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MORE DANGEROUS THAN A THOUSAND RIOTERS streaming their album in full!

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MORE DANGEROUS THAN A THOUSAND RIOTERS, a 5 piece political hardcore punk band from Strasbourg has unveiled a full stream of their debut full length album! After their first EP released in February, these guys toured 3 times over Europe and will hit the UK in October 2014. Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé (BIRDS IN ROW, NINE ELEVEN, AS WE DRAW, RODEO IDIOT ENGINE, …) in February 2014, it was mastered by Jack Shirley (LOMA PRIETA, COMADRE, …) and will be released in late June on 12 DIY labels and especially on Geoff’s one, BG records. The lyrics of this LP are influences by social struggles against capitalism, colonisation and against animal cruelty.

The preorders of the vinyl edition are already up on their bandcamp page. CHECK-THIS-AMAZING-RECORD-OUT!

The band commented:

Here is our first LP, we work almost one year for this result and we are really proud about it. It’s always a bit scarry to release something when you work that much on a record and that you’ don’t know how people will react. But anyway, it’s dedicated to all the people around the world struggling for keeping the DIY culture alive and fighting against fascism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism and capitalism to make this world a better place to live in.

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