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MIND/KNOT: the chaotic hardcore harmonies of “Esigenza”

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In the intricate world of hardcore music, the Rome-based unit, MIND/KNOT, has been diligently weaving their intricate and unique soundscape. The Italian quartet recently announced the upcoming release of their new album, “Esigenza,” slated for September 1st, 2023, via Time To Kill Records.


Today, the band has graced the world with a second single, “Witches,” complete with a lyric video that enhances the song’s vibrant energy. The song joins “My Queen,” the first video from the album, in setting a tone for what’s to come in “Esigenza“.

Beyond the Traditional Hardcore

Formed in 2018, MIND/KNOT, comprising of Yari Caramore on bass, Simone Perna on drums, and Marco Burrascano on vocals, initially began their journey by drawing heavily from the original 80’s hardcore. Their 7-track EP in 2019 and their first album, “Eat the Leaf!” in 2021, showcased their roots in the genre with influences from legendary acts such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Circle Jerks.

However, a band’s evolution is as inevitable as it is necessary. MIND/KNOT’s sound began to shift, with the band seeking to express more than just anger and violence. The desire to vocalize the discomfort from which such emotions arise led to a musical transformation. The entrance of Roberto Cadau in 2021, the new guitarist, further catalyzed this change. Cadau’s influence introduced elements of mathcore, chaotic hardcore, and noise punk, enriching the band’s sound.

“Moved by the desire to express something else besides anger and violence and willing to externalize the discomfort from which such emotions arise, the project began to change musical direction.”


Esigenza” is an album that encapsulates MIND/KNOT’s evolution. It’s a testament to their journey from the hard-hitting, linear sound of original hardcore to a musical realm that is darker, unsettling, and deeply personal.

The album embraces the beloved history of hardcore, but it does not constrain itself within the genre’s traditional boundaries. “Esigenza” is as pummeling and heavy as it is soaring, it oscillates between moments of beauty and cruelty, embodying the dichotomies that define MIND/KNOT‘s sound.

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