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Loving and letting go: MOON LOVES HONEY premiere new video for “Should Have Waited”

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Aarhus, Denmarks’ MOON LOVES HONEY released their debut EP last year, but quickly saw their buzz grow across the blogosphere, especially following their 2 new singles, “Before I Crash” and “Should Have Waited”. Today we’re bringing their dreamy rock to our heavy polluted pages to give you their first music video! “Should Have Waited” showcases MOON LOVES HONEY’s ability for smart songwriting and their gentle sonic waves wash in and out on the tide, which is apparently getting higher and higher. The track comes from their debut full-length due out later this year, so I hope they are coming to your town so you can see them live and tell them to keep up the good work.

Watch the new video below and check out the band’s official word, explaining its lyrics and general concept:

I think the song is about wanting to be loved by and to love a particular person while at the same time wanting to let go of this person. It’s an indecisive song, I guess, as it is a stream of consciousness about not knowing where you want to stand in relation to another specific person. You want to break free from these shackles of commitment while you also want to just dive into it and enjoy that you have someone to be with. You feel like you need to be alone, but you have no idea how to do that without constantly screwing yourself over. These contrasting emotions are clearly expressed in the first chorus versus second chorus, as the lyrics in the first say: ’Happiness is to latch on to your life and to stand around here” and the second chorus says: ”Happiness is to walk out on your life and to stand around here.” So yeah, the song is about not knowing what to do with this other person, if you should run or stay. So the video tells the story of two ex-lovers who are initially pacing around, looking for each other, and then remembering old times of love and hugging. After the nostalgic flashbacks the couple starts to fight and it ultimately results in a stand-still – the two of them standing in front of each other, not knowing what the next move is. So the video is very representative of the lyrics, I think, as the couple is going through all of the conflicting emotions of not knowing what to make of a relationship.

Video by Søren Degn from Copenhagen’s DJMX Fotografisk Kommunikation / Actors: Rasmus Hougaard and Tine Sehested.


And now maybe we’ll be around untill we will be shot down
And now baby are you the one? Could I just fool everyone?

I should have waited – I should have waited uhh
I’m terrified
Happiness is to latch on to your life and to stand around here

It’s all the things I always wanted to know
Soon you’ll be gone – you’ll be gone
Do you try hard to – do you try hard to keep me running from you? – keep me running from you?
Keep me running from you

I should have waited – I should have waited uhh
I’m terrified
Happiness is to walk out on your life and to stand around here – oh
What the hell should – what the hell should I do?
This is true: I don’t know a thing about being on my own
Man I wish that I knew
Oh I wish that I knew
Oh I wish that I knew
Oh I wish that I knew

Oh you shoot me forever through
I have found that to be true
Oh my baby will I continue to be burning for you – to be burning for you?
To be burning for you – to be burning for you


MoonLovesHoney is a dreamrockband from Aarhus, Denmark. They create their ethereal yet punchy music with reverb-guitars, hypnotic grooves and melodic basslines that together with soft vocals, embracing synthpads and fluttering melodies bring out a weightless musical universe. Thoughts of hope, loss and loneliness shoot out, like rockets on their honeymoon, capturing a feeling of daydreamy loneliness as hazy melodies fall on top of each other, colliding with vocal harmonies and endless delays.

On February 26th 2016 the debut EP ’Apart’ was released on Tapetown Records to great acclaim and press worldwide.

After the release of the EP, the band went on two tours of Denmark and during the summer and fall of 2016 new material was recorded and mixed. Two singles have been released since the EP.

The band is currently working on the debut album.

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