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More FUGAZI live shows available for download

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FUGAZI have added 25 more concert downloads to their Live Series page (in addition to the 50 that were added in January and February).

The following concerts have been added to the site and are available to download now:

Bielefeld, Germany 10/31/1988
Princeton, NJ 4/06/1989
Berkeley, CA 5/20/1989
Barcelona, Spain 11/01/1990
Huntsville, AL 5/08/1991
Atlanta, GA 5/12/1991
Edmond, OK 5/30/1991
St. Louis, MO 6/04/1991
Champaign, IL 6/06/1991
Newcastle, Australia 11/24/1993
Washington, DC 8/04/1994
Paris, France 5/22/1995
Lakuntza, Spain/Basque 5/27/1995
Lindenhurst, NY 9/21/1995
New Orleans, LA 4/05/1996
Darwin, Australia 6/25/1997
Hagerstown, MD 5/01/1998
Seattle, WA 2/28/1999
Wolverhampton, England 4/30/1999
Gainesville, FL 1/15/2000
Columbia, MO 4/19/2001
Pittsburgh, PA 4/21/2001
Washington, DC 7/01/2002
Limerick, Ireland 10/26/2002
Glasgow, Scotland 10/29/2002

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