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MOTHER LEADS dazzle with a new smooth prog rock track!

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Ajax, Ontario prog rockers from MOTHERS LEADS are proud to give you their newest single called “Lost Cosmonauts”, driven by gentle yet uncredibly dynamic hooks, addressing complex issues in an accessible manner. The band’s positivity and natural flow of the track show a true understanding of infectious, forward thinking song architecture while keeping up an engaging sense of delight and quality throughout. Listen below and tell us what you think in the comments below.

The band commented on the song:

“Sometimes leaving it all behind means that you end back up where you started. We’ve found that music is best set against the vacuum of space… the never-ending expanse that begs to be flooded with all that your imagination can conjure, until the inevitable return to Terra Firma. ‘Lost Cosmonauts’ or ‘Lost Cosmos’, whichever you prefer, is a soundtrack for your imagination.. it’s the dream of loss and rediscovery that we’ve all experienced. Whether it be your town or city, job or family, boyfriend or girlfriend.. or even your metaphorical ‘space ship’.. we hope this track will guide you back home.”

Photo by Nick Persichilli.

Artwork by dead men design:



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