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NERVUS – “Skipping Needle” / “Oh Joy” videos

NERVUS is a Watford, England based indie-punk rock band that sound like the wonderful amalgamation of ALKALINE TRIO and INTOO IT. OVER IT. These boys started as a bedroom project and saw guitarist/vocalist Em create and write music to help cope overcoming addictions in various different forms as well as working through their own gender identity. First track on the record’s called Oh Joy, it’s probably the loveliest song on the album but damn it’s an uncomfortable listen at times in the best possible way. Em shot the video for it down in Brighton a while back and has these nice words to say about the song:

“It’s about my relationship with alcohol and addiction, and how you just end up replacing addictions with other ones until you get to the real root cause of the problem. I was listening to a lot of Alanis Morissette at the time, and tried to channel some ‘You Oughtta Know’ with this because there is nothing more hairbrush-microphone righteous than a scathing break-up tune.”

Permanent Rainbow comes out on November 4th 2016 through Venn Records and The LP Cafe.

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