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MOUTH FOR WAR serves a brutal burst of metalcore magnitude o the horizon

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As the crisp autumn days of October unfold, the metalcore milieu is set to reverberate with a brutal resonance emanating from the Rockies. Colorado-based quintet, Mouth For War, is primed to unveil their merciless musical narrative, “Bleed Yourself“, on October 27th under the aegis of MNRK Heavy. Today, the band unfurls a slice of what’s to come, with their latest single “Saturate Me” and its accompanying visual narrative.

Mouth For War, an ensemble that encapsulates the raw essence of metal with a pit-splitting hardcore spirit, stands with Trae Roberts vociferating the vocals, Mason Sego orchestrating the percussion, Gabe Moya and Jonah Starbuck riffing the guitars, and Michael Guglielmi laying down the bass. This brutal brigade has found a sanctuary in catharsis, channeling a collective scream therapy of sorts through their intense metal renditions.

The narrative of Mouth For War is intertwined with their roots in the underground scene, having united members from Bruise, Remain, and Sustain back in 2019.

Their journey from the “An Ear Kept To The Ground” EP to the unyielding aggression of “Life Cast In Glass” in 2021, garnered them accolades and a spotlight in the metalcore realm. The band’s ethos resonates with the relentless energy of Hatebreed, the profound ferocity of Xibalba, and the nascent rage of Code Orange.

Mouth For War by @easterxdaily
Mouth For War by @easterxdaily

In early 2023, the ensemble sought new terrains and decamped to Chicago, aligning with producer Pete Grossmann at BrickTop Recording. This excursion, as Roberts notes, provided a canvas for the band to sync, create memories, and carve out a unified piece of brutal artistry. The inclement weather of Chicago cocooned them in the studio, fostering a milieu of hyper-focus, where each riff, drumbeat, and growl was nurtured into existence.

The expedition to “Bleed Yourself” commenced with the unveiling of “Under The Gun” last month, a single embodying the relentless pressure of loss and grief, encased in guttural vocals and an airtight melodic riff.

Today’s offering, “Saturate Me,” pivots from a country-style prayer into a blasphemous burst of percussive pummeling and incendiary riffing. As Roberts delves into the emotional gravitas of the song, the shared essence of feeling entrapped, yet with a rhythmic differentiation, becomes apparent.

The visual narrative of “Saturate Me,” orchestrated by director Errick Easterday, takes a leaf from the early 2000s horror aesthetics, juxtaposed with the raw, eerie essence of the song. It’s a nostalgic nod to a bygone era of metal videos, laden with bright colors, loose narratives, and quirky cinematic elements.

With the full-length album, “Bleed Yourself,” on the horizon, a thirteen-track saga awaits the metalcore aficionados. From “Roses In Place Of Your Ashes” to the title track “Bleed Yourself,” each song is a brutal narrative waiting to be heard.

As the days inch closer to October 27th, the anticipation among the metal community simmers. The album will be available in CD, LP, and digital formats, with preorders already up for grabs. The band also marks its sonic territory with live performances slated in October and November, crescendoing with a record release show at Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, on November 25th, 2023.

Mouth For War by @easterxdaily
Mouth For War by @easterxdaily

Mouth For War live dates:

10/13/2023 Snow And Flurry Fest – Minneapolis, MN
11/18/2023 Flyover Fest – Tulsa, OK
11/25/2023 Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO Bleed Yourself Record Release Show

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