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Mississippi-based post-punk project FUNERAL DATE releases Out of Prayers EP

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Hailing from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Funeral Date emerges as a post-punk/darkwave endeavor that commands attention. Launched in 2022 by the gifted Tony Arnold, it’s an unconventional entity that has risen from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, bringing with it an aura of originality and verve.

Arnold masterfully intertwines synthwave melodies abundant with lush tones with dream pop guitars that shimmer like the morning dew. Accompanied by vintage drum machines and a distinctly lo-fi bedroom production, he cultivates a style that is both nostalgic and contemporary, invoking the feel of a sun-bleached recollection.

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Cocteau Twins, Funeral Date’s music artfully traverses the spectrum between melancholy and danceable. In doing so, it carves out its unique niche of “happy-sad” music.

Funeral Date debuted with ‘Coastgoth’, an album that was independently released on September 1, 2022, and was succeeded by a host of live performances throughout the southern U.S. Arnold’s subsequent release, an EP entitled ‘Out of Prayers’, is set to be unveiled on June 23 through his personal label, Diabetic Koala Records.

Arnold revealed the deeply personal motivations underpinning this EP, “After recording my debut album last year, I was hit with considerable personal turmoil, including two miscarriages suffered by my wife. These emotions have been far more influential in shaping the EP’s tone and spirit than any musical elements. These four songs are a reflection of my mental state following those tragedies and depict my healing journey.”

Upcoming live performances include:

6/22 – Switchyard – Hattiesburg, MS (w/ Urban Heat)
6/23 – Backdraught Brewery – Biloxi, MS (EP release show)
7/20 – The Handlebar – Pensacola, FL
7/21 – Switchyard – Hattiesburg, MS
8/20 – Switchyard – Hattiesburg, MS

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