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Venomous d-beat crust hardcore beast CONVINCE rolls out smashing ear-wrencher “Russian Jawbreaker”

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Presented through an amazing album cover inspired by ANTI-CIMEX and heavily influenced by Scandinavian metallized hardcore and vicious metal scene, Moscow based CONVINCE have recently released their new impressive LP “Russian Jawbeaker” and gave us one of the most nihilistic and spine-chilling offerings this year. Filled with unbridled, punishing musical rage, grim atmopshere and corrosive grit, this offering treats the listener with relentless pace and bitter tones, but will certainly leave you wanting more! We caught up with the band to learn more about their backgrounds, other projects, give you a brief track by track roundup, and learn about their take on Coronavirus situation, as well as their local scene.

Russian Jawbreaker includes some tracks written back in the days when we started our band. At first we had been playing classic d-beat, influenced by the Scandinavian scene. Then we complicated our music and made it more metal (album Eden). Also we were influenced by Fall of Efrafa (single The beast among us – my favorite song and the most epic one) Some of us are vegans, we are against any discrimination.

We shared the stage with such bands as Martyrdöd, Halshug, November 13th, Distress,Ognemöt etc. We’ve had three European tours; one of them was across Baltic region with Distress. In 2018 we headed to the longest of our tours; we even played in Africa (Morocco). During a month we were riding a van called Gazelle of death. This car earned its fame in Russia and, most importantly, it breaks down every time. Gazelle of death made its way from Vladivostok to Portugal several times and in the last tour even its door fell off.

Our side projects are: DÏSPUT (hardcore punk/d-beat), Nimrud (post metal) and Ostrog (black metal).

Track by track commentary

1. Russian Jawbreaker — as described below.

2. Season of Dead- the song about a hard fate of an ordinary human being living in the world full of repression and restrictions.

3. Religion – it states the fact that religion has nothing to do with the common sense, it only results in meaningless victims.

4. Dirt of Big Cities – it’s about how metropolises can destructively influence human psyche.

5. Obyvala (There’s no such word in the English language to describe this term, so, we decided to leave it as it is, without translation) — This track is about the fact that a lot of people turn a blind eye on many problems, the song about indifference.

6. 1984 – track created under the influence of Orwell’s novel of the same name.

7. At the bottom – the track about continuous world wars. It is narrated by a dead person lying in its grave.

8. Rest in peace – the track about humanity and planet dying too early.


Plans for 2020

Unfortunately, this year started not like we wanted it. Due to COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our big European tour. But we’re gonna do it as soon as the situation changes. We are going to play together with Wolfbrigade in Moscow this September. Currently we create new songs and look for a label to release vinyl records of the Russian Jawbreaker.


Russian hardcore scene

Bands and shows are mostly active in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. There are summer open airs. Often it is illegal. (here is a link to one of such performances from Shumer Fest 2019). Over the past couple of years there have been created lots of places connected to punk scene. Like bars, clubs, vegan cafes.


Coronavirus situation

Now we canceled all our rehearsals. We text with each other via social networks, drink beer during conference calls. All events in Moscow are banned until April 10th. We hope that epidemic finally ends everywhere. But now we have to try and stay at home.


Other band recommendation

Considering newly formed bands I would pick Gernika from Saint-Petersburg. Dark punk with female vocals.

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