced vocals. Go!

Members of Fucked Up and Power Trip have coalesced to create the throbbing musical beast that is Masterpiece Machine. Rotting Fruit b/w Letting You In On A Secret is their debut 12” single. In this chaotic world, industrial influenced music seems more relevant than ever as it channels the unstoppable wheels of a mutating mass of electronic and biological matter lurching towards an unknown destination.

Singer Riley’s love of comics led to a collaboration with celebrated comic artist and animator Lale Westvind, known for critically acclaimed works such as Grip, Hot Dog Beach and Hyperspeed to Nowhere. Lale’s art for Rotting Fruit/Letting You In On A Secret perfectly captures the aforementioned musical qualities as technological chimeras made up of biological matter cruise a desert landscape seemingly without purpose, while simultaneously racing towards the future head on.

Masterpiece Machine is Jonah, Mike and Riley/ Mastered by Will Killingsworth / Recorded and Mixed by Alex Gamble at The Hive, Toronto / Vocals recorded by Jojo. Physical vinyl will be available to order April 17th. Out on Quality Control HQ in Europe and Triple B in North America.

Original artwork by Lale Westvind / Masterpiece Machine logo by Daniel Murphy

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