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MOUNTAINEER release “Endurance” video

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Copenhagen’s modern / melodic hardcore act MOUNTAINEER have released a music video for their new single called “Endurance”. Watch below.



Gold will never rust but don´t let all that is shiny fool you.
Don´t ever let your search for brightness blind you.
We are all searching for something more
To show us it was worth it striving for
I know the road is long and seemingly endless
At least I´ve left a path of footsteps
I am still a traveler
Giving in is not giving up
We all ask the same questions in our search for answers
Something must put me at ease
There´s so much left to be seen
Yet it sometimes feels likethat the scenery blocks my view
If I ever reach my goal
Where will I go from there?


Check out the full stream of their 2013 EP called “Monologue” below:

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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