Michigan hardcore band HOLLOW EARTH touring Europe with ANCHOR and OAK!

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Presented by EVIL GREED,, and Legends Arising present a new exciting trek from Michigan’s HOLLOW EARTH, straight edge vegan punks ANCHOR and Jönköping dark hardcore mob OAK! The tour has been divided into 2 parts, both detailed below! Be sure to save a date and see these amazing bands live!

Go here to learn more about HOLLOW EARTH and their recent signing with Good Fight!

Go here to read my latest interview with ANCHOR.



30/09/2015 DK/GER/PL
01/10/2015 GER/PL
02/10/2015 GER Chemnitz AJZ
03/10/2015 GER Göttingen Exil
04/10/2015 GER Cologne AZ
05/10/2015 GER
06/10/2015 GER/FR
07/10/2015 CH Geneva L’Usine- Kalvingrad
08/10/2015 CH Zurich
09/10/2015 IT Milan Honky Tonky
10/10/2015 IT Padova Marzolo Occupata
11/10/2015 IT Bozen TBA
12/10/2015 AT
13/10/2015 AT Vienna Venster 99
14/10/2015 HU Budapest Dürer Kert
15/10/2015 CZ Prague 007
16/10/2015 GER Neubrandenburg TBA
17/10/2015 GER


18/10/2015 SWE Gothenburg Skriket
19/10/2015 SWE Gävle Bildahuset
20/10/2015 DK
21/10/2015 BEL
22/10/2015 UK London Unicorn
23/10/2015 UK Hull TBA
24/10/2015 UK
25/10/2015 UK Plymouth Underground
26/10/2015 UK
27/10/2015 NL
28/10/2015 GER Essen Emokeller
29/10/2015 GER
30/10/2015 GER Berlin
31/10/2015 GER Hamburg Gängeviertel

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