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Moody melodic punks SILENT ERA premiere new single “Heart Lay Down”, full album coming up

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SILENT ERA have released a new single – Heart Lay Down – from their upcoming LP “Rotate the Mirror” on Nervous Intent Records! Check out the premiere at No Echo, and here’s where people can get a presale copy of the record today including a beautiful limited-edition bonus poster just for presale purchases!

“Heart Lay Down is a frenzied yet melodic burst of punk greatness that should whet your appetite for the rest of ‘Rotate the Mirror’: Bay Area-based band Silent Era brings forth a sonic attack that brings to mind a twisted blend of ’80s hardcore, weirdo new wave, and, wait for it, New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The latter element comes through in ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke-like guitar work, but for the most part Silent Era is punk with a capital P.” — Carlos Ramirez, NO ECHO

One of the Oakland/San Francisco scene’s most beloved current bands (and long a part of the Nervous Intent Records family), SILENT ERA plays a distinct, high energy take on moody, darkly-melodic hardcore punk with a tasteful nod to the best of NWOBHM in the guitar work. Since 2014, they have played up and down the west coast a handful of times, as well as a six-week European tour in 2018. Building strongly on their prior tape, EP and LP, Rotate The Mirror continues Silent Era’s tradition of ‘80s Norweigan hardcore-inspired stories and soulfully sung vocals. The band doesn’t fit neatly into the hashtag subgenres of the DIY punk scene, but their variety of classic hardcore and punk influences both fit in and stand out on any bill or playlist.

The name Silent Era came from vocalist Michelle (ex-BRILLIANT COLORS, THE SLITS) having never sung in a band before, she was always holding a guitar or bass, so the “silent” era ended for her upon becoming a frontperson – a role in which she excelled, and provided a powerful presence that brought the band to a new level. Silent Era’s lyrics address political situations from mental health care, anti-racism, community, and consent, to anti-war feminism and standing up for oneself.


“Rotate The Mirror starts with a loud hardcore punk guitar revving you up before the power chords of vocalist Michelle Hill takes over and sends this track into its top gear. The group features past members of Brilliant Colors, Deskoncidos, The Slits, and Neon Piss and that experience shows on this extremely tight track. “Rotate The Mirror” is the type of song that makes you wish you were seeing Silent Era live tomorrow night at your favorite venue that is just packed full of fans!” –Christopher Anthony, THE FIRE NOTE

“Upbeat, fast and moody political punk from the Bay Area…Silent Era’s music heavily reminds us of the late eighties sound we really dig and that is the melodic side of UK hardcore and greats such as HDQ, Sofa Head and Instigators, as well as bands like Poland’s Post Regiment.”–Doomtown

“Their approach for writing songs is definitely too fast to be called post-punk, but the chorus-aden guitars and dark, melodic vocals could appeal to fans of that particular genre, whilst it’s also too melodic to be filed under straight up hardcore punk.” –Teenage Lobotomies

FFO: Gorilla Angreb, Zounds!, Post-Regiment, La Faction, early Terrible Feelings

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