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Metallic hardcore fueled by frustration: introducing BLOOD RUNS COLD

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From the vibrant local scene of Long Island, NY, a new mosh-metal force has emerged, channeling the sonic fury of bands like Buried Alive and All Out War. Blood Runs Cold, an eclectic assembly of musicians from acclaimed groups like Koyo, Sanction, and Missing Link, have recently announced their debut, self-titled EP set for release on July 28th through DAZE.

The driving force behind Blood Runs Cold’s creation was an urge to produce a sound more formidable than what their local scene was currently offering. This longing became the shared vision of brothers Evan and Dillon Perino, guitarist and drummer respectively. Along with vocalist Joey Chiaramonte, who previously proved his prowess with Koyo and Typecaste, they sought to craft an uncompromising expression of “moshmetal violence.”

BRC feels like the mission statement track for the band. Aggressive, intense, hard shit that never lets up. In my mind, this band’s music is supposed to be unrelenting, and this track is nonstop, unforgiving, mosh metal violence,” reflects Chiaramonte on the lead single.

The formation of Blood Runs Cold became complete with the addition of guitarist Mike Marino (Sanction) and bassist Kyle Mulligan. Each bringing their distinctive musicianship to the table, the quintet carved out six tracks that encapsulate the raw intensity they aimed to deliver.

The inaugural EP, Blood Runs Cold, signifies the fruit of the band’s meticulous labor. Building upon the template set by their lead single “BRC,” the EP features six robust tracks, each resonating with gargantuan riffs, ground-shaking breakdowns, and gnarled tones.

Following the pre-release of two tracks, “Residuals” and “Kill Yourself” in February, the EP will also include these songs, in addition to three other tracks, each reflecting on feelings of loneliness, resentment, and mortality.

The craftsmanship behind the scenes is just as meticulous. With Evan Perino helming the recording and mixing duties at Shellshock Audio and Brad Boatright of Audioseige working his mastering magic, the sonic quality of the EP stands testament to their dedication to sound.

To celebrate their debut, Blood Runs Cold will grace the stage at a number of New York-based venues this year, including the Amityville Music Hall and Brooklyn Monarch. Their performances promise to immerse the audience in the potent energy that characterizes their music.

For those keen to possess a tangible testament to Blood Runs Cold’s debut, the EP is available for preorder on vinyl via DAZE.

Upcoming Shows:

7/18 – Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall w/ Submerge
7/27 – Lindenhurst, NY @ Sand City South w/ Ends Of Sanity
10/1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch @ DAZE/BBB/SOH showcase

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