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NAMELESS CREATIONS give voice to rage against religion on their new LP “Upon God’s Call”

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Warsaw, Poland’s gloomy garage punk rock / post punk weirdos NAMELESS CREATIONS are back with a new record, their first physical release and previously unreleased full length tracked in early 2018 and ready to mess with your senses right now! What these guys have done on “Upon God’s Call”’is show that gothic infused garage punk doesn’t need to keep to convention to be both visceral and electrifying. We’re pleased to give you the full stream of the record below, along with the band’s recent music video for the song “Whorehammer”!

After regrouping right after recording this LP, NAMELESS CREATIONS (Dorian Wiseblood – vocals; Harry Throat – bass; both also of MORON’S MORONS) are back on tracks and are already working on new album called “Plague Party”, with plans to enter the studio in mid-2020.

With the anti-religious lyrics revolving around the rejection of faith and religion, “Upon God’s Call” was introduced through a music video for the song “Whorehammer”, a song about inquisition. The name comes from the infamous “Malleus Malleficarum”, which is a handbook for inquisitors written by an excommunicated monk, Heinrich Kramer. The english translation of the title of the book is “Hammer of Witches”. Youc an watch the full video below.

Upon God’s Call is the first official physical release from a new indepentent record label Kill Your Parents from Warsaw.


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