Tour Dates

MILLIGRAM October reunion shows

MILLIGRAM will reunite for two shows at Great Scott in Allston, MA in October.

Tour Dates:
10/13 Allston, MA – Great Scott (“Hello Motherfucker!” lineup) (feat. Blacktail, Lunglust, Whitey)
10/20 Allston, MA – Great Scott (“This Is Class War” lineup) (feat. 4WAT, Ghetto Thunder, Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan & 13 Billion Years)

AllMusic comments:

Boston’s experimental hard-rockers Milligram were formed in 1996 by ex-Only Living Witness vocalist Jonah Jenkins and guitarist Darryl Shepard, a one-time member of both hardcore band Slapshot and stoner rock outfit Roadsaw. Initially something of a side project for both of them, the band only became a going concern two years later when bassist Bob Maloney and drummer Zephan Courtney were drafted to record the P.C.-averse Hello Motherfucker! debut. This was nothing compared to their follow-up, however, which they’d tentatively named Death to America and had planned to start recording on Sept 11, 2001. Obviously, that day’s tragic events led to an immediate change of plans, and the group (now featuring new bassist Jeff Turlik) eventually finalized their renamed sophomore album, This is Class War in early 2002. Though they disbanded only a few months later, the fruits of Milligram’s final sessions were thankfully snapped up by Small Stone Records and released posthumously in 2003.


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