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MOUNTAINS TO MOVE – “Adieu” video

Antwerp, Belgium based emotive indie punk rockers MOUNTAINS TO MOVE have premiered a new music video for their nostalgic track ‘Adieu’. The new single marks their first new music singe 2015 debut EP ‘Cotard’, also available below.

“Mountains To Move blend emotionally filled clean parts with wall breaking heavier choruses, to which you can bang (or hang) your head. The heartfelt lyrics illustrate the personal struggles and anxieties of an individual lost in a world that spins too fast under his feet. Captivating, yet haunting you to the deepest core of your heart.

Over the last two years, Mountains To Move have been making quite a name for themselves. Their demo ‘What Ifs and Could Have Beens’ earned them a lot of shows all over Belgium, from smaller shows to support slots for bands such as The Front Bottoms, You Blew It!, Foxing and Tigers Jaw. With their debut EP ‘Cotard‘ they went the extra mile, earning raving reviews from all over. Their live show is the perfect compliment to their music.”


Your prince on a stage facing his reflection; acting out a philosophical soliloquy, an inquiry to sensitivity. I know they hear me, but do they hear what I have to say? You don’t know me, you never will. In the end I’ll be long gone before the curtain has fallen.
Lights out.

I seek for passion in a weekly fling of imaginary affection in false hopes she’ll continue listening to whatever I have to say, but I’ve found out that seclusion will be my soul mate until the end of my days (until I dissipate)

I hate myself more than you could ever know.

I am alone.

Save yourself and let me go.

Adieu, I look in your eyes and ‘feel’ a change inside of me.
Adieu, I’ll wait for something that could never be.
Adieu, why don’t you notice me or am I simply to blind to see?
Please, remember me.

Remember me.

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