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MORBID ANGEL’s David Vincent talks about Pete Sandoval’s surgery

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Greece’s Metalpaths recently conducted an interview with MORBID ANGEL vocalist/bassist David Vincent.

Asked how drummer Pete Sandoval (who played on all of the band’s records from 1989 to 2003) has been doing after undergoing surgery after a disc prolapse back in 2010. Vincent replied:

You know, he still has some challenges. Obviously it’s our hope that he continues to get better, but at this point, Tim Yeung is the drummer of Morbid Angel and he’s doing an excellent job.

Vincent was also asked if Sandoval would return to the band if he ever makes a full recovery in order to perform again. His response was,

Well, we really haven’t discussed it because that has not been the case yet.

You can listen to the interview in an audio format here.

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