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Metal Shorts – end of February / early March 2024

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From the abyssal depths of death metal to the frostbitten realms of black metal, from the towering might of heavy metal to the breakneck fury of thrash, and the intricate labyrinths of progressive metal – we’ve got a sonic onslaught lined up that will rattle your bones and awaken your spirit.

The Chilean extreme metal band ATER is set to release their new album ‘Somber’ on April 19th through Torque Records.

This album is the follow-up to their 2018 release ‘Eternal Gray Spiral’ and promises to be a complex blend of black, death, progressive, and thrash metal, contributing to a powerful and heavy record for the year.

The single “Ignis Immortalis” has been chosen to represent the album as it exemplifies ATER’s current musical direction. The songwriting process was a collaboration between main writer Fernando and guitarist Josh, taking almost two years to complete. Fernando faced challenges in composing the music, especially in creating sections that followed the initial intro and fast black metal part.

Dive headfirst into the relentless grindcore fury of CACA DE LUNA with their latest blitz, “SEDITION,” unleashed into the wild by the stalwarts at GRINDWAR RECORDS.

This sonic onslaught from the Jena, Germany trio is a masterclass in controlled chaos, with a rapid-fire barrage of tracks that melds the ferocity of grindcore with the raw edge of punk and powerviolence.

Available for digital terror on Bandcamp, and soon to sear its grooves into 12” LPs, “SEDITION” is a collaborative effort with several like-minded labels, including Noise To Help, Vulgar Records, and Throne Of Lies Records, making it a must-have for aficionados of the extreme.

ASHES OF PERISHING, hailing from Helsinki, Finland, shared their intense and riveting EP “FRVR / CRSD”.

This collection embodies a fusion of metalcore’s grit and the expansive soundscapes of modern metal, presenting a visceral experience that will get you hooked instantly.

The band comments: “At the heart of the EP are two songs that form a single entity. We all have our own pain points and pain to carry, and it may never ease, thus cursing us to carry them forever. However, we can learn to live with them and become stronger. FRVR/CRSD is an entity, a leap into the deep end of humanity. The world is not a perfect place, and life is not always wonderful, but we will survive. Always.”

ENGULFED from Turkey is dropping their beast of a second album, “Unearthly Litanies of Despair,” on April 19, 2024.

Mixing up thick atmosphere, savage beats, mad skills, and pure horror, these guys are all about that dark, heavy death metal vibe. Known for their twisted riffs, explosive drums, and gnarly vocals, this album is set to slap hard for any death metal head.

The Australian bestial black/death metal duo ENDLESS LOSS is poised to unleash their debut album “Traversing the Mephitic Artery” on March 25, 2024, with Nuclear Winter Records.

Known for their raw and savage approach, the band has cultivated a strong underground following since their inception in Adelaide’s industrial backdrop in 2015.

As a taste of the impending onslaught, Black Metal Daily exclusively premieres the track ‘Grave Subjugation’, a necromantic war metal incantation that showcases down-tuned guitars and terror-inducing drums, heralding Australia’s new wave of auditory devastation.

VRSA, hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, USA, breaks away from the area’s hardcore and metalcore roots with their progressive post-metal sludge sound.

Their upcoming album, “Saltwater Circadian,” set for release on March 30th, 2024, delves into themes of humanity’s enduring connection to the sea, inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and the mystical allure of Cthulhu. The title track, “Saltwater Circadian,” offers a glimpse into this immersive journey.

COLACON just unleashed the music video for “Gails of Contempt” from their much-anticipated full-length debut, ‘Throes Of Inundation’, slated for release on May 3rd, 2024, via Tomb Tree Tapes.

It’s a deep dive into the blackened grindcore scene, with a commitment to eco-conscious production, pressing 100 eco-mix 12”LPs.

Hailing from Georgia, COLACON promises a merciless journey through blackened sludge grind territory.

URAGH, the modern metal outfit hailing from Dublin, Ireland, unveils the video for their track “The Widening Gyre,” taken from their upcoming album “Maelstrom” set for digital release on April 19th, 2024.

Bassist Sebastian Sparr describes the video as capturing the essence of the band’s rehearsal space performances with a nostalgic tinge, reflecting the song’s themes of loss and grief.

The band’s sound, blending progressive, alternative, and modern metal, has garnered attention since their formation in 2022, with “The Widening Gyre” showcasing their proggier side while maintaining their signature emotional intensity.

SYK, the Italian metal powerhouse, is set to unleash their newest offering, “eartHFlesh,” on May 10, 2024.

This album promises to be a relentless journey through the darkest realms of metal, showcasing the band’s unparalleled intensity and sonic progression.

The title track, “eartHFlesh,” is already streaming, offering a glimpse into the cataclysmic sonic assault that awaits listeners. Clocking in at 5 minutes and 40 seconds, this track is a testament to SYK’s ability to craft blistering riffs, complex dynamics, and cataclysmic rhythms.

POWER TRIP, featuring the band’s final lineup and Fugitive vocalist Seth Gilmore, has announced additional reunion concerts in Dallas and New York after their performance at the NO VALUES Festival in June.

This marks a poignant return since their unexpected final show nearly four years ago, deeply shaped by the loss of their bandmate Riley.

Emphasizing resilience and gratitude for fan support, the band expresses excitement about performing with Gilmore, recognizing his significant presence in the Texas hardcore scene and his commitment to honoring Riley’s memory.


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This week marked the release of the highly anticipated studio album “Primordial Movements” by Polish band LILLA VENEDA, known for their blackened death sound.

Founded in 2009 in Wrocław, the band draws inspiration from the Polish romantic tragedy “Lilla Weneda” by Juliusz Słowacki, infusing their music with a dark and pagan atmosphere.

“Primordial Movements” continues LILLA VENEDA’s exploration of existential themes, blending science, philosophy, and poetry to delve into the mysteries of existence. Produced by Przemysław Nowak from Impressive-Art Studio, the album features cover artwork by Anna Sobczak.

The band’s commitment to curiosity and rationality is evident in their music and lyrics, as they seek to challenge conventions and embrace progress. “Primordial Movements” promises to offer listeners a captivating journey through the realms of blackened death metal, with tracks like “Biomechanic Algorithm” showcasing their signature sound.

Modern metalcore band WAVES IN AUTUMN unleash their latest sonic offering, the EP “Burning Season.”

Commenting on the EP, Waves in Autumn’s Davide Cavaioli shares, “‘Burning Season’ encapsulates the burning desire for self-redemption through music, a beacon to illuminate one’s path.”

The EP “Burning Season” confronts various societal issues, from mental health struggles to aspirations, all while advocating for the preservation of nature and the nurturing of human connections.

Louisville, Kentucky’s blackened melodic death metal outfit, VOLCANDRA, has unleashed their highly anticipated sophomore album, “The Way of Ancients,” via Prosthetic Records.

Accompanying the album release is the debut of their exhilarating music video for “Seven Tombs,” directed by the band and edited by Malcolm Pugh (INFERI).

The album, meticulously crafted through collaborative songwriting, represents the band’s diverse influences and showcases their growth and maturity as musicians.

With each track telling a distinct story, VOLCANDRA invites listeners on an epic journey through various sub-genres of heavy music, promising an exhilarating experience from start to finish. “Seven Tombs” stands out as a high-energy track blending elements of thrash, black, and death metal, narrating a tale of ancient port city woes and mythical battles.

BORN OF OSIRIS has unleashed their latest single, “A Mind Short Circuiting,” along with an official visualizer, courtesy of Sumerian Records.

This track harks back to the band’s roots, blending ethereal melodies with down-tuned guitars to evoke darker emotions, sure to resonate with their OG fans.

Ahead of this release, Born of Osiris teased fans with “Torchbearer,” the first single and music video since their acclaimed 2021 album ‘Angel or Alien.’ Now, as they gear up for their European tour alongside Attila, kicking off next week, fans can immerse themselves in the atmospheric sounds of “A Mind Short Circuiting.”

Check out the European tour dates below to catch Born of Osiris live in action.

ATTILA has detonated their latest track, “Timebomb,” marking their first release since last July’s “Mia Goth.”

Vocalist Chris Fronzak describes the song as a battle against inner demons, capturing the human struggle on the brink of explosion. With its explosive energy and poignant lyrics, “Timebomb” stands as one of Attila’s standout tracks, resonating deeply with fans.

The band is set to embark on an extensive tour across Europe and the UK, bringing their electrifying performance to stages across the continent.

Swedish progressive metal band Dun Ringill has just released a new music video for their track “The Parrish” from their latest album, “150-Where The Old Gods Play – Act 1”, which is part of a double concept-album split into two records.

The video features a guest appearance by famed organist Per Wiberg, known for his work with Spiritual Beggars and Opeth.

Hot on the heels of this release, the band is set to embark on a German tour starting February 28, supporting Iron Walrus, with shows across five cities. The ambitious new album, laced with Nordic folk, doom, and progressive metal influences, is now available for purchase on CD and further cements Dun Ringill’s evolving sound, drawing from a rich tapestry of dark and mythical inspirations.

The new album “New Heaven” by INTER ARMA is available for pre-order and is set to release on April 26, 2024.

The band from Richmond, Virginia, is known for their intricate blend of doom, death, and black metal with elements of sludge and progressive metal. This upcoming album seems to take a more extreme and angular approach to their songwriting.

Described as a testament to perseverance, “New Heaven” promises dynamic shifts from heavy, driving moments to ones of swirling oblivion.

GRIND has just dropped their latest single, “LEVIATHAN,” marking their second release from the forthcoming album “Grace & Misery.”

Scheduled for release on April 12th through 7Degrees-Records and Hecatombe-Records, this track sets the tone for what promises to be an intense and captivating album.

We hosted the official premiere of the album HERE.

Polish metalcore giants PALE FACE share new single “In Control.”

Pale Path, the Warsaw-based modern metal band, is gearing up for their upcoming album “FLATLINE” with the release of their latest single, “In Control.” With a powerful message and emotional resonance, this track sets the stage for what promises to be a compelling musical journey. As an added bonus, Pale Path is inviting their fans to contribute by designing one of the single covers for the album, fostering a deeper connection between the band and their audience.

Fathomless Ritual, the latest enigma in the Canadian death metal scene led by the mind behind Gutvoid and Pukewraith, is set to drop a debut that’s stirring the underground with its grotesque yet groovy homage to Finnish death metal legends like Demilich.

The newly unveiled track, which premiered on Toilet ov Hell, showcases a demented blend of chaos and melody, earning praise for its calamitous sound reminiscent of acts like Chthe’ilist and Dead and Dripping.

Critics are hailing it as a must-know release for 2024, with Head-Banger Reviews calling it “one of the absolute need-to-know creations,” while The Headbanging Moose and Grizzly Butts commend its experimental edge and ancient death metal resonance. B. Dean, the architect of this dark and cavernous sound, injects a modern urgency into the classic genre, ensuring “Hymns For The Lesser Gods” is a relentless riff barrage that’s as invigorating as it is intense.

Dutch metal band Morvigor has just unveiled their latest EP, “De Spiegel,” marking a significant return since their formation in 2011.

Released on February 26, 2024, this EP represents a profound evolution for the band, co-released by Onism Productions & Vita Detestabilis Records. “De Spiegel” showcases Morvigor’s unique blend of expressive black metal, infused with elements of progressive and post-metal, and is distinguished by its combination of clean and harsh vocals, alongside ambient passages.

The lyrics, penned by bassist Evio Paauw through a stream of consciousness, aim to articulate his personal journey through existence.

THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS just dropped the bomb with TCM 147 – GIFT’s debut, Vultures.

Landing hard on the scene after Phantom Winter and Park+Riot, Leipzig’s own GIFT ain’t here to play nice. Ruptures crashes through the doors with a sound so raw and untamed, it’s like a beast unleashed. Think chaotic rhythms meeting groovy beats, with a touch of darkness that rolls deep into sludge territory. Imagine Old Man Gloom having a brawl with Ken Mode, or the most intense moments of Botch throwing down with Deadguy. It’s that kind of sound that doesn’t just knock on your door – it kicks it down.

Ruptures promises to deliver. For fans of the heavy-hitters like ISIS, OLD MAN GLOOM, along with anyone who’s got a thing for DOOM METAL & STONER vibes, this one’s an earful waiting to happen.

Unveiling a sonic inferno, Polish black metal project DEATHLIKE DAWN releases their latest album, “Among the Graves of the Archetypes,” via Putrid Cult.

Formed by Hyperborean and P. from Chthonic Cult, this opus follows their 2020 debut, “Deliria and Dreams.” Recorded in 2023 by Hyperborean and J., the album delves into dark realms with tracks like “Forked Tongues of Eternal Fire” and “Plutonic Ether.”

Sicily’s doom metal artisans, HAUNTED, have just unleashed “Malevolent,” a captivating new single from their eagerly awaited third album “Stare At Nothing,” set for release on April 19th via Ripple Music.

This release marks a significant evolution for the band with the introduction of Kim Crowley on guitar and Luca Strano on drums, delving deeper into the shadows of heavy rock and grunge’s furious poetry. “Malevolent” and the album’s other tracks, including the visually haunting video for “Catamorph,” showcase HAUNTED’s journey into darker, more traditional doom territories, complemented by Cristina Chimirri’s mesmerizing vocals.

Since their inception in 2015, HAUNTED has carved a niche within the doom metal scene, drawing inspiration from the volcanic darkness of their Sicilian roots. Their music, a blend of lengthy dirges and murky distortions, has captivated audiences worldwide, leading to prestigious festival appearances and tours.

“Stare At Nothing” promises to be a profound exploration of self-awareness and existential musings, wrapped in the band’s signature ghostly sound.

Sweden, Umeå’s own CAVERN DEEP has unleashed their latest sonic behemoth, ‘The Peeler’.

Known for their monumental doom sound, this trio, consisting of Max Malmer, Dennis Sjödin, and Kenny Oswald Dufvenberg, has once again captured the underground’s attention with their new release on Bonebag Records.

Drawing comparisons to heavyweights like Jointhugger, Eye of Doom, and Acid Magus, CAVERN DEEP’s music is a relentless exploration of the darkest corners of doom metal.

‘The Peeler’, initially conceived as a bonus track for their upcoming album, emerged as too potent a creation to hold back. The track delves into the mythos of a grotesque monster dwelling in forgotten depths, a creature of nightmares that dismembers its prey with hypnotic precision. Accompanied by a visually striking stop-motion video crafted by the artist “Bob,” the single is a masterful blend of storytelling and doom metal’s crushing power.

Since forming in 2019, with roots stretching back to Swedish death metal and retro rock, CAVERN DEEP has solidified their place within the doom metal landscape.

Check out “Destroyers,” a Plasmatics cover by RITUAL WARFARE from Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.

Dive into their sound from the depths of hell, blending thrash, ugly metal, and punk.

KVADRAT is back, dropping the curtain on their debut LP, *The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion*, set for release on April 4, 2024.

This one-man dissonant black/death metal project isn’t just dropping another album; it’s unleashing a 44-minute exploration of downfall, both collective and individual, packed into seven chaotic compositions. *The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion* aims to remind, provoke, traumatize, and disturb, evoking the nauseating sensations of uncertainty, alienation, hatred, and pain. It’s a musical journey through a world devoid of meaning, searching for purpose amidst the chaos.

IN VAIN gears up to mesmerize the metal world with their latest track, “Shadows Flap Their Black Wings,” marking the last teaser before their eagerly awaited album, “Solemn.”

Esteemed for their role in shaping the Norwegian progressive metal landscape, In Vain brings a potent mix of old-school vigor and modern sophistication. Songwriter Johnar describes the single as a blend of intense riffs and a mix of raw and clean vocals, embodying the band’s legacy while embracing contemporary rhythms.

Vocalist Sindre adds that the track is a quintessential In Vain anthem, weaving crushing riffs with exquisite melodies. This release further cements In Vain’s reputation for exploring musical depths and delivering head-nodding anthems. With the band’s lineup boasting talents like Johnar Håland, Kjetil D. Pedersen, Sindre Nedland, Andreas Frigstad, Alexander Bøe, and Tobias Øymo Solbakk, “Shadows Flap Their Black Wings” underscores In Vain’s commitment to musical excellence and innovation.

Richmond’s PRISONER is back with their spine-chilling new single “Shroud,” a precursor to their eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Putrid | Obsolete,” set to horrify the masses on March 15th via Persistent Vision Records.

“Shroud” is a relentless assault of blackened hardcore, intertwined with haunting industrial noise, creating an atmosphere thick with dread and aggression. Influenced by giants like Godflesh, Neurosis, and Napalm Death, the track weaves a dark tapestry of analog and digital mayhem, earning high praise from Invisible Oranges for maintaining a “gross and misanthropic” edge, perfectly balancing industrial chaos with hardcore ferocity against a sludgy, ominous backdrop.

PRISONER’s narrative dives deep into environmental collapse and societal decay, reflecting a bleak, nihilistic view shaped by unchecked capitalism and the ruling class’s greed. With “Putrid | Obsolete,” PRISONER not only explores the depths of despair but also evolves their sound, integrating more pronounced industrial and noise elements thanks to the addition of new member Adam Lake.

Polish death metal/deathcore outfit MORTEMORIUM has unleashed their debut album “Aanima Vilis” in physical format, following its digital release last year.

The album delves into dark themes such as nuclear disasters, suicide, and bullying, reflecting the band’s willingness to confront difficult issues head-on. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jarek Wysocki at Soundscope Studio, with cover artwork by Kucol, the album offers a blend of dark and heavy music that draws from the band members’ diverse musical backgrounds. Fans of Carnifex, Ingested, Six Feet Under, and Suffocation are in for a treat with this release.

San Francisco’s death/thrash powerhouse, MOLTEN, share their latest single “SCORCHED,” lifted from their eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Malicide.”

This track is a harbinger of the devastatingly intense soundscapes awaiting fans in the full-length follow-up to their acclaimed debut, “Dystopian Syndrome.”

Crafted in the sonic forge of Earhammer Studios with the acclaimed producer Greg Wilkinson, who has previously collaborated with High On Fire and Necrot, “Malicide” is poised to showcase MOLTEN’s evolution into darker and more aggressive territories.

Exploring the abysses of war, corruption, and apocalyptic visions, alongside personal and fantastical narratives, “Malicide” offers a rich tapestry of themes bound to resonate deeply with aficionados of extreme music.

“Fatal Cosmic Wound,” the much-anticipated debut full-length album by the Iberian sludge/funeral doom band BLAZAR, is out now via Carbonized Records.

BLAZAR, formed in 2016 by members of PHOBONOID, CRUZ, and OSSERP, is known for their exploration of cosmic themes and the vast indifference of the universe, musically manifesting in a blend of crushing riffs, sinister melodies, and ethereal passages.

ANGMODNES, the Dutch purveyors of funeral doom, are poised to unleash a sonic tempest titled “Rot Of The Soul.”

March 1st marks the day the veil lifts on this eerie odyssey, courtesy of Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions. Imagine despair, woven into soundscapes so dense, you could get lost in them – this is ANGMODNES stepping up their game, delving into their most ambitious and textured auditory experiment yet.

“Rot Of The Soul” isn’t just an album; it’s a dark journey, premiered in full at Invisible Oranges for those daring enough to explore its depths. Following the spectral trail left by “The Hours” single, a prelude that set the scene for this grim narrative, the band is not just creating music; they’re crafting an experience. Born from the ashes of past projects, with roots tangled in tragedy and reflection, ANGMODNES invites you on a 55-minute descent into despair, existential dread, and the beauty of melancholic surrender.

Bruce Dickinson, the iconic voice of Iron Maiden, unveils his highly anticipated seventh solo studio album, “THE MANDRAKE PROJECT.”

Years in the making, “THE MANDRAKE PROJECT” represents a culmination of Bruce Dickinson’s artistic vision, exploring heavy soundscapes and rich musical and lyrical content.

Accompanying the album is a comic of the same title, co-authored by Dickinson and renowned writer Tony Lee, with artwork by Staz Johnson and cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

In April, Bruce Dickinson will embark on a world tour with his band, featuring phenomenal guitarists Philip Naslund and Chris Declercq, drummer Dave Moreno, bassist Tanya O’Callaghan, and keyboard virtuoso Mistheria.

Swedish metal outfit SAILOR HUNTER unveils the first track, “Ashes,” from their upcoming EP “Evolution.”

The release is slated for May 24, 2024, promising a blend of death metal, groove metal, and symphonic elements. Initially a solo project by guitarist Al Rinald, Sailor Hunter draws inspiration from the Gothenburg metal scene and the Mediterranean sea.

Sebastian Fingal comments: “The song is about the triumph over adversity and the ability to rebuild after destruction and hardship. It was the first song that we did together with me as a new singer. The song has a lot of energy and I felt that the lyrics needed to be epic and empowering.”

BLACK GAFF, a unique assembly of stagehands-turned-musicians, unveils “Pipe Stab,” a new track from their upcoming album *Heads*, set to drop on March 15 via Knife Hit Records.

The song, which premiered at No Echo, showcases the band’s innovative blend of mid-tempo death metal and AmRep-inspired power violence, reflecting the dangerous and focused nature of their day jobs working with heavy equipment above the stage.

Formed in 2020 amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic, Black Gaff’s origin is as compelling as their music. The name, a nod to the indispensable gaff tape used in stage work, symbolizes the band’s roots in the world of stagehands who share a passion for skateboarding. With the entertainment industry at a standstill due to COVID-19, members found themselves with the rare opportunity to fully invest in their musical aspirations.

Remaining mostly anonymous, with Patrick Forrest as the known driving force, Black Gaff has previously released a demo tape through Give Praise Records and a self-released seven-inch EP. Their latest work, *Heads*, promises to deliver an even rawer and more intense sound, cementing their place in the hardcore scene with a uniquely authentic perspective.

Occult heavy metal duo SALTPIG, featuring NYC producer and multi-instrumentalist Mitch Davis and Italian drummer Fabio Alessandrini, are set to release their self-titled debut album via Heavy Psych Sounds Records on May 31st.

Accompanying the announcement is their new video for “Burn The Witch,” showcasing the band’s unique blend of stoner, psych, garage, and doom influences.

Recorded across studios in Italy and New York, “Saltpig” promises a melodic yet dissonant exploration of dark, occult themes, produced with a raw, underproduced ethos and a love for distortion.

TROCAR, a US-based band with members from FLUIDS, is set to release their debut full-length album Extremities on April 5, 2024, via Selfmadegod Records.

This 17-track album promises a raw and unrelenting dive into cybergrind/goregrind, drawing inspiration from giants like AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, REGURGITATE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, EXHUMED, and THE BERZERKER. *Extremities* is not just an album but a collection of sebum-greased, tooth-grinding, nail-shredding tracks that serve as confessions, apologies, and indictments.

Featuring guest performances by notable artists such as Frank Albanese and Greg Nottis of HATH, Jamie Stewart of THE ABSENCE and HOT GRAVES, and filmmaker Ryan Twyford-Rigley, the album is a testament to TROCAR’s eclectic sound. From the grindcore intensity to somber melodies and haunting electronic overtones, the album draws comparisons to a variety of influences, including Exhumed, Cattle Decapitation, and Godflesh.

ATER, the extreme metal band hailing from Santiago, Chile, is set to unleash their sophomore album, “Somber,” on April 19th.

Known for their heavy and dark sound, “Somber” promises to deliver a relentless assault on the senses. Led by founding member Fernando Bühring, ATER has evolved into an international force in the metal scene. Their debut album, “Eternal Gray Spiral,” garnered attention despite minimal promotion, amassing over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

Italian extreme metal project OLAMOT is set to unleash their inaugural full-length album, “Path of Divinity,” on April 29th, 2024, via Lethal Scissor Records.

This highly anticipated release promises a dark and atmospheric journey, marked by intricate melodies and a haunting sonic landscape. Departing from their previous EP, “Realms,” OLAMOT embraces a thicker, heavier sound, blending modern death metal with atmospheric elements to create a captivating sonic experience.

The album, featuring tracks like “Soul Harvest” and “Behold the Highest Throne,” offers a dynamic and polished aggression that will appeal to fans of Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Shadow Of Intent.

Italian death-grind sensation SLUG GORE is gearing up for the release of their debut album, “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” on April 19th, 2024, via Time To Kill Records.

Ahead of the album drop, the band unleashes their latest single, “The Deadly Spawn,” featuring Fiore from FULCI on vocals. This brutal track combines death metal aggression with slamming rhythms and tremolo riffs, inspired by the cult classic horror film from 1983. With influences ranging from European grindcore to American hardcore, SLUG GORE promises a dynamic and uncompromising death-grind experience.

San Francisco-based metal trio LIGHTWORKER is set to release their new album, “How The Beautiful Decay,” on April 19, 2024, through Solid State Records.

This album delves into the contrasting experiences of suffering and joy that life presents, employing a blend of heavy metal and post-hardcore to convey its themes.

The single “First Light,” featuring a collaboration with Daniel Gailey of PHINEHAS and FIT FOR A KING, has been released alongside a music video, showcasing the band’s evolving sound. LIGHTWORKER has been recognized for their growing impact on the music scene, as evidenced by their streaming numbers, live performance attendance, and positive reviews from outlets such as The Pit and HM Magazine.

They will be touring with EYES SET TO KILL in March 2024. The recording of the album was overseen by producer Beau Burchell of SAOSIN.

Guitarist Grayson Hurd comments on the album’s development and its underlying message of finding healthy outlets for negative emotions, suggesting the album serves as a companion for overcoming life’s challenges. LIGHTWORKER’s upcoming release is anticipated to further establish their prominence in the metal genre. Press inquiries for the album release are currently being accepted.

CRYPTIC CONFINEMENT has launched their third album, ‘Tempestuous Demise’, blending diverse metal subgenres into a complex tapestry of sound.

The album, released on February 27th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records, continues the project’s legacy of dense guitar work, aggressive drums, and dynamic arrangements.

‘Tempestuous Demise’ evolves the instrumental metal project’s repertoire without sacrificing its signature intensity. Zakk Weathersby’s eclectic songwriting draws on global influences, ensuring the album’s fresh yet familiar edge. Notably, the album features collaborations with musicians such as Rich Gray and Fabio Allesandrini from ANNIHILATOR, and black metal icon Lycane Graven.

Chicago-based progressive death metal outfit ABSCISSOR breaks new ground with their debut album “Metanoia,” set for release on March 29, 2024.

Combining elements of post-rock, post-metal, deathcore, and the avant-garde, ABSCISSOR delivers a dynamic and immersive sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

“Metanoia” is a journey through the depths of human emotion, exploring themes of growth, memory, and resilience amidst chaos.

Vendetta Records presents the haunting melodies of “De Rode Weduwe,” the second full-length album from BEENKERVER, now available.

Narrating the tale of Sophia, the red widow, across seven chapters, the album seamlessly blends black metal with atmospheric overtones.

Drawing from Dutch folklore and deeply rooted in 90’s black metal, the album delves into dark themes and emotions.

Prepare for an explosive voyage with La Menäce’s upcoming EP, “Erebus,” set to launch on March 4th. Ahead of the release, the neocrust band unveils the lyric video for “Pierdes El Control,” a melodic powerhouse packed with punch and energy.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mr. Wolf of Disastrous Productions, “Erebus” draws inspiration from Franklin’s lost expedition, delving into themes of loneliness, desperation, and survival.

Obscurial’s upcoming album “Heretic” is set to unleash a tide of death metal from the dark depths of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With a release date of April 22, 2024, fans can anticipate a blend of mud and blasphemy reminiscent of acts like Grave Miasma and Morbid Angel.

The album, recorded at Thrve Studio with Afiq as engineer and a mix and master by Afnan Azlan, is celebrated with artwork by Arifullah Ali. “Heretic” will be available in various formats, including red or black vinyl via Violence In The Veins, CD through Memento Mori, and cassette from Necrolatry Records.

Death metal trio Slaughterror unleashes its stunning debut EP, *Endless Lust For Gore*, now digitally available through Noble Demon.

Formed in 2022, the Finnish outfit channels the raw aggression and groove of classic death metal, drawing inspiration from icons like Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse while infusing their own modern twist. Comprising members with notable roles in other metal projects, including One Morning Left, Horizon Ignited, and Red Moon Architect, Slaughterror brings a blend of expertise and ferocity to their sound.

20 Buck Spin is set to release the highly anticipated LP “Aumicide” by Vancouver’s technical death metal outfit, ATRÆ BILIS, on April 19th.

Produced by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy fame, the album promises to push the boundaries of the genre with its fusion of death metal, atmospheric dissonance, and tech brutality. The lead single “Salted In Stygia” sets the tone for the album, showcasing the band’s signature blend of crushing heaviness and intricate complexity.

With cover art featuring a sculpture by Michael Perry and Angela Webber, along with photography by Rob Zawistowski and Savannah Bagshaw, “Aumicide” is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious underground releases of 2024.

Fans of bands like Ulcerate, Suffocation, and Gorguts won’t want to miss this monumental album.

SANITY, the renowned symphonic metal band from Berlin, Germany, has announced the release of their latest EP, “The Beast,” set to drop on March 2, 2024.

This eagerly anticipated follow-up to their 2023 EP “Revelation” continues to explore apocalyptic themes with a powerful blend of thunderous drumming, searing guitar riffs, and an impressive range of vocals.

Finnish melodic death-doom metallers, THE BLEAK PICTURE, are gearing up for the release of their debut album, “Meaningless,” set to hit shelves on March 22nd, 2024, via Ardua Music.

The band offers a glimpse into their dark cosmos with the premiere of their single “Lights of July”. Combining doomy riffage with haunting melodies and dynamic vocal performances, the track showcases THE BLEAK PICTURE’s atmospheric groove and cosmic soundscapes. With nods to the ’90s metal scene while maintaining a contemporary edge, the band’s debut promises an adventurous journey into bleak and captivating territories.

Polish Subcarpathian black metal outfit Kalt Vindur has unleashed a captivating new video for the instrumental track “Mist Over Cergova,” extracted from their recent album “Magna Mater.”

“Magna Mater,” released on January 26th, 2024, is available for order via The Circle Music.

New Jersey’s Extreme Metal tyrants, WORLD EATER, have dropped their latest auditory assault, “Elysia,” courtesy of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Diving deeper into the abyss, WORLD EATER fuses Death Metal, Doom Metal, and Sludge Metal, tossing in a hardcore twist for good measure. “Elysia” signifies a seismic shift in the band’s sonic landscape, with songwriting and production hitting unprecedented heights. Brace yourself for a molten concoction that resonates with fans of Aeon, Bloodbath, and Deicide.

Sweden’s HORNDAL has announced the release of their third album, “Head Hammer Man,” slated to drop on April 5 via Prosthetic Records.

Accompanying this news is the unveiling of the lead single and music video, “Blacklisted,” which premiered via Swedenrock Magazine.

The album delves into the untold real-life story of Alrik Andersson, a 1900s union leader from their hometown, shedding light on his pivotal role in The Great Strike. To complement the album, HORNDAL will release a book detailing Andersson’s tale.

UK death metallers INGESTED have unleashed their brutalizing new single and video, “Pantheon,” from their upcoming full-length album, “The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams,” scheduled for release on April 5th via Metal Blade Records.

Since their last album in 2020, INGESTED has maintained a relentless creative streak, consistently releasing albums that showcase their musical growth and ferocity. “The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams” is a testament to their evolution as a band, expanding their creativity while retaining their trademark brutality.

The album explores themes of personal struggles and challenges, reflected in tracks like “Pantheon,” which delves into feelings of imposter syndrome and insecurity. Vocalist Jason Evans reveals that the song was inspired by his own experiences navigating the pressures of success and self-doubt in the music industry.

Draped in the somber hues of their homeland, HAMFERÐ, the Faroe Islands’ own purveyors of death/doom, unveil “Hvølja,” a seismic single that heralds the impending storm of their album, Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk.

Set to be released on March 22nd via Metal Blade Records, this track is a monolith of sound, melding the raw ferocity of death metal with the mournful depths of doom.

In the shadowed heart of Nottingham, where ancient magic breathes and thrums through the sandstone, Tigguo Cobauc—a name whispered from the city’s deep, Anglo-Saxon roots—unveils “A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone.”

This Enochian black metal ensemble, known for weaving the darkness of doom and the ferocity of punk into a tapestry of aural despair, prepares to release their latest opus on April 26, 2024.

Offering a prelude to the abyss with tracks like “Eternal Quietus” and “Inner Disaster,” the band invites listeners into a realm where the monumental and the macabre collide.

Grindwar Records, in collaboration with FRAGMENTADO, unleashes a raw grindviolence onslaught from Chile with the full album “Antimonumento de lo Cotidiano.”

This brutal endeavor delivers 16 tracks of unrelenting aggression, available across all digital platforms and soon in physical format for a special release event on May 25th.

DUINDWALER, the solitary force behind an immersive Dutch black metal experience, unveils its third single “Alle rust verdwenen” from the upcoming album “IN HET HEEMSKERKS DUIN.”

Released by VOID WANDERER PRODUCTIONS in collaboration with WAR PRODUCTIONS and Zwaertgevegt, this track heralds a deeper plunge into DUINDWALER’s darkly invigorating realm.

With “IN HET HEEMSKERKS DUIN,” DUINDWALER, a.k.a. Daan Bleumink, extends an ominous invitation to explore a world where frenetic tempos, raw, cascading riffs, and visceral narratives collide.

This album, resonating with the spirits of Hate Forest, Winterfylleth, and Ildjarn, narrates a chilling odyssey through Heemskerk’s dunes, offering a relentless auditory exploration marked by its intrinsic harshness and unyielding intensity.

Baltimore’s NUCLEAR TOMB unleashes their debut full album, “Terror Labyrinthian,” showcasing a decade of honing their unique death thrash sound.

With a thunderous roar echoing from the depths of old school tech thrash and progressive death metal, Nuclear Tomb emerges, wielding ambition and depth like mighty weapons forged in the fiery heart of the underground.

CIVEROUS is streaming their latest single “Shrouded In Crystals” from their upcoming second LP, Maze Envy, set for a March 22nd release via 20 Buck Spin.

This Southern California death/doom quintet elevates their sound on this demoralizing track, promising a brutal blend of immersive horror and morbid lamentation. “Shrouded In Crystals” marks a departure from their debut album, Decrepit Flesh Relic, showcasing an evolution in technicality and a deep dive into the band’s death-doom origins.

Maze Envy distinguishes itself with a broad scope of ambition, weaving unusual technicality with progressive atmospheres and a chaotic mysticism.

The band is also setting sights on supporting Maze Envy with tour dates and festival appearances, including Disemboweled God Fest 2024 in Seattle, Austin Death Fest, Death Over Bakersfield 2024, and Deadstock II, with plans to invade Europe in the fall.

“Empires” is the debut album from LOPHIUS, a band that blends stoner, doom, and punk into a groovy and aggressive style of sludge.

Despite being on hiatus, Lophius delivers a powerful record that captures their unique sound.

Dive into the mythic echoes and ferocious soundscape with REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS as they release the lyric video for “Holy Mountain (Helgafjell),” a potent blend of mythology-infused metal.

This track, hailing from their forthcoming album “Holy Mountain,” unravels a tale of a noble warrior’s eternal rest in the sacred Helgafjell, resonating with themes of honor, loss, and immortal legacy.

Set against a backdrop of powerful metal riffs and evocative melodies, the band channels the essence of Norse legends, crafting an auditory journey that’s both epic and deeply poignant. As they continue to make waves across the metal realm with their unique brand of Viking Metal/Norse Pagan Rock, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS remain steadfast in their journey, paying tribute to their roots while forging new paths in the world of heavy music.

Unveiling a sonic inferno, Polish black metal project DEATHLIKE DAWN releases their latest album, “Among the Graves of the Archetypes,” via Putrid Cult. Formed by Hyperborean and P. from Chthonic Cult, this opus follows their 2020 debut, “Deliria and Dreams.” Recorded in 2023 by Hyperborean and J., the album delves into dark realms with tracks like “Forked Tongues of Eternal Fire” and “Plutonic Ether.” Mastered by Hyperborean, the album features a painting by Tore Billing for its cover art and a new logo by Disfleshed. Immerse yourself in their blackened soundscape on major platforms or pre-order the jewel case CD. Experience the haunting visuals of “Forked Tongues of Eternal Fire” and embrace the abyss with DEATHLIKE DAWN. 🎶🔥

ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE has unveiled their much-anticipated album “Echoes,” marking their first release since 2017’s “Among the Ruins.”

With this latest work, the Helsinki-based doom metal band delves deeper into a fusion of death and traditional doom metal, emphasizing darker, more swampy tones that deviate from the stoner-rock elements of their previous album.

NECROWRETCH, the heralds of darkness, have unveiled their latest descent into the abyss with “Vae Victis,” a new video release celebrating their latest album, Swords of Dajjal, via Season Of Mist.

Marking a monumental stride towards the realms of true black metal, this French outfit has evolved beyond their old school death metal origins into a form that is both larger and more satanic.

“Vae Victis” emerges as a raw and unrelenting force, capturing the essence of apocalypse and the prophetic doom brought by Dajjal.

KEYGEN CHURCH, led by Victor Love, releases the single “Nel Nome Del Codice” ahead of the album with the same name, scheduled for a March 22 release via Metal Blade Records.

This project, emerging from Love’s experience with Master Boot Record, blends orchestral and baroque influences with doom, gothic, and black metal elements. The music, synthesized and devoid of human touch, draws comparisons to classical compositions with a modern, digital twist.

“Nel Nome Del Codice” follows Love’s theme of integrating classical music aesthetics with metal, executed through synthesized instruments.

BLESSED BLACK has released “Asunder,” the first single from their upcoming EP, Seasons Vol. 2, diving deep into themes of mental health with a mix of heavy doom sounds and introspective lyrics.

This track, influenced by personal experiences with anxiety and depression within the band, particularly from vocalist and guitarist Joshua Murphy, offers a raw glimpse into the struggles of the psyche.

Scheduled for release on April 26th, 2024, the EP promises to blend haunting melodies with powerful riffs, continuing the band’s exploration of emotional and mental resilience.

Ershetu presents “Xibalba (Instrumental),” a captivating exploration of cinematic black metal.

Featuring tracks like “From Corn To Dust” and “Cult Of The Snake God,” this album offers a unique blend of epic, obscure, and atmospheric metal, reminiscent of dramatic film scores.

ESODIC just dropped a heavy new track called “Dirge.”

It’s all about Uday Hussein’s messed-up reign in Iraq. This ain’t your typical metal song. It’s raw, it’s real, and it hits hard.

ESODIC’s EP, “De Facto De Jure,” is coming out May 22nd. It’s gonna be a wild mix of thrash and death metal, with some serious political commentary thrown in.

These guys started in Jordan back in 2003, dealing with all sorts of suppression. But they kept grinding, forging their own sound and making a name for themselves.

Now, they’re back stronger than ever, dropping tracks that make you think while you headbang. Keep an eye out for ESODIC – they’re bringing some serious heat to the metal scene.

“Fatal Cosmic Wound” marks the debut full-length release from BLAZAR, delivering four transmissions of Extra-Dimensional Doom expelled from the Void.

Led by M.S. on Voice, Guitar, and Synths, accompanied by J.M. on Bass and modular, I.R. on Guitar, and B.C. on Drums, the album presents a journey through ethereal realms and crushing depths.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories has just announced the release of “Black Fucking Cancer” by BLACK FUCKING CANCER.

Originally released in 2016, this debut self-titled LP is now being redistributed by Sentient Ruin from the defunct original label Graceless Recordings.

The album represents a culmination of Black Fucking Cancer’s sonic evolution, unleashing a relentless onslaught of life-scourging black metal chaos.

Fathomless Ritual’s latest release, “Hymns For The Lesser Gods,” channels the manic glee of death metal pioneers like Demilich while infusing their own grimy twist.

With a darker, cavernous sound and modern urgency, the album delivers a constant barrage of wriggling riffs that never feel overwhelming. Sole mastermind B. Dean, drawing from experience with bands like Gutvoid and Pukewraith, expertly compounds the genre’s essence without sacrificing its appeal. While not seeking to dethrone death metal gods, Dean’s efforts make the sound more extreme and relevant, resulting in an album sure to delight underground death metal enthusiasts.

For fans of Demilich, Chthe’ilist, and Cryptworm.

Cutterred Flesh’s latest album, “Love At First Bite,” showcases their evolution towards a progressive form of brutal death metal.

While maintaining their substantial heaviness, they deliver remarkable feats that elevate them above their initial categorization. Unlike some contemporaries, their music carries real weight and diversity, featuring unpredictable elements and intricate structuring. Each track on their sixth full-length album offers something special, with close listens revealing emotive facets alongside the bludgeoning heaviness.

Mastering their craft, Cutterred Flesh delivers an album that stands out for its unfathomable heaviness, versatility, and engagement, setting it apart from more one-dimensional offerings in the brutal death metal genre. For fans of Benighted, Aborted, and Cattle Decapitation.

CURSE ALL KINGS, the enigmatic dark ambient/black metal entity from Berlin, unveils a haunting glimpse into their upcoming album “Feral Earth” with the premiere of the opening track, “As the Spirits Watch Over Us, We Reciprocate”.

This track sets the stage for a sonic journey that delves deep into realms of suffocating fury and wrath, showcasing the collective’s expansion and collaboration with extraordinary artists like Fabian Van Beek, Bryan Bray, and Edie.

“Feral Earth” marks the third chapter of CURSE ALL KINGS’ dark odyssey, characterized by ritualistic hums, methodical repetitions, and furious atmospheres of blackened noise and metal. From searing guitar lines to pummeling drums, the album paints a picture of chaos and hopelessness, yet within its depths, there lies a sense of beauty and defiance akin to a hungry fox prowling the city streets at dawn, feral and untamed.

Gothic industrial powerhouse CONTRACULT has just dropped a bombshell with their latest EP, “The Process,” now blasting through speakers everywhere via Art is War Records.

This release marks another bold step for the Los Angeles duo, known for their fiery blend of industrial metal and dark, gothic vibes.

Travis Bacon and Nicholas Emde, the minds behind the music, continue to push the boundaries, exploring themes that resonate deeply within the goth and alternative communities. From the pain and struggles of mental health to the empowerment found in kink/BDSM and queer identities, Contracult crafts tracks that are not just heard but felt on a visceral level.

Italian band MOONOISES is set to captivate listeners once again with their upcoming album, ‘She – The Void,’ slated for release on March 8th, 2024, via These Hands Melt.

Building upon the foundation laid by their debut EP, ‘Chasm’ (2020), ‘She – The Void’ showcases the band’s musical evolution and versatility.

From the haunting blend of wave and post-rock in ‘Cold Grey’ to the raw intensity of orthodox black metal in ‘Dead End,’ Moonoises traverse diverse sonic landscapes. Post-punk elements permeate tracks like ‘Hate Without Form’ and ‘Black Beyond,’ while ‘Creepy 31’ seamlessly merges black metal choruses with dark wave verses. The album also features reflective shoegaze moments in ‘Rope’ and ‘Portrait,’ alongside a quick foray into new wave territories with ‘Wild Fire.’ Closing the album, ‘Mirror’ serves as a culmination of Moonoises’ multifaceted sound.

San Diego’s quintet AS I LAY DYING is set to hit the road this summer for their highly anticipated U.S. Summer 2024 tour.

The 26-date journey kicks off on July 9th along the west coast and includes standout performances in major markets like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. The tour will culminate in a hometown show on August 10th at The Observatory Northpark.

Joining them on stage are Chelsea Grin and Entheos.

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