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Members of Stockholm bands NO OMEGA / VIA FONDO / CARELESS form new noisy indie pop act MYSTERY LANGUAGE

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Daniel, Elina, Sofia & Gabriel might be known from Stockholm, Sweden’s screamo and hardcore bands like NO OMEGA, VIA FONDODET ÄR DÄRFÖR VI BYGGER STÄDERCARELESS and TIME TO HEAL, but their new project MYSTERY LANGUAGE and this new debut tape are nothing like the aesthetics they have been inducing for years. They have already played some local shows with ELVIS DEPRESSEDLY and Jeff Rosenstock and just returned from Berlin’s Miss The Stars Fest. Their debut EP demonstrates the style that has served many raw indie bands so well over almost two decades after the root 90s and while this new piece may not have the instant listenability of some of your favorite noise indie pop rockers, it is another worthy addition to the catalogue of this prolific quartet of young musicians. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from MYSTERY LANGUAGE!


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