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Nate Gluck of ENSIGN needs your help!

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Nathan Voorhees, the bassist for NJ hardcore act ENSIGN, has been diagnosed with cancer and need your help! See the details below and jump to the official crowdfunding campaign to donate!

The band commented:

This is a tough post to make, but a necessary one. Nate recently got some news that nobody ever wants to hear. Nate is the heart and soul of Ensign, and through this band’s long and chaotic existence has always been the driving force pushing us to play shows, to write new music, to not rest on our past accomplishments but to keep going and be a better band tomorrow than we were today.

So if you can, please lend a hand to our friend, bandmate, and brother, because he needs it right now.


Here’s the official word from the campaign page:

A lof of you guys know him too, since he has played in pretty much every hardcore band in NJ ever at one point or another (including Ensign and Strength 691) . He is the sweetest guy, and all of us who know him love him dearly. He’s always smiling, always warm, and always there when you need him.

Things aren’t very good right now. Nate is barely able to eat and will be beginning chemo and treatment really soon. He has lost a ton of weight and he is often too ill even to drive, and he is in a lot of pain. Despite all of that, he is in good spirits and ready to fight this thing. His optomism about all of it makes my eyes well up. But that’s how Nate is. He handles everything with a smile.

Things have been incredibly hard on them as of late, and they desperately need our help. Nate’s wife, Christy, is one of my best friends. She lost her job, has been unable to find a new one, and now desperately wants to be able to take care of Nate while he is undergoing treatment. To make matters worse, Their financial situation has become dire. They will lose their home if they are unable to pay their mortgage and the medical expenses are already mounting. It’s horrible, and if they lose this house they will not have anywhere to go nor the funds to find a new home. They have no savings and the medical bills are already piling up.

Anyone who knows Nate and Christy are aware that they are the kindest, most loving, and most generous people around. A true friend to so many of us. Nate and Christy are always the first ones to offer to help, fill in, bring gas when i run out of it for the 50th time, babysit in a pinch, whatever. Their generosity and kindness has always spoke for itself. And now we have a chance to do something for them. NJHC & NYHC  Let’s help them out! Please spread the word!

Please help out as much as you can. Every single penny makes a difference! We can’t cure cancer, but we can make sure that they have a home and can cover their bills and deductibles while the doctors handle that part – so LET’S DO IT!


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