Tintoretto by Justin Nardy
Tintoretto by Justin Nardy
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Milwaukee Post-Hardcore / Noise Rock icon TINTORETTO returns, new single streaming

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Today, the underground noise-rock scene reverberate with the release of “I Miss You Miss Me Not,” the newest single from TINTORETTO’s upcoming LP. The full album, slated for a June 7 release, marks a triumphant return for the Milwaukee-based post-hardcore band, in partnership with Expert Work Records and American Handstand Records.

Active from 1998 to the early 2000s, TINTORETTO was a crucial player in Milwaukee’s vibrant music scene.

The band, comprising Shane Hochstetler, Billy Zientara, Mike Batzler, and Bill Kutsch, emerged from the dissolution of Managra, infusing their music with mathy, screamo influences and a distinctive post-rock/math-rock mixture reminiscent of JUNE OF 44, RODAN, and SLINT. Their music, defined by a raw and unfiltered approach, explores themes of death and art history through haunting ballads.

Reflecting on TINTORETTO’s legacy, Justin Nardy, owner of Expert Work Records, recalls, “Tintoretto killed every night and definitely turned heads… Their music always stood out to me.” His longstanding relationship with the band underscores the depth of their mutual respect and shared vision.

The long-awaited self-titled LP, due June 7, 2024, captures the essence of TINTORETTO’s powerful sound. It promises to be a landmark release, bringing together noise-rock and post-hardcore elements with uncompromising fidelity and meticulous production. This release, facilitated by Expert Work Records and American Handstand Records, will be available in LP, CD, and digital formats.

“I Miss You Miss Me Not” provides a glimpse into the emotional depth of TINTORETTO’s music. As Billy Zientara explains, the song underwent significant revisions from its original 1998 version, with refined lyrics, added harmonies, and streamlined guitar lines. This track embodies the band’s shift towards more mature, adult themes, influenced by personal losses and the breakup of Managra.

William Zientara elaborates, “Tintoretto was always a band that sort of shunned away from your classical view of writing songs. Where typically one person in the band brings in a riff or an entire song, we always started with a jam that would escalate and be refined into a living beast of a song.”

Justin Nardy further adds, “I Miss You Miss Me Not” is a song of loss and sadness. The theme of the song is of great tragedy on the sea, a crew, a captain, and a sinking ship. Maybe all of those are metaphors for something bigger, and are to be left for the listener to interpret however they want. The bass lines are very influenced by Fred Erskine. The guitar parts and lyrics seem right out of the playbook of Jeff Mueller. But Tintoretto put their own Midwestern spin on the song, making it unique and interesting.”

Tintoretto by Jen Loberg
Tintoretto by Jen Loberg

Justin Nardy’s reflections on TINTORETTO highlight Milwaukee’s unmatched musical output from 1996-2010.

He remarks, “I have always been influenced by Milwaukee and the amount of cool bands/music that came out of there… I always had a connection to Tintoretto and that group of guys. I believe in their music and think people need to hear it.”

Tintoretto by Jen Loberg
Tintoretto by Jen Loberg

With the imminent release of their self-titled LP, TINTORETTO is poised to reaffirm their place in Milwaukee’s rich musical legacy.

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