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Metallic hardcore band FOREIGN PAIN share new single “Knell”

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Los Angeles-based metallic hardcore outfit FOREIGN PAIN have shared a crushing new single and visualizer, “Knell”. The track will appear on their upcoming debut album Death of Divinity, out September 3rd on Good Fight Music.

The new single represents metalcore and hardcore at its very best – heavy, sharp-edged and entirely pissed off. The track begins with an atonal riff set atop a layer of industrial soundscape that gradually descends into what could best be described as total madness; culminating in nearly two minutes of a fuzzed-out breakdown and an evil, serpentine riff that will surely serve as inspiration for more than a handful of terrifying moments in the mosh pit. The vocals are anguished and bitter without losing any of their anger, conveying the bleak themes of the song in a purposeful and brutal way. The visualizer accompanies the chaos of the track with flashing, nightmarish imagery set against a swirling black and red background. You can check out the visualizer for “Knell” here now and find the song on Spotify.

Foreign Pain
Foreign Pain by Rob Wallace

On “Knell”, vocalist Andrew Doyle had this to say: “A lot of the themes on this record center around addiction, loss, depression, and this song is no exception to that. In the middle of writing this record I almost lost one of my favorite humans on this earth to an attempted suicide. This person has struggled with mental disorders, addiction, and trauma for years, and this attempt shattered me. Most of the record is me picking up the pieces and trying to make sense of things, and cope with the guilt of feeling like enough is never enough. Musically, ‘Knell’ takes the listener on arguably the largest journey of any song on the record. Pushing the boundaries of genre is something that we as a band have strived for from the beginning of writing this LP. This track represents that ambition at it’s best.”

Written over the last five years, Death of Divinity was engineered by Roger Camero (No Motiv) at Bright Lights / Bright Mountain Studios and mixed / mastered by Beau Burchell (Saosin). The album explores themes of anger, isolation, and frustration – ultimately commenting on the shared human experience and giving listeners a deeply personal batch of songs that are as vulnerable as they are pissed off. Inspired by the likes of Turmoil, Converge, Eighteen Visions, and Every Time I Die, the band captures the chaotic and angry essence of 2000s’ era metalcore and hardcore with a modern sensibility and style.

Foreign Pain is Andrew Doyle (vocals), Aaron Brooks (guitar/vocals), Darel McFadyen (guitar), Shawn Skadburg (bass), and Sina Xiansheng (drums).

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