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Strasbourg epic post rockers MOYAN premiere new live session video for “Tzewang Green Boots Paljor”

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Recorded during a snowy, yet sunny January day at Kawati Studios (Itawak Records) in Strasbourg, France, the newest track and live session video from French instrumental heavy post rockers moYan was originally composed as a part of a soundtrack of the movie “Fall of House Usher” by avant-garde director Jean Epstein. “Tzewang Green Boots Paljor” has since then merged with an interesting concept, evolved and became part of the band’s new follow-up EP, to be released on September 30th via Itawak Records. We’ve got the official word from the band and the whole live video streaming below!

The piece accurately represents the concept of our new EP that is inspired by the extreme and epic conditions in the early times of mountain expedition.

The way we saw this track is a bit like a reckless expedition. It begins ok but then it starts to get messy and eventually you end up fucked… or in this case frozen.

Yes, because the name of the piece is in fact the name of a mysterious frozen corpse that wears green boots.

He was found a few hundred meters below the summit of the Everest. He has been there for years and he is now a landmark for mountain-climbers trying to reach the summit.

This story inspired us to create soundscapes related to the excitement of being alone in huge landscapes. It’s about the feeling you have in front of the strength of nature and how no matter how smart you are she is stronger than you. Mountain gives, mountain takes…

moYan « the one who does not speak », is an instrumental post-rock band that is best known for its surprising soundscapes and their harmonic progressions often leading to guitar explosions like thunders.

moYan’s performance  also features cinematic projections to make the experience even more hypnotic.

EP II was composed around the inspiring topic of peak expeditions. Since EP I, moYan evolved towards a sharper sound, more of its own, inspired by acid-rock and post-metal.

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