JOLIETTE by Julio Muñoz
JOLIETTE by Julio Muñoz
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Mexican screamo / post hardcore veterans JOLIETTE push the envelope with great new single “Lemus”

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JOLIETTE‘s new single “Lemus” is a unique and introspective piece of music that promises to resonate with listeners on a deep and emotional level. The band’s process for creating this new material began with experimentation with guitar tunings, leading to a diverse range of songwriting possibilities. The result is a deeply heartfelt EP titled “Luz de Bengala” and “Lemus” is the first single to be released from this collection.

“Lemus” draws inspiration from The Mars Volta, a band that has had a significant influence on JOLIETTE’s musical style. This influence is evident in the track’s complex and intricate instrumental arrangements, which create an immersive and dynamic sound, without losing its edgy feel. The lyrics, inspired by a dream about a lost friend, provide a deeply personal touch that is sure to resonate with listeners. What a great pairing. Just listen.

The production quality of “Lemus” and the accompanying EP is nothing short of exceptional. Mixed and mastered by the skilled hands of Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden, the EP promises to showcase the band’s musical talents in a bold and dynamic manner. The release will be available in the summer by the one and only Zegema Beach Records, a respected label with a reputation for championing unique and groundbreaking artists.

JOLIETTE’s upcoming performance at the ArcTanGent festival in Bristol is a testament to the band’s rising popularity and influence. They will also be doing a short European tour to promote their latest EP. The tour dates and cities will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


Lemus” is an excellent example of JOLIETTE’s unique musical style and their ability to craft songs that are both complex and emotionally resonant. Fans of screamo, experimental rock and post-hardcore will undoubtedly find something to love in this latest release. Stay tuned!

JOLIETTE is a Mexican band that plays original hardcore, combining elements of post-hardcore, emo, screamo, and experimental music. Their past offerings are chaotic yet mathematically correct, showcasing the astounding musicianship of the band members.

The guitars are nervous, but underneath the chaos, there are gentle emotional themes. The band’s music creates a melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere. Different time signatures are routinely used to fantastic effect, and their work never falls into the trap of being loud for the sake of loudness, with the music performed masterfully, and the energy within is infectious despite its unpredictable and dark nature.

They are risk-takers, and thanks to that, their ultimate creative worth is an emotive blend of artistry and rawness.

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