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MILO’S PLANES new track premiere!

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Wow, this is refreshing! MILO’S PLANES, a melodic, yet fuzzy and psychodelic post hardcore band from Bristol, has teamed up with me to premiere this new sweet track called “Two Feet In A Crowd”. Influenced by FUGAZICAP N’JAZZ, these guys have been playing together for about a year and have, so far, self released 2 EPs and a single, plus a string of homemade music videos. This year’s winter will bring another DIY record signed by MILO’S PLANES! Here’s a taste of what’s in store. Listen and scroll down to read the official word.


Photo by Andrzej Zajac.


Thanks for featuring our new single! Those who’ve heard our previous stuff will probably be thinking “shit did those guys get Butch Vig in to produce this because the production is soooo polished!” They’ll probably be alarmed by the 3 minute run time too; we’re finally becoming the prog band we always knew we were meant to be! Ha!.. Well we know that very few of those people exist so if this is the first time you’re hearing our music then I couldn’t be happier as I think Two Feet In a Crowd is the best thing we’ve done yet, and one of my favourites from our debut album which, with any luck, will be coming out this winter…

The song is basically about a person I used to work with whom I detested; I’d constantly find her lingering around conversations, extracting the bits she could use against people. Everyone hated her. So that’s what the line “standing by crowds as if to sign autographs, no more distinct than two feet in a crowd” is about. Me and harry smashed out the recording in several one or two hour periods in his room whilst our parents were out of the house, on my 16 track recorder. Fortunately I’ve gotten myself a few more microphones so the overall quality of the recordings is a step up from our last EP, by the time we record our second album you’ll be able to hear every single instrument separately and everything!

Luckily we’ve been able to kick start our year by getting Charlie in on bass & backing vocals, which has improved our sound immeasurably, and gig-wise we’ve been supporting Eagulls, The Amazing Snakeheads, Electric Eel Shock and Mike Watt. The latter of which actually makes a cameo appearance in the music video for Two Feet In a Crowd (to be released soon!) – I can’t tell you how chuffed we were to be playing on the same bill as him, look down and see him actually watching our set AND get him in our music video! For the rest of the year we’re gonna try and get some working equipment, work out what the hell we’re gonna do with our album, get the second album ready for recording and sort out a little tour, but we have no idea what we’re doing so who knows how that’ll pan out. coming to a Butlins near you!

The singles out officially July 18th but we’ll be splashing around videos and b sides until then, in the mean time I hope you enjoy the new track! We’re launching the single on Friday 18th July at Mother’s Ruin in Bristol with our good friends The Gnarwhals, so come down and see us, it’s free! We’ll have 50 copies of the single, and it’s four bides, available on the night for ?3 so get there early for one of those!

Thanks for listening/reading,

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