MANNEQUIN PUSSY, by Ashley Gellman Photography
MANNEQUIN PUSSY, by Ashley Gellman Photography
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Rock Shorts – end of February / early March 2024

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From the heart-wrenching strains of mellow indie and alt rock to the raw, soul-baring grit of grunge to the introspective melancholy of emo, both melodic and fierce, this week’s roundup is another rich kaleidoscope of guitar driven offerings that you should look into.

LA DISPUTE surprises fans with their latest single, “Sixteen,” offering a poignant blend of spoken word, experimental, emo, post hardcore and indie elements.

The track reflects on life’s journey and the choices made along the way, weaving introspective lyrics with raw emotion. As anticipation builds for their upcoming full release, “Here, Hear IV,” scheduled for March 12, 2024, “Sixteen” provides a captivating glimpse into the band’s evolving sound and narrative depth. Yup, that’s LA DISPUTE.

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING’s seventh studio album, “Mountainhead,” hits the shelves today, March 1st, 2024, delivering the quintessential blend of idiosyncratic northern art-rock expected from the band.

However, clocking in a tad too long, the album boasts a clever and obtuse narrative, offering sonic diversity and thickness that cater to both casual listeners and diehard fans. The album’s opener, ‘Wild Guess,’ sets the tone with its pitch-shifted harmonies and scuzzy guitar lines, hinting at a world of manufactured disorder before diving into its allegorical narrative.

“Mountainhead” solidifies Everything Everything’s reputation as masters of intellectual rock, inviting listeners to delve into its depths and uncover its hidden treasures.

STAY INSIDE’s latest album “Ferried Away” delves deep into the realm of relationships and emotional bonds, with each track serving as a heartfelt homage to significant individuals in the band members’ lives.

Blending elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and emo, the album crafts a poignant soundscape that resonates with intensity and raw emotion, offering listeners a sonic journey through personal connections and memories.

Montreal’s own GULFER share new album “Third Wind,” available everywhere as of February 28 via Topshelf Records.

This fourth album from the band marks a significant evolution in their sound, infusing their established mathy emo core with fresh shoegaze and indie rock elements.

The band, which has been a fixture in the music world for over a decade, showcases a renewed vigor and artistic depth in “Third Wind,” reflecting their diverse influences and collaborative spirit. The album’s artwork, crafted by Robert Voyvodic, mirrors this sonic expansion with its abstract and visually striking design, signaling a departure from the band’s previous aesthetics.

In anticipation of the release, GULFER will perform two special shows in Quebec this spring, offering fans a chance to experience the new material live. As they continue to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, GULFER reaffirms their position as innovative and resilient artists, ready to take listeners on a memorable auditory journey with “Third Wind.”

GHOST WORK, featuring members from Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, releases “Erase the Morning” off their upcoming album “Light a Candle for the Lonely.”

This single combines emotional lyrics with the essence of 90s alternative and post-hardcore influences.

Bassist Dustin Perry and vocalist Aaron Stauffer provide deep insights into personal and existential themes, highlighting the song’s exploration of life’s impermanence and individual struggles.

We premiered this song earlier this week, so be sure to go HERE and learn a wider context.

Bassist Dustin Perry says, “Erase the Morning” is one of the few things I’ve written that I can detach and enjoy as a song. I think it’s really beautiful, and I’m not one to love myself.”

Vocalist Aaron Stauffer adds, “The song lyrics are about how difficult it is to change the way people live; and as a result how many find themselves isolated and alone. To me, the positive part is that all life is completely impermanent, thus all of the light will fade. So the hard time that someone might be having in this moment is really just a blink of an eye.”

SOFT KILL is back with a vengeance, streaming their latest track “Come Hang From The Roof Tops” from the upcoming album “Escape Forever.”

Due to hit the airwaves on April 12, 2024, this album is a journey through time and space, weaving together elements of nostalgia and present-day chaos.

“Escape Forever” serves as a poignant reminder of our teenage dreams while confronting the harsh realities of today’s world. With Chicago artist RBTayskii as the spiritual guide, Soft Kill delivers thirteen raw and introspective tunes that dive deep into the heart of creation. From the haunting melodies of “Cousin” to the gritty allure of “My Section,” each track invites listeners to embrace the beauty within chaos and find solace in the midst of uncertainty.

The music video for “Douse” by DOWN THE LEES, recorded at Raincity Recorders in Vancouver by Jesse Gander and mastered by Blake from BRONSON ARM, has been officially released.

This piece encapsulates the band’s journey and evolution, reflecting their diverse musical influences ranging from post-rock to no-wave. Down The Lees, initially a solo venture by Laura Lee Schultz, has expanded into a robust live act with a strong presence in Canada and Europe.

Their work, characterized by its intensity and raw emotional delivery, has garnered nominations, including a recent nod for best music video at the Okanagan Screen Awards.

West coast rockers LOWLIVES teasing their new album ‘Freaking Out’, to be released on May 31 on Spinefarm Records.

The band has amped up the anticipation with their new single and music video “Loser,” a ’90s alternative-infused anthem celebrating the love between two misfit outcasts.

With a nod to their grunge and alt-rock roots, LOWLIVES’ upcoming album promises to resonate with fans of classic bands like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and early-day Foo Fighters, while exploring personal themes of vulnerability and the search for meaning in the dead of night.

The new post-punk anthem from THE TRUE FAITH is called “The Means” and it features Dutch Experts.

“This track is part of something to come. More info later.” – comments the band.

Check out the latest release from emotive indie band MUTTERING, titled “Avenues,” which is available now!

This track is the final collaboration between MUTTERING and The Yacht Club, and it’s been in the works since 2018. This band is seriously underrated on Spotify, with only 134 listeners.

Mathy emo rockers TIGER REALLY has released a new track titled “Fundamentally Unlovable”.

This deeply personal song delves into themes of grief, self-sabotage, and emotional turmoil, reflecting the artist’s experiences during a challenging period.

The track, part of their ongoing musical expression, offers an intimate look into coping with loss and personal struggles, encapsulated within a poignant rock/emo framework.

ROYAL TUSK, the Alberta, Canada-based rock trio, has unleashed their third full-length album, “Altruistic,” along with a gripping documentary titled “Do No Wrong: The Making of Altruistic.”

Despite facing trials and tribulations, including frontman Daniel Carriere’s battle with a life-threatening blood clot, the band persevered to craft an album filled with raw emotion, sweat, and imaginative determination. The pandemic played a significant role in shaping the album’s creation, with nearly a year spent writing and self-producing the record at Alberta’s Audio Department recording studio.

The up-and-coming alt-rock quartet UNPEOPLE are set to make waves with their debut self-titled EP, which will be hitting the airwaves on April 19th, courtesy of SharpTone Records.

Alongside this announcement, they’ve dropped a compelling new video for their single ‘waste’, a track that pulls no punches in its critique of political disillusionment and the chaos of Brexit.

The band members, Jake Crawford, Luke Caley, Meg Mash, and Richard Rayner, collectively voice their frustration about the state of public services and the lack of accountability from those at the helm.

Norwegian heavy rockers WASTE A SAINT have released the music video for “C.M.T.L,” the aggressive yet playful third single from their upcoming album “Ravenous,” due out March 1st on All Good Clean Records.

Featuring scream vocals by Sondre Sørensen Brønstad from Agabas, the new song deals with themes of betrayal and empowerment from the perspective of someone cheated on.

RAZOR BRAIDS unveils their latest single “It Goes Quiet,” a heartfelt indie rock anthem about the liberation from fear and embracing trust within new romance.

The single, now available on major streaming platforms, is a testament to their evolving sound, blending the introspective themes of change, anxiety, and insecurity with a musical style reminiscent of ALVVAYS and JAPANESE BREAKFAST.

The band delves into the complexities of love, highlighting the inner battle between mundane queries and deeper, unspoken thoughts that dissipate in the comfort of genuine connection.

DOG UNIT has just released ‘Consistent Effort’, the second full track from their upcoming debut album “At Home”, set to drop on April 5th through Brace Yourself Records.

Available in limited edition LP, CD, and digital formats, the album promises a blend of pop melody and heavy playing, encapsulated perfectly within this nearly six-minute track.

Fans of Jim O’Rourke and Sonic Youth’s reflective periods will find much to enjoy, especially with the track reaching its peak in an almighty crunch. The release is complemented by an avant-garde music video directed by John Newton from the noise-rock duo JOHN, inspired by the themes of relocation and the contemplation on the material.

BLANKET, the UK’s trailblazing purveyors of atmospheric rock brilliance, are back with a bang, dropping their latest single ‘Nuclear Boy Scout’ ahead of their highly anticipated album ‘Ceremonia,’ set to release via Church Road Records on March 22nd, 2023.

With ‘Nuclear Boy Scout,’ Blanket delves into the curious tale of David Hahn, a young American who constructed a nuclear reactor in his backyard. Vocalist and guitarist Bobby shares, “Musically it reminds me of Cave In ‘Jupiter’ era in parts and also has more shoegaze/emo elements in certain sections of the track.”

The song encapsulates Blanket’s signature blend of post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative rock, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Cave In, HUM, Swervedriver, and Ride.

Experience the ethereal and powerful sounds of Blanket’s ‘Nuclear Boy Scout’ and prepare for the mesmerizing voyage of ‘Ceremonia,’ coming soon to mesmerize audiences worldwide.

Tipperary, Ireland’s own Pat Donnelly is poised to stir the acoustic candy sweet pop-punk scene with his latest single, “Seeing Your Face Again.”

This track is a heartfelt nod to the genre’s golden days, weaving through layers of guitars and sincere lyrics with Donnelly’s passionate vocal delivery. “Seeing Your Face Again” delves into the complex emotions encountered upon reencountering an ex, spotlighting the maturity and resolve needed to cherish present happiness over past sorrows.

LA-based rocker Rosie Tucker has just unveiled their new single and accompanying stop-motion video, “Paperclip Maximizer,” heralding the upcoming release of their fourth LP, UTOPIA NOW!, set to drop on March 22, 2024, through Sentimental Records.

Known for their evocative vocals, sharp songwriting skills, and prowess on rock instruments, Tucker continues to push the boundaries of indie rock with an eye towards the queer lineage of politically conscious artists.

UTOPIA NOW! is described as a career-defining work that sets a new benchmark in the genre. The album, written and produced by Tucker alongside their longtime collaborator Wolfy, was recorded in their home studio in Altadena. It’s characterized by Tucker’s signature lyrical prowess, blending incisive commentary with references to history, poetry, and politics, all set against a backdrop of personal and professional upheaval, including Tucker’s departure from Epithaph Records.

Welsh alt rockish post hardcore / shoegazin’ grunge / ‘dreamo’ quartet Shell has just dropped their debut EP, ‘The Need To Separate,’ available now on streaming platforms and for vinyl preorders.

The EP showcases Shell’s evolution from their rougher-edged grunge sound to more expansive instrumentals and a clearer vision.

To celebrate the release, they’re hosting a massive bash on March 2nd at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, featuring a stellar lineup of Welsh alternative music acts, with all profits donated to Rise Above Cancer.

“DU” marks the ambitious debut album from DOWN UNDER, a project that emerged in 2018 through the collaborative spirit of Cinta Masters, Tom Lyngcoln, and Jon Ainslie.

After 18 months of sporadic jams without a clear direction, the addition of Bonnie Mercer transformed the group’s dynamic, enriching their sound with her profound guitar work.

Despite Mercer’s severe stroke and the ensuing global lockdowns, the band’s resolve led to the creation of “DU,” an album encapsulating their journey through adversity. Comprising 11 tracks, the album showcases a blend of experimental rock, noise, and heartbreak, reflecting the band’s evolution and resilience.

GENTLEMEN ROGUES, an Austin-based band known for their vibrant guitar pop anthems, have unveiled a new video for “Involuntary Solitary” from their latest LP, Surface Noise, which was released on February 16 through Double Helix Records and Shifting Sounds.

“Involuntary Solitary” is described by the band’s vocalist, Danny Dunlap, as a poignant love letter, drawing inspiration from The Smiths’ emotive storytelling, albeit with a unique twist that blends desperate romantic declarations with a hint of humor.

HOWLING GIANT has released a new video for their track “Juggernaut” from the album “Glass Future” alongside announcing a US tour in spring 2024 supporting THE OBSESSED.

Alongside these announcements, the band welcomes new member James Sanderson as their rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. The “Juggernaut” video, which emphasizes the band’s unique connection to hot sauce, is now available, with the song also cleared for radio broadcasting.

The tour, marking Sanderson’s official debut with HOWLING GIANT, will span March and April, showcasing the band’s dynamic performance across various US locations. The Nashville-based quartet is set to deliver their acclaimed sound from “Glass Future” live, further enriching the experience with their “four-piece fury” on stage.

“Svengali” by Mo Troper is a unique blend of pop punk, indie pop, indie rock, and power pop, capturing the essence of these genres with a personal touch that makes it stand out.

The album, set to release on May 3, 2024, is a deeply psychological exploration of themes surrounding manipulation, love, and self-reflection, wrapped in the accessible and engaging form of pop music.

The album draws its name from the literary character Svengali, a symbol of manipulative control, reflecting on the darker aspects of human relationships and the entertainment industry. Troper delves into complex emotional landscapes, navigating through feelings of love, manipulation, and self-awareness, all while maintaining a pop sensibility that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

Prepare for a sonic onslaught as NYC-based rockers DOG DATE unveil their forthcoming album, “Zinger,” set to drop on April 12th via Pop Wig Records.

Bursting with 26 minutes of distortion-laden hooks, the record promises a wild ride for fans of high-energy, unconventional rock. Anchored by a dual drummer attack, Dog Date’s scrappy, fuzzed-punk sound comes alive on lead single “Nuff Said,” offering a taste of the primal intensity to come. With a lineup solidified and their live energy captured in studio, “Zinger” marks a new chapter for the band, blending furious riffs with infectious melodies.

Emo indie punk infused rockers firebrands MOURN have just unveiled their latest LP, “The Avoider”.

Formed by guitarists/vocalists Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas, the band’s evolution from their bracing acoustic beginnings to their current punk rock sound has been remarkable. With drummer Antonio Postius and bassist Leia Rodríguez rounding out the quartet, Mourn’s sound has matured over the years, drawing inspiration from ’90s indie rock, mid-’90s Chicago post-rock, and the poetry of William Blake.

“The Avoider” is an intense exploration of fear and desperation, offering eleven raw and honest expressions of the struggles faced by many in today’s world.

ORION 224, an indie/alternative and pop punk band hailing from Houston, Texas, shared their highly anticipated debut album, “Take My Hand,” on March 1st.

Comprising vocalist and guitarist Cristian Gonzalez, drummer Gavin Gonzalez, and bassist Victor Perez, the band has poured their hearts into this album, promising an exciting blend of genres and heartfelt lyrics. To celebrate the release, ORION 224 will host their second 224STIVAL on March 9th at The Compound, featuring an impressive lineup of bands and vendors.

Dave Hause, known for his blend of heartland rock, folk rock, and punk rock, delivers a powerful live performance with “Haunted Churches: Live from Leeds.”

Recorded on March 2, 2024, the album captures the raw energy and emotion of Hause’s concert in Leeds.

Featuring tracks like “Drive It Like It’s Stolen,” “Hazard Lights,” and “Paradise,” Hause showcases his versatility as a singer-songwriter. His lyrics are introspective and poignant, reflecting on themes of life, love, and loss.

White Russian Records presents the debut album “Trapped In My Thoughts” by Swiss rockers DESERT LILLY, following up on their successful EP “Trapped In…” released last year.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Moose Blood, Spanish Love Songs, Basement, and Make Do And Mend, Desert Lily delivers a captivating blend of emotive rock melodies and introspective lyrics. The album, comprised of both EPs, promises to resonate with fans of heartfelt, introspective music.

Bob Vylan’s latest single, “Makes Me Violent,” serves as a poignant “letter to England,” addressing the country’s societal injustices while embodying a spirit of resistance and hope.

The track, featured on their upcoming album “Humble As The Sun,” confronts issues of violence and injustice while expressing a determination to stand firm and fight for change.

MINISTRY returns to the political fray with their latest LP, “HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES,” delivering a potent dose of scathing commentary just in time for the U.S. election year.

Led by the irrepressible Uncle Al, the album serves up Ministry’s trademark blend of heavy riffs, pulsating synths, and incisive lyrics. From the groovy rhythms of “Cult of Suffering” to the biting satire of “Aryan Embarrassment,” Ministry takes aim at the excesses of modern society with unapologetic fervor.

Platinum-selling rock band P.O.D. is set to release their 11th studio album, VERITAS, on May 3 via Mascot Records, with pre-orders already underway.

The album, highlighted by Revolver as one of the year’s most anticipated, marks a significant addition to the band’s discography. To support the album, P.O.D. has announced the “I Got That Tour,” featuring BAD WOLVES, NORMA JEAN, and BLIND CHANNEL as supporting acts. The tour includes stops across North America, integrating festival appearances, showcasing the band’s eagerness to reconnect with fans and introduce their latest work live.

The tour and album announcement come with high expectations and a sense of reconnection, as vocalized by members Sonny Sandoval and Marcos Curiel. They express their excitement to hit the road, share new music with fans, and embrace the communal experience of live performances.


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HELL IS FOR HEROES releases a new song titled “If Your Heart Will Answer.”

The track explores themes of introspection, survival, and the search for meaning in a tumultuous world. With heartfelt lyrics and dynamic instrumentals, the band delivers a powerful message about resilience and hope. “If Your Heart Will Answer” is available digitally via Big Scary Monsters, following previous releases “I Should Never Have Been Here In The First Place” and “Together in Pieces.” The band’s fourth album release is still awaited as they prepare for an upcoming tour across the UK.

BRING ME THE HORIZON made headlines with their expletive-filled acceptance speech upon winning the Best Alternative/Rock Act at the BRIT Awards 2024.

The Sheffield band, securing their first-ever BRIT Award, triumphed over esteemed competitors like The Rolling Stones and Blur.

During the live ITV1 broadcast, frontman Oli Sykes couldn’t contain his reaction, muttering “Fucking hell” as he held the award, prompting a quick-witted response from his bandmate about the swearing rules. The uncensored version of the speech showcases the band’s unfiltered excitement and humor, marking a memorable moment at the prestigious awards ceremony.

UNSTABLE SHAPES, a Minneapolis-based band with influences ranging from noisy 90s alternative to post-punk and post-hardcore, has just dropped their second single, “The Local Sphinx,” on February 16th, 2024.

The track is characterized by a propulsive rhythm section featuring James Taylor on drums and Kevin Hurley on bass, accompanied by melodic guitars courtesy of Mitch Gustafson and Ryan Jaroscak. Vocalist Andrew Cahak delivers poignant lyrics that grapple with the search for meaning in a chaotic world, climaxing in a powerful cry of “I need to know!” The song, produced by Knol Tate (known for his work with Kill Sadie, Askeleton, and Deleter), is a precursor to Unstable Shapes’ forthcoming full-length debut.

The band’s identity is a fusion of angular guitars layered over muscular bass riffs and kinetic drumming, punctuated by thunderous shouts and screeching feedback. While drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Unwound, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Lungfish, and Les Savy Fav, Unstable Shapes also incorporates elements from the trip-hop genre, an influence sparked by a Massive Attack concert attended by Cahak, Gustafson, and Jaroscak in 2019.

Saltamarges has just unveiled the debut album “Calm” by CALM, featuring a blend of atmospheric tracks that traverse punk, alternative rock, emo, hardcore, and post-hardcore territories.

Recorded over several sessions between February 2022 and March 2023, the album showcases the trio’s multifaceted talents, with drums recorded at the Associació Cultural Apaga la Tele and guitars, bass, and vocals handled by CALM and Tete Ureña. Additional contributions include saxophone by Pau Cullell on “Paraules.”

LASTELLE, the atmospheric post-hardcore outfit hailing from Oxford, UK, unveils their latest single, ‘Breathe Me In.’

With a focus on dynamic songwriting, emotive vocals, and poignant lyrics, LASTELLE blends the intensity of Modern Metal with the immersive textures of Post-Rock.

Since their formation in September 2018, the five-piece has garnered acclaim for their debut single ‘This Cage I Built Myself’ and EP “Harrow,” leading to a sold-out debut hometown show at The Cellar, Oxford.

Check out the collaborative studio album “Liam Gallagher John Squire” by English singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher and guitarist John Squire, released on March 1, 2024, through Warner Music UK.

Preceded by the singles “Just Another Rainbow” and “Mars to Liverpool,” this album marks Squire’s first solo album since 2004’s “Marshall’s House.” The album has received positive reviews, with Clash rating it 7/10 and NME praising it as a delightful return to familiar territory for fans of both Oasis and the Stone Roses.

Post hardcore band ARROW MINDS goes full rock in their new single “Hurt”.

Arrow Minds is excited to announce their upcoming album “S.A.D.,” slated for release on April 12th, 2024.

THE PRETTY FLOWERS, the Los Angeles-based indie rock quartet known for their catchy songwriting that echoes the prowess of GUIDED BY VOICES, SUPERCHUNK, and TEENAGE FANCLUB, has just released a previously unreleased track, “Police Me,” ahead of their Spring tour.

This song, recorded during the sessions for their sophomore album “A Company Sleeve” but not included in the final tracklist, explores themes of isolation and paranoia. Despite its initial omission, the band has decided to release “Police Me” digitally and as a limited-edition flexi disc available on their Bandcamp and at upcoming shows, as they prepare for their next album and appearances, including SXSW.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2024, the legendary Tokyo alt-rock trio TSUSHIMAMIRE announces the release of their 20th full-length album, ‘Mizumono (バンドは水物),’ accompanied by a worldwide tour.

Known for their electrifying live performances and a diverse musical range that spans hardcore noise to indie rock with elements of funk and pop, TSUSHIMAMIRE continues to captivate audiences globally. ‘Mizumono,’ translating to the unpredictability of being a band, showcases 11 tracks including ‘Show You My Soy Sauce,’ featured in the Adult Swim compilation ‘Japan Is Loud.’

The album, set for release on March 13, 2024, with a special cassette version on April 8, marks a milestone in their illustrious career, reflecting their journey’s dynamism and the unpredictable essence of their craft.

Brisbane’s post hardcore rockers STEPSON unveils their latest single, “Discover Lonely,” set to release on March 1st.

Departing from their former ‘sadboy’ persona, the band ventures into darker tones with intensified emotion while staying true to their signature sound. Produced by Callan Orr and mixed by Lance Prenc, the track delves into themes of inner turmoil and self-reflection, marking a new era for the band.

As the champagne corks pop again, SEIGMEN has rolled out their latest single “Elskhat,” a sonic embodiment of the stark contrasts that define life’s extremes.

Drawing from the personal battles of songwriter Kim Ljung’s constant migraine, the track oscillates between light and dark, day and night, love and hate—there’s no in-between. This single also paves the way for their upcoming album “Resonans,” setting the tone with a soundscape defined by Mike Hartung’s mixing mastery and recorded in the capable hands of technician Christer Krogh at Velvet Recording.

The single’s cover art, designed by Sigurd N. Kristiansen and featuring an alternative fortune-telling piece created by Kim’s daughter Nova, mirrors the song’s intense duality. SEIGMEN’s journey from the twilight of the ’80s into the heart of the ’90s in Tønsberg—Norway’s summertime haven turned rock breeding ground—is storied with chart-topping albums and a Norwegian Grammy.

After a brief split, the band’s enduring bond and unique sound led to a reunion and the full-circle moment with “Enola.” Keep your eyes and ears open; the legendary SEIGMEN is back, and they’re here to shake the foundations once more.

The Italian avant-garde collective TRAUM, featuring talents from renowned bands like ZU, Fuzz Orchestra, Lento, and Zeus!, unveils their mesmerizing self-titled debut album, a fusion of psychedelic and experimental sounds.

Released on March 1st via Subsound Records, this album is a deep dive into a blend of genres, from ethereal psych and krautrock to space rock, ambient, and beyond, infused with saxophone and synth nuances.

Recorded during an immersive retreat in a farmhouse, TRAUM’s album is a testament to the power of collaborative creation, offering eight tracks that invite listeners on introspective journeys through various dream states. This debut stands as a testament to the group’s innovative spirit, encapsulating a broad spectrum of influences and styles that promise to engage and transport its audience to new dimensions of musical experience.

COLORMEKRAZY, the rising band from the greater Raleigh area, unveil their sophomore single, “Ex-Friend,” on March 1, 2024.

Combining elements of pop rock, early 2000s emo, and modern hyperpop, the band’s unique sound, dubbed “Hyper-Rock,” captivates audiences with its fiery emo/pop-punk anthem narrative, delving into themes of betrayal and fractured friendships.

THORNHILL has released a striking new single titled “Obsession,” which showcases their unique blend of sultry melodies and intense riffs, reminiscent of Deftones’ sensuality combined with their own vibrant flair.

The track delves into themes of narcissism and unrelenting desire, set against a backdrop of compelling music that solidifies THORNHILL’s reputation for sophisticated and engaging heavy rock.

“Obsession focuses on a narcissistic inner monologue, insistent on having what they want” the band shares of their latest release “Oozing lies and pleas at the distress of an old lover, they project their desires at the cost of their own ‘life'”.

The countdown to the release of SPECTRES’ latest album, “Presence” (March 15), is almost over, but not before one final electrifying single drops!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the haunting melodies of post punk offering “Dominion,” the last advance single off the highly anticipated album.

SHEER MAG’s new album “Playing Favorites” is a euphoric expansion of their signature distortion-lagged rock sound.

Originating as a disco EP to navigate personal difficulties, the album seamlessly blends retro-glancing rock with noisy punk and garage aesthetics. Tracks like “Eat It and Beat It” and “All Lined Up” showcase the band’s ability to deliver straight-up rock bangers with a fresh perspective, addressing societal issues while maintaining an infectious energy.

Gab De La Vega has set the music world alight with his latest creation, “Life Burns,” marking his fourth studio foray.

This album emerges under the banner of SBÄM Records, alongside an impressive collaboration with Sell The Heart Records in the U.S., and a trio of Italian labels: Epidemic Records, Motorcity Productions, and Overdrive.

“Life Burns” is a testament to the relentless, burning essence of life itself, as experienced through De La Vega’s eyes.

Gab De La Vega expresses profound gratitude to SBÄM Records, Sell The Heart Records, Epidemic Records, Motorcity Productions, and Overdrive for their support in bringing this significant chapter of his musical career to fruition. The album holds immense personal significance for Gab, emerging from a period of hardship and introspection, resulting in a deeply sincere and unfiltered musical narrative.

With “Life Burns,” Gab aims to convey the raw reality of life’s relentless challenges and the resilience required to persevere.

Cory Wells has released a new single titled “Natural Disaster,” a follow-up to his earlier release, “Hopeless,” from his upcoming album “Harboring the Hurt I’ve Caused,” set to drop on March 15th via Pure Noise Records.

Wells, known for his heartfelt singer/songwriter approach, explores personal trauma and introspection in his music, a theme that continues in this latest work. Discussing the album, Wells reveals the struggle and catharsis in confronting personal faults and the repercussions of his actions, marking a departure from the perspective of his first album to a more self-reflective and accountable viewpoint in “Harboring the Hurt I’ve Caused.”

FOOTBALLHEAD, led by singer/songwriter Ryan Nolen, delivers a Chicago-based alternative rock experience that delves deep into both internal and external uncertainties.

Combining pop structures with alt and emo influences, the band’s music captures the frantic, dramatic, and anthemic aspects of life, resonating with the spirit of modern Midwestern youth.

Salt Lake City’s psychedelic heavy rock trio IOTA unveils their latest video for “The Timekeeper”.

The track is featured on their upcoming full-length album, “Pentasomnia,” slated for release on March 22nd via Small Stone Recordings.

With roots tracing back to their debut album “Tales” nearly sixteen years ago, IOTA returns with “Pentasomnia,” a project spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist Joey Toscano, bassist Oz Inglorious, and drummer Andy Patterson. Reflecting on the album’s concept, Toscano describes it as an amalgamation of “five dreams,” each song representing a different mental state.

OAKMAN teasing their debut album, *Violent Oblivion*, scheduled for release on May 3, 2024, via Rude Records.

The French trio, featuring Marine Lanzillotta (vocalist/guitarist), Geremia Gayaud (bassist), and Jessie Gayaud (drummer), introduces the album as a confrontation with inner turmoil and trauma.

Speaking about the new single OAKMAN said: “‘I Wish Myself To Be Happier’ is an emotional outlet song. At first, the sound of this track brings a kind of candid touch but the message behind is quite the opposite. It captures the moment when you can no longer contain your feelings and anger, and everything eventually blow up. Sometimes, when you’re really mad at someone, your anger can get so intense that you briefly think about doing something to mess up their life… Of course, we usually don’t act on those thoughts, (right?!) The reason always comes back to us”.

The latest single “Cancer Moon” by BOSSES, out of Chicago, Illinois, unfolds as a mellow, soul-stirring journey, eventually escalating into a more instrumentally rich and melancholic mantra.

This intricate composition starts off soft and introspective, only to transform in its final minute into a heavier, albeit still somber, musical experience, reminiscent of blending Radiohead’s introspective depth with something grittier.

Crafted by Harlee Young, with Marcus Johnson on drums, Dick Hwang handling bass, engineered by Adrian Kobziar, and mastered by Bob Westin, “Cancer Moon” is a heartfelt expression of support and solidarity. Its lyrics promise patience, protection, and presence in a tone that’s both reassuring and deeply reflective.

This beautiful interplay between softness and intensity showcases bosses’ ability to navigate the emotional spectrum with grace and depth.

SEED TOSS rolls out their latest EP, “Safe and Sound.”

This fresh release from the Detroit-based Setterwind Records is a masterclass in rock dynamics, merging alternative rock’s versatility with the raw energy of emo, grunge, and hardcore.

Citing influences like Superchunk, Piebald, Weezer, and Dinosaur Jr., SEED TOSS continues to captivate with their simple yet catchy anthems, now enhanced with a heavy twist.

Randolph’s Leap celebrates the 10th anniversary of “CLUMSY KNOT” with a special release of “Most Clunky,” a limited edition double CD set featuring the studio album alongside a live recording from the Christmas Baubles event in December 2014.

Recorded at Portobello Town Hall in Edinburgh, the live album captures the essence of Randolph’s Leap’s energetic performances. The deluxe edition also includes rare b-sides, remixes, and single versions from the same era, making it a must-have for fans of Glasgow’s indie scene.

HUNNY has just unveiled their latest live recording, “Live at Paul’s”.

Released on February 27, 2024, the album delivers a potent mix of rock, beachside garage, new wave, post-punk, and shoegaze, further diversifying HUNNY’s dynamic sound.

Coinciding with their new release, HUNNY is hitting the road as part of a star-studded tour lineup headlined by MOM JEANS, and featuring other acclaimed acts such as SUMMER SALT and HUNNY. Spanning from March 1 to April 7, the tour will take the ensemble across key cities in the United States and Canada.


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DAYTIME TV is set to elevate their musical narrative with the release of their new EP, ‘Island.’, scheduled to drop on May 3, via Kartel Music Group.

The EP, crafted by producer Ross Hamilton, known for his work as Buzz Killer, is poised to be a transformative chapter for the band, amplifying their sonic landscape.

‘Island.’ is an exploration of resistance and liberation, thematically delving into the concept of escaping the confines of societal expectations and achieving freedom in both thought and sound. Will Irvine, DAYTIME TV’s lead vocalist and guitarist, emphasizes the EP’s mission to defy the mundane and to innovate beyond conventional rock boundaries, blending nostalgic 80s vibes with avant-garde elements that challenge the familiar.

I VENTURED ACROSS THE STREAM, an alt-rock project formed by five guys from the hinterland of southern Italy, presents their new single, “1994”.

The song, inspired by the band members’ adolescence and the symbolic year of Kurt Cobain’s death, reflects on the experiences and uncertainties of that transitional period between youth and adulthood. With a mix of distortions and sweet vocal tones, “1994” explores themes of growth, fall, and loneliness, trying to understand who they were and who they have become over the years.

Anna Tivel, the Portland, Oregon-based artist, is set to release her sixth studio album, Living Thing, on May 31, 2024, through Fluff & Gravy Records.

The album, described as more vibrantly sculptural than her past work, was written amidst the tumult of 2020 with Shane Leonard (Bon Iver, Field Report) as a collaborator. Tivel shares the lead single “Disposable Camera” alongside its music video today, offering a glimpse into the album’s exploration of human tenacity and the beauty found in struggle.

Living Thing follows her 2022 album Outsiders, which earned acclaim from NPR Music and featured a Tiny Desk Concert performance. Tivel’s work, known for its deep empathy and folk-jazz compositions, continues to draw comparisons to notable artists like Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker and Elliott Smith for her storytelling and musical prowess.

Prepare for a sonic voyage like no other as KÓLGA, the blackened surf rock/nautical horror collective featuring current and former members of Dead To A Dying World, Sabbath Assembly, Wrekmeister Harmonies, and more, gears up to release their full-length album “Black Tides” on March 29th via Otitis Media Records.

With a sound that fuses elements of primal rock and roll with black metal, KÓLGA transports listeners to a realm of eldritch darkness and aquatic thunder.

Led by the mutant melodies of lead guitarist/vocalist Jason Mullins, the band’s opening track “Space Beach Massacre” offers a spine-tingling preview of the unearthly rhapsodies to come.

Engineered and produced by Billy Anderson and mastered by Justin Weiss, “Black Tides” will be available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Dive into the depths of KÓLGA’s haunting universe and pre-order your copy today.

Seattle noise pop / alt rock icons CHASTITY BELT unveil their latest single “Chemtrails” ahead of their upcoming album release, “Live Laugh Love,” due out on March 29, 2024, via Suicide Squeeze Records.

The track, featuring a moody side of 2000s alternative rock, showcases sharp vocals from Julia Shapiro alongside haunting memories that refuse to fade. Accompanied by a spectral video directed by Ertuğrul Yaka, “Chemtrails” offers a captivating glimpse into the band’s evolving sound. Look out for their upcoming US, EU, and UK tour dates this spring and summer, featuring support from Charlotte Cornfield, Peel Dream Magazine, and Meagre Martin.

Murdo Mitchell’s latest single, “One Glass,” is a heartfelt exploration of navigating the bustling lifestyle of London, set to release on February 23, 2024, via Drabant Music/Sony.

The Glasgow-based singer-songwriter infuses indie-folk with his rich vocals, delivering a captivating blend reminiscent of Paolo Nutini or Ben Howard. The song offers a glimpse into his upcoming EP, promising a mix of old and new tracks that capture the raw intensity of his live performances, expertly translated into studio recordings.

Following his musical journey from busking on Glasgow’s streets to supporting artists like Glen Hansard and embarking on headline tours, Mitchell’s evolution as a troubadour shines through in his craft.

With “One Glass” marking the beginning of an exciting year, including headline shows across the UK, Mitchell’s passion for storytelling and live performance continues to captivate audiences, promising an interesting experience.

Kelly Jones, renowned for his work with STEREOPHONICS, has unveiled details about his upcoming studio album, “Inevitable Incredible,” scheduled for release on May 3rd via Stylus Records through Ignition Records Ltd.

This announcement comes alongside the debut of the album’s title track, offering a glimpse into Jones’ new musical direction.

“Inevitable Incredible” showcases a departure from Jones’ established rock anthems, revealing a more tender and vulnerable side to the artist. With piano-led compositions and cinematic soundscapes, Jones demonstrates a newfound depth and breadth in his vocal delivery, challenging himself creatively.

The album emerged from a transformative period where Jones explored songwriting on the piano for the first time, resulting in a collection of haunting melodies and soul-searching lyrics. Recorded in the serene surroundings of Ocean Sound studio in Norway, the album captures the raw emotion and introspection of Jones’ songwriting process.

Reflecting on the album, Jones describes the recording experience as cathartic, with the isolated studio environment allowing the songs to evolve organically. Drawing inspiration from the unpredictable weather and vast wilderness of the island, Jones poured his emotions into each track, leaving a piece of himself in the music.

Chicago’s own FOOTBALLHEAD just dropped their debut album “Overthinking Everything” under the Tiny Engines label, giving alt-rock fans a fresh dose to get excited about.

Originally self-released last summer, the album has now been polished to perfection by Jesse Cannon, known for his work with Basement and The Menzingers, among others.

FOOTBALLHEAD, spearheaded by Ryan Nolen and featuring talents like snow ellet, brings to the table an electric mix of late ’90s pop-punk and dream-pop vibes. Critics are already praising the album for its ability to capture the essence of golden-era alt-rock without falling into its shadow. The Chicago Reader hints at a blissful shot reminiscent of radio giants, while Paste appreciates their ability to blend emo, power pop, and alt-rock into a sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

The band’s influences, from Jimmy Eat World to Blink-182, are evident across the tracks, but there’s something undeniably unique about their approach. Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan highlight the collaboration with snow ellet, hinting at a poppy, emo-alt rock blend that’s both nostalgic and new.

“Overthinking Everything” promises a journey through the highs and lows of late ’90s and early 2000s pop rock, with each track potentially fitting as the backdrop to a coming-of-age film finale. Merry Go Round and Rosy Overdrive note the album’s steadfast pace and energetic diversity, marking it as a well-rounded debut.

FOOTBALLHEAD offers a soundtrack for the outcasts and dreamers, a nod to Midwestern youth with skatepark dreams and MTV anthems.

Italian psychedelic rock trio RED SUN is set to release their new album, “From Sunset To Dawn,” on April 5th via Subsound Records.

With their debut single “A Violent Dusk” already streaming on Outlaws Of The Sun website, the band offers a tantalizing preview of their boundary-pushing sound.

Formed a decade ago in Albone near Piacenza, RED SUN has honed their craft, blending space rock and acid rock to create haunting and otherworldly soundscapes that transport listeners to distant realms.

CLOUD NOTHINGS has dropped a double hit of indie rock bliss with their latest singles “Running Through The Campus” and “Final Summer.”

Released on February 28, 2024, by Pure Noise Records.

In “Running Through The Campus,” vocalist/guitarist Dylan Baldi delves into introspective themes, reflecting on late-night runs through a college campus and grappling with feelings of loneliness amidst the bustling surroundings. The song captures a blend of urgency and contemplation, culminating in a message of embracing activities that bring joy without dwelling on comparisons.

Hailing from Northern Italy, cosmic grunge trailblazers HIJSS drop their latest sonic bombshell with “Blow Out,” a brooding track off their debut album “stuck on common ground,” set to release on March 8th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

“Blow Out” captivates with its raw grunge attitude, hypnotic verses, and juicy choruses, featuring high-gain bridges that keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

Drawing influences from grunge rock, post-punk, and modern space rock, HIJSS delivers a boundary-defying sound reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Monster Magnet, led by frontman Lois Lane’s Wyndorf-esque croon.

Lövely Records just dropped “The Spontaneous Splendid” by WASHING MACHINA.

Dive into their debut album, a sonic journey rich in guitar work and powerful pop melodies. With influences from the ’90s indie rock scene, this release is a treat for fans of Pixies, The Breeders, Mew, and Sonic Youth.

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE, a band known for its ever-evolving sound and deep roots in the ’90s indie rock scene, has released their third full-length album, *Meeting Themselves*, today Council Records.

This release continues their journey of exploration within the rock and roll genre, weaving through various styles, tempos, and emotional landscapes, much like their early work which saw them in league with bands such as Braid, The Promise Ring, and Jimmy Eat World.

After a hiatus, the band, comprising members from notable acts like Current, Ottawa, and Ordination of Aaron, regrouped in 2018, releasing new music that led to a resurgence of creative output. Their geographical spread across Los Angeles, Alameda, Minneapolis, and Kalamazoo has not hindered their ability to collaborate, share demos, and ultimately produce *Meeting Themselves*. Recorded in the summer of 2023 at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio in Oakland, with Meric Long (The Dodos) at the helm as engineer and producer, the album also features contributions from Bay Area multi-instrumentalists Yea-Ming Chen and Anna Hillburg, adding a unique layer to the band’s sound.

Meeting Themselves diverges from the denser, more introspective Dark Whimsy and Soft Surrealism, opting for a lighter touch and a reconciliation with the inevitable progressions of time. It’s a testament to Broken Hearts Are Blue’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of their music while reflecting on the passage of generations within the indie rock narrative.

The Cure fans rejoice! The iconic band is set to reissue their 1993 live album “Paris” to mark its 30th anniversary.

Remastered by frontman Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, this edition will be available on both vinyl and CD, a treat for fans who have been longing for its official vinyl release in the UK since its debut. Recorded during the band’s 1992 tour of their album “Wish,” “Paris” captures the essence of The Cure’s live performances, featuring beloved tracks like ‘Close to Me’ and ‘Lovesong,’ along with cult favorites such as ‘One Hundred Years’ from their seminal album “Pornography.” Excitingly, this reissue includes two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Shake Dog Shake’ and ‘Hot Hot Hot!!!,’ rearranging the album’s tracklisting to accommodate these additions.

Meg and Dia, the American rock band formed by the Frampton sisters, are back with a new single titled “Heart Feels Heavy.”

Growing up in Utah and starting their band in 2007, they gained recognition with Warner Brothers Records and toured worldwide alongside acts like Dashboard Confessional and Angels and Airwaves. After pursuing solo ventures, Dia achieved success with multiple #1 radio hits in Southeast Asia and songwriting credits for renowned artists. Meanwhile, Meg delved into spirituality and established a popular coffee shop in Salt Lake City. Reuniting in 2018, Meg and Dia have crafted their most refined and collaborative album yet, ‘happysad.’

With its emotive and captivating sound, “Heart Feels Heavy” exemplifies the band’s return to the music scene, promising to release a new single each month throughout the year.

Brooklyn’s very own PUNCHLOVE has just unleashed their debut LP, *Channels*, on Kanine Records, setting the stage for what’s already shaping up to be a groundbreaking journey into the realms of shoegaze.

The band, featuring Jillian Olesen, Ethan Williams, Joey Machina, Ian Lange-McPherson, and visual artist viz_wel, has captured attention with their unique blend of emotionally charged soundscapes, earning accolades from the likes of Stereogum, Bandcamp, and Paste for their compelling debut.

To celebrate the release, Punchlove dropped a mesmerizing video for the track “Birdsong,” adding a visual dimension to their dreamy and introspective sound.

Recorded in their Bushwick house, *Channels* is as much a product of its environment as it is of the band’s collective creativity, showcasing a seamless blend of DIY ethos and professional polish. As they embark on SXSW and UK tours, Punchlove is poised to leave an indelible mark on the shoegaze landscape, inviting listeners to delve into an album that’s both a reflection of personal growth and a sonic exploration of new horizons.

It’s Eleven Records proudly presents the debut album “METRO” by L’APPEL DU VIDE, set to release on March 29, 2023, in collaboration with It’s Eleven Records and Sabotage Records.

The album paints a vivid narrative, inviting listeners to ride over the Zwickau hills to Chemnitz, “the San Francisco of the very little man.” Through a blend of post-punk, death rock, synth, and darkwave, L’APPEL DU VIDE crafts a 9-story high monolith, transcending genre boundaries and delving into uncompromising introspection.

Vocalist René laments with raw sincerity, accompanied by guitar saws, jangles, and rattling rhythms that lead straight into the abyss. Recorded at Studio Gloom in Chemnitz, the album channels influences from Saxony to Detroit, Frisco to Manchester, delivering a powerfully honest sound.

Nefarious Industries hits a milestone with the upcoming release of NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a compilation LP showcasing exclusive tracks from fourteen flagship label artists.

This diverse collection embodies the label’s ethos of pushing boundaries and exploring unconventional sounds. Among the roster are instrumental innovators EL DRUGSTORE, sludge thrashers ARBOGAST, D-beat experts NEQUIENT, post-punk veterans RISK RELAY, and ambient/dark-hardcore artist GRIDFAILURE. Also featured are long-dormant avant-garde ensemble THE DRX and hypnotic doom-jazz trio ZEVIOUS. The comp includes fresh material from crossover thrash veterans PSYCHOSOMATIC, post-hardcore noise-mongers BEDTIMEMAGIC, esoteric riff-trippers GEMATRIA, and more.

VANTA, a rising force in the Finnish alternative rock scene, has unleashed their highly anticipated debut album, “Future Does Not Belong To Us.”

Lead vocalist Markus Saikkonen describes it as their best work yet, featuring tracks like “…For No One” that push boundaries with a blend of drum & bass and metalcore. Listen now and decide for yourself.

MANNEQUIN PUSSY returns with their latest album, “I Got Heaven,” a raw and unapologetic testament to feminine power and desire.

Produced and mixed by John Congleton, the album showcases the band’s signature punk rock noise infused with elements of pop. From the anthemic title track to the infectious energy of “Loud Bark,” each song brims with intensity and vulnerability. Led by vocalist Marisa Dabice, the band delivers a fearless exploration of love, lust, and self-discovery.

HOMESHAKE, the project helmed by Toronto’s Peter Sagar, has released “Basement,” a new single and video from the forthcoming album CD Wallet, set to drop on March 8 via Dine Alone Records.

This track pays tribute to the quintessential home basement, celebrating it as a personal sanctuary and a breeding ground for creativity, reflecting on its role in Peter’s musical genesis. The video, directed by Jim Larson, visually encapsulates this theme, presenting Peter amidst a basement setting filled with nostalgic and artistic imagery.

The alt-rock landscape is set to be enriched with ANIIMALIA’s latest announcement of their forthcoming EP, CAROUSEL, dropping on April 4th, 2024, under the banner of Marshall Records.

The Southwest UK collective, acclaimed for their electrifying singles and dynamic live shows, is reuniting with the legendary Romesh Dodangoda for production duties, promising a blend of raw energy and refined soundscapes that have defined their trajectory so far.

Leading the charge into this new era is “PUPPETEER,” a single that delves deep into the realm of emotional extremities and psychological unrest. Kira Beckett, the band’s frontwoman, articulates the song as an anthem for those stretched to their limits, offering a glimpse into the fury and darkness that ensues from being repeatedly undermined.

HIGHSCHOOL, the London-based, Melbourne-raised duo, is making waves with their captivating blend of post-punk and bedroom pop.

With their latest single, “Doesn’t Matter,” and the announcement of their upcoming EP, “Accelerator,” slated for release on April 19, the band continues to establish themselves as a promising force in the pop synth post punk scene.

“Doesn’t Matter,” recorded at Camberwell Business Centre in London, showcases HighSchool’s knack for crafting evocative melodies and poignant lyrics. Directed by Henry Gosper, the accompanying music video adds depth to the song’s themes of nostalgia and adolescent romance.


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KID KAPICHI’s latest album, “There Goes The Neighbourhood,” is set to drop on March 15, 2024!

Kid Kapichi’s latest single, “Zombie Nation,” from their upcoming album is now available for streaming.

Punk and emo inspired TX2 has released a poignant new track titled “So Numb,” delving into themes of grief and loss.

The song, dedicated to those who have experienced deep loss, reflects TX2’s personal journey of healing. Drawing from his own experiences, TX2 injects authenticity into his lyrics, touching on themes of identity and belonging. With “So Numb,” TX2 continues to use his music as a platform to address important societal issues.

Chicago’s HOMESAFE have just released a new EP titled “What Did You Find Out?”

The band, led by singer/guitarist Ryan Rumchaks, emerged in the mid-2010s and gained acclaim with their 2016 EP “Evermore” and their full-length debut “One” in 2018.

Irish alt-rock outfit FANGCLUB returns triumphantly with their latest single, ‘Attention,’ marking their first release since the lauded album ‘Vulture Culture’ in 2019.

Combining raw, distorted guitars with a captivating lyricism, the track showcases a departure from their usual sound, offering a blend of influences from Elliott Smith to Placebo. Vocalist Steven King describes the song’s evolution, reflecting on its shifting dynamics and enigmatic lyrics, inviting listeners to interpret its meaning for themselves.

Montreal-based indie band HALF MOON RUN has released a new live EP, “Can’t Stop Loving You (Live from the Treehouse),” featuring a fresh take on tracks including their stand-out single “Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Known for their intricate, multi-layered songs and harmonies, the band—Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, and Dylan Phillips—continues to build on their acclaimed discography. This latest offering, recorded live, provides a vibrant and more joyful counterpart to the material on their recent album “Salt.” The single, “Can’t Stop Loving You,” promises a stylistic shift, infusing a lighter, more exuberant energy into their sound.

Immerse yourself in the dreamy melodies and swirling guitars of Majesty Crush’s latest offering, “Fan.”

Released on February 20, 2024, this EP takes listeners on a journey through the hazy landscapes of alternative shoegaze, with each track offering a glimpse into the band’s unique sonic universe.

From the hypnotic allure of “No. 1 Fan” to the introspective musings of “Penny For Love,” Majesty Crush crafts a sound that is both ethereal and haunting. Against a backdrop of fuzz guitars and driving bass, the lyrics explore themes of loyalty, obsession, and the bittersweet pursuit of happiness.

As the melodies shimmer and the vocals exhale, the Detroit quartet invites listeners to delve into a world where fantasy and reality intertwine. With “Fan,” Majesty Crush delivers an intoxicating blend of nostalgia and introspection, leaving you with a headrush of emotion and a lingering sense of mystery.

Swedish post-punk powerhouse THEN COMES SILENCE has just unleashed their latest single, “Ride or Die,” accompanied by an electrifying music video.

The track, already soaring to #3 in Germany’s DAC Charts, serves as a tantalizing preview of their upcoming seventh album, “Trickery,” set for release on April 5 via Metropolis Records.

Recorded by JORGEN WALL (Jay-Jay Johanson, The Hellacopters) and mixed by TOM VAN HEESCH (Rammstein, Apocalyptica), “Trickery” promises a captivating blend of 1980s Post-Punk, New Wave, and College Rock, all wrapped in a veil of crisp production.

Ilya Popenko, the creative force behind the New York-based ensemble MAD MEG, known for their unique “Punk-Chanson-Noir” sound—a place where Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Gogol Bordello, and Sparks might converge—is venturing into the solo realm with the release of his single and music video, “The Horse is Not Mine.”

This new song dives deep into the concept of perception and the boundaries of understanding, underscored by the cryptic chorus derived from a Russian proverb.

The music video, directed by Nikolai Metin and featuring animation by Katya Mezentseva, showcases Popenko in a horse costume, blending surreal animation with live-action footage to create a visually captivating narrative.

This project highlights Popenko’s penchant for exploring the nuances of language and translation, transforming a common saying into a profound, abstract expression.

Leap Day brings a special treat from the critically acclaimed rock ensemble EELS, as they unveil “EELS TIME!,” their 15th studio album set to enchant the world on June 7, courtesy of E Works/Play It Again Sam.

Accompanying this announcement, the band gifts fans with the acoustic serenade of “Time,” a poignant track marking their first in-person recording session since the pandemic’s onset.

Following a whirlwind 2023, which saw EELS embarking on the much-anticipated Lockdown Hurricane tour and the release of their second compilation, “EELS So Good: Essential EELS, Vol.2,” along with a fresh holiday song, the group is not slowing down. “EELS TIME!” promises a collection of twelve new tracks, born from sessions in Los Feliz, California, and Dublin, Ireland, featuring collaborations with notable artists including Koool G Murder and Tyson Ritter.

BAD NERVES, hailed as the ‘best band in England right now’ by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, has announced their eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Still Nervous,” slated for release on May 31st.

Accompanying this exciting news is the release of their lead single, “You’ve Got The Nerve.” Capturing the essence of their trademark frenetic energy, the track serves as a defiant anthem against conformity and mediocrity. Frontman Bobby Nerves describes it as a rallying cry to pursue one’s dreams despite adversity. Recorded in their signature spider-infested garage, “Still Nervous” promises to be a blistering follow-up, packed with breakneck speed sing-alongs.

Rock titans DANKO JONES have just dropped a fiery new track “Waiting For You,” a bonus gem from their lauded eleventh studio album, Electric Sounds.

This track is part of the Electric Sounds Deluxe Version, hitting the digital realm on April 12, 2024, via AFM Records.

Bergen based fusion / progressive jazz rockers CLOUD PEOPLE blend jazz’s spontaneity and rock’s energy with electronic music’s sleek vibe, inspired by giants like Bonobo to Pantera.

“Simulacra” showcases their adventurous spirit through its rhythmic beats, soulful melodies, and peak moments.

Italian heavy psych/blues outfit KING HOWL unveils the video for “Tempted” ahead of their European Tour announcement.

The track is featured on their latest album, “Homecoming,” released via Electric Valley Records last summer. Directed by Domenico Montixi, the video captures the essence of 1980s ninja movie fights with whimsical sets and practical effects, embodying a blend of irony and grotesque. King Howl’s tour kicks off in early March, with dates across Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Belgium, and France.

Progressive post hardcore infused rockers HAIL THE SUN share new single ““Secondary Worship””.

The babd is co-headlining with Intervals this month, which includes a stop at kill iconic fest with so many great acts, including the return of their friends A Lot Like Birds.

LOVEBREAKERS, a Birmingham (UK) born quartet, are etching their name into the annals of feel-good rock n’ roll history.

With Jack’s vocals and guitar, Christian on bass, Chino shredding lead guitar, and Nathan on drums, they’ve crafted a sound that’s both timeless and refreshing. Their journey began with the vibrant “Primary Colours,” recorded in Costa Mesa, California, which resonated across the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, and Radio X, drawing comparisons to The Clash, Tom Petty, and The Replacements.

After sharing stages with punk legends Social Distortion on a 5-week European tour and headlining their own treks across the UK and Europe, LOVEBREAKERS are now gearing up for the release of their second record, “Wonder,” slated for March 1, 2024. Released under Gunner Records in Europe and Wiretap Records in the US, the album promises a continuation of their power-pop prowess, evidenced by singles like “Isolation Summer,” “Attracted To Your Fashion,” and “Spark.”

Described by Classic Rock as a mix of Arctic Monkeys, The Replacements, and maybe a touch of Pixies, LOVEBREAKERS ride the crest of melody and hooky choruses, crafting songs that are “bright and sunny and positively beaming.” Alternative Press Magazine lauds them for their “wailing guitar solos and a touch of playful anarchy,” affirming that LOVEBREAKERS are a testament to the UK’s enduring legacy of rock music excellence.

NEAR BEER, the Los Angeles-based band known for their indie rock roots and penchant for power-pop anthems, has released a duo of singles that serve as a prelude to their SXSW showcase.

Guitarist Joey Siara, a veteran of The Henry Clay People, among other bands, recounts the band’s inception at a house party, a stark contrast to the domestic conversations of their peers. It was here, amidst discussions of tacos and margaritas, that Near Beer found its mission: to craft the perfect power-pop tune in the vein of their musical lodestars, The Replacements, Pavement, and The Clash.

Following their debut album in 2022, Near Beer is now expanding their “bandness” with the addition of Joel Wall and Stephen Kirkham, marking a significant shift in the band’s dynamic and sound. This expanded lineup, now scattered across Los Angeles, New York, and Austin, has introduced logistical challenges but has deepened the appreciation for their collective music-making process. Their new singles, “Your Favorite Band” and “Al Pacino,” are emblematic of this evolution, embracing themes of aging, existential angst, and the enduring allure of band camaraderie.

London-based art-rock outfit MOVING MIRRORS share “Never Going Back Now”.

Following their eclectic blend of indie vibes and dreamy vocals, the band continues to captivate listeners with their introspective lyricism and experimental stylings. “Never Going Back Now” delves into the complexities of relationships, exploring themes of fading feelings and lost loves.

IF NOT FOR ME just dropped their latest single “No Thanks to You,” kicking off the hype for their upcoming album Everything You Wanted.

This new piece serves up a mix of emo-inspired rock, power-packed modern rock fused with post-hardcore vibes, and emotionally charged vocals. There’s strength in their sound, but it’s clear these guys aren’t strangers to more tender moments.

RATS AND DAGGERS are back with a fresh track titled “Blind” off their forthcoming EP “Half Hanged.”

This song is a dark post-punk, yet melodic and energized gem that critiques today’s rampant social media obsession. Merging their signature sludge punk with influences from Protomartyr to Rage Against the Machine and DITZ, the band crafts a sound that’s both familiar and strikingly unique.

Camilo’s digitally droning bass lines, Sander’s thunderous drumming, and Imara’s biting vocals form a potent mix that’s hard to ignore. “Blind” confronts listeners with a challenge: Can you share this track on social media despite its sharp critique?

“Get off of those screens, the socialite machine. Oversharing isn’t caring, if you don’t stop comparing. The life of a phony, no one’s ever been so lonely!”

LOS SAINTS, straight out of San Diego, just dropped “Faded,” a new single teasing their debut LP ‘Certified’, set to hit this summer via ENCI Records.

The track, their first since the ‘Welcome To Confusion’ EP, echoes the troubles of too much fun under the influence. Angel Mariscal, the guitarist/vocalist, shares that “Faded” is a bedroom creation, calling back to his music-making roots. Los Saints, a blend of cousins Angel Mariscal and Emiliano Garcia, along with Gianluca Exposito, aim to resonate with a mix of indie, alternative, and rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of Cage The Elephant and Mac Miller. ‘Certified’ promises to unveil Los Saints not just musically but personally, cementing their identity and sound.

FREEWAYS just hit us with “Track Two” from their upcoming slab “Dark Sky Sanctuary,” and it’s ripe for the picking.

These Toronto outskirts rockers are keeping the needle moving, building on that dollar-bin hard rock and NWOBHM magic they’ve been slinging since their ‘True Bearings’ days. The new LP’s due to crash land on April 26, 2024, but the pre-order gates are open now if you’re itching to lock it down.

The record’s a tight eight-track run, with “Dark Sky Sanctuary” already out there giving a taste at 4:26 of what’s to come. Expect a mix of harder edges and some stripped-back vibes—think Blue Öyster Cult’s love child with Praying Mantis, all wrapped up in that gritty FREEWAYS style. Get on it if you’re down for heavy rock with a real pulse.

EXTRA ARMS announces the release of their inaugural single, “I Don’t Wanna Surrender,” from their forthcoming album./h4>

In the labyrinthine corridors of the music realm, a new odyssey unfolds with the advent of TRAUM, an avant-garde psych/krautrock collective that emerges from the confluence of illustrious Italian maestros hailing from revered bands such as ZU, FUZZ ORCHESTRA, LENTO, and ZEUS!.

TRAUM’s inception is not just a musical endeavor but a vivid journey into the dream dimension, where each composition serves as a portal to illusory, lucid, interdimensional, or induced dreamscapes.

Brother Dege, the Grammy-nominated guitarist, singer, and songwriter, offers a tantalizing preview of his upcoming album “Aurora” with the release of the latest video single, “Turn of the Screw.”

This track encapsulates the essence of Brother Dege’s unique sound, blending gentle melancholy with catchy dobro tunes in the chorus, all while maintaining a rocking energy that bursts with color and life. Scheduled for release on March 15, 2024, “Aurora” promises to deliver a captivating listening experience filled with Brother Dege’s signature musical craftsmanship.

In “Turn of the Screw,” Brother Dege explores the exhilarating sensation of teetering on the edge, poised to take a leap into the unknown. With lyrics that evoke the intoxicating thrill of embracing uncertainty and seizing opportunities regardless of the outcome, the song invites listeners to embrace the excitement of taking chances and forging their own path. Accompanied by a mesmerizing performance video, “Turn of the Screw” sets the stage for an album that promises to captivate audiences with its raw emotion and compelling storytelling.

UK rockers DEADAUDIOSAINTS have just dropped an all-consuming new single and accompanying video, “Anymore,” ahead of their highly anticipated EP, “To Whom It May Concern,” set to release in May.

Drawing comparisons to heavyweights like NiN, Placebo, and 30 Seconds to Mars, DEADAUDIOSAINTS deliver a towering blend of industrial kick and immersive riffage.

“Aura Zorba’s ‘Phantom Rose Ballads & Gems’ is a mesmerizing blend of psychedelic glam rock n’ roll, brought to life by the Detroit artist now based in Portland, Oregon.

The album, released on March 1, 2024, showcases Aura Zorba’s talent for arranging, performing, and producing, offering a spectacular musical journey. Released by Shore Dive Records, this album is a good listen for fans of alternative, psychedelic rock, and shoegaze.

“CACOPHONY” by Power-take-Off has just been unleashed, not for the faint-hearted.

It’s a raw, primal force in contemporary noise rock, drowning listeners in waves of distorted drone and seismic thuds.

Led by Gus Engstrom of the defunct Grids and a team of musical miscreants, Power-take-Off delivers an auditory assault that crawls under your skin with ominous originals and twisted covers. Inspired by the likes of Rusted Shut, Swans, and Melvins, “CACOPHONY” is a claustrophobic labyrinth of paranoia. PLAY LOUD.

Let’s wrap up this list with something more gritty, raw, and ugly. Check out the latest live video from Oslo-based noise rock duo Burning Motherfuckers!

Following up on their 2023 release, this new song showcases extreme dynamics, density, and intensity, creating a claustrophobic chaos of sheer rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy.

Filmed in KC Živa in Belgrade and featuring raw yet beautiful footage, the video captures the intense energy of Burning Motherfuckers’ live performance.

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