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Chatterbox feat. SQUIRT GUNS – “Chaidaina sikchya” video & official commentary

SQUIRT GUNS, who have been covered on IDIOTEQ in late 2015, have premiered a new interesting collaborative track with their Nepalese fellow rapper Chatterbox of the 2Faces duo! The track is called “Chaidaina sikchya” (“Don’t Need Education”) and serves a really pleasant multi-genre experience. Watch below and our brief Q&A session, revealing a bit more about this track.

How did you team up for this amazing track?

Well, Chatterbox, aka Sujin, is a friend of ours. He is a rapper. He said he wanted to do a song with us. Well, he doesn’t know much about punk rock. But, since he is also a critical, freethinker, we decided to go for it. We went to our practice space. Comosed the song in 2 sessions. Then, we went to a studio. A proper studio, that is. Chatterbox funded the whole project. We recorded the song live. About the video, it’s DIY. It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Chatterbox edited the video by himself.

Can you explain the lyrics?

And the lyrics.. The title of the song is “Chaidina sikchya”, which means “Don’t need education”. It’s about the wretched education system of the nation. How costly it is, and how it has turned into a business. There’s a little bit about indoctrination. Education does not equal intelligence. Something like that.

How was 2016 for SQUIRT GUNS?

Well, 2016 was a wonderful year for SQUIRT GUNS. We did a handful of rad shows. Our last gig, that happened in November, was, perhaps, our best gig ever. Never had such a huge attendance before.

What’s up next in 2017? Both touring and recording wise, what are you next steps?

2017, we really don’t know what it holds for us. No plans yet. As for me, i am working in a new hardcore/ crust punk project, called ‘NECK DEEP IN FILTH‘. We will hit the scene very soon. Plus, the drummer also has a few other projects, a hardcore band called, ‘STRANGLE‘ and a ska-punk band called ‘THE KATHMANDU KILLERS’… That’s about it I guess. Thank you very much for your support. Really appreciate it. Cheers!


Verse 1 :
Head set rakhi kana ma , pokhdai chu aja bhava ma
bujchau herda panama , ani dubchau timi gana ma
gantavya sikchya ko sab ko maan ko echya tyo
gyan gun ko bhikchya tyo , jeewana ko reeksha tyo,
padna lai tirera khet bechi hidera sahar ma chirera sapanalai bokera bannu cha thulo bhanera , sochera bunyo tah sapana bhayo tah k
sayad yehi hola jeewan ko parichya !!!
sab byapaarik ma kina eti derai teej ,
paisa ma kina sikchya ko bad bhev ,
k lera janu cha ra timi banne ta euta parichya ,
parichya ah sachi timi raichau k ?
doctor engenieer pilot tei
padna lai kati saro mahango oi
nahune le padna napaune ho ki khai
esto sikchya lai bhanchu chaidaina hoiiiiiChorus : chaidaina esto sikchya jasma kei payendaina (ho malai chaidaina , ho malai chaidaina ) chaidaina esto sikcchya jasma kei bhetidainaverse 2:
tei pani aja samma sikchya le garyo k ,
afu matra pass ani aru chai sabai fail
jindagiko rail ho ki jhau lagdo jail
kasari milauchau bhanah timi esko talmeltesaile hudaina rahecha bhanera matra yo
bolyo bolyo fussa ma patra ko chatra ko,
samaya samampta bho
,berojgaar prayapta bho,
jhan bhavisya ma auna lako pidi lai pida huna sakcha yo
ko padcha paddaina ,ko garcha gardaina
bharcha bhardaina , sarcha sardaina ,
tarcha tardaina , ladcha laddaina ,
chaidaina esto sikchya

chorus : chaidaina esto sikchya jasma kei payendaina (ho malai chaidaina , ho malai chaidaina ) chaidaina esto sikcchya jasma kei bhetidaina

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