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ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY’S LIFE discuss new singles, new EP coming up

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Attempt to somebody's life

Dive into the labyrinth of different hard rock, alternative metal, noise rock and post hardcore influences with Attempt to Somebody’s Life as they unleash their debut EP “Bridges/Latencies” onto the world this April 12th.

Hailing from Italy, this alternative outfit crafts a sonic experience that walks the fine line between the ethereal realms of the Deftones and the raw, unfiltered rebellion of Rage Against The Machine.

With six tracks that promise to catapult listeners into a dreamscape lined with the grit of noise rock, post-hardcore, and a nuanced alternative rock balance, “Bridges/Latencies” is a journey and a quality teaser of the full release.

Their sound, an intricate weave of organic textures, balances meticulously between various influences, creating a lush yet visceral experience.


“Bridges/Latencies” is a bridge to the latent corners of the heart and soul, an exploration of love, loss, and the indomitable spirit of resurgence.



True love is eternal. So many times we believed that it could be removed by our mind and our skin, but sometimes it is linking up a color, a side or a word, and it lives again with us. This song is simply the acceptation of that love and its sensations vibe into us, moving us, make us shining and crying, every July.

Phony oxygen

It is the dark side of July. When a love story ends and reveals his meanest content. When you understand that you have been just a passage, a transition into another moment. Every attempt at rationalizing it’s only a vain anesthetic. Of course, phony oxygen.

Hit (the sky) and run

From hell, from despair, we start to climb back to the sky. But the power that moves our engine is so strong that makes us crash into the sky with the violence of a car accident. But we cannot stop, we got to speed up, we got to continue.

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