MOUSE FITZGERALD – “100% Mouse” (2015)



Recalling the most nostalgic and heart-wrenching aspects of Midwest Emo, Mouse Fitzgerald noodles and screams onto the interwebs with one of the most refreshing and original emo albums since the so-called “emo revival” began, and honestly the term “emo” does an inadequate job of capturing the wide variety of influences that went into the creation of their debut record, “100% Mouse. The band combines an insanely nuanced sense of melody and rhythm with the unabashed rawness and humor that made bands like Cap’n Jazz so popular. They also possess a neck-breaking heaviness that makes you want to jam out in your favorite skinny jeans and Hot Topic shirt. Despite references to famed emo revival band Algernon Cadwallader, Mouse Fitzgerald destroys any preconceptions of derivativeness with a highly complex and energetic album full of catchy songs. All in all, 100% Mouse stands as one of the most unique and underrated emo albums of 2015.

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