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New DIY punk label from Barcelona presents: Ejecución X (hardcore punk from Barcelona, Bogotá and Buenos Aires) and F.A.V (fast 80s hardcore from Barcelona)

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Atemptat Sonor, a new non profit label that will release local punk demos from Barcelona with recycled cassette audio tapes and in a digital form, have announced first two demos in their catalogue: Ejecución X that has influences from Swedish hardcore punk with fierce Spanish vocals, and Front D’Alliberació De La Vida, coming as more Italian hardcore sung in Catalan. Dig it!

Ejecución X

This new band shares members from the scenes of Barcelona, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. It was created at the exact moment that all of them were in Barcelona. They have a dark sound because of the urgence of the recording and the medium used to record (the old tascam 414) but also because the influences of swedish legends like Totalitär or Anticimex are there in some songs with that kind of long weird riffs. It’s published in a recycled tape with an insert.

Front d’Alliberació de la Vida

Two demos has been released already of the F.A.V., a catalan band that returns to the italian influences that classically the 80s bands from Barcelona had. The songs talk about current situations or debates that should be more open in our daily life like the expansion of the airport of Barcelona (an ecological catastrophe) or the toll of bad mental health in our lives. Front D’Alliberació de la Vida is an anarchist band that play unnecessarily fast but that’s what makes this some-seconds-long songs interesting. Both demos are published together in a recycled tape with an insert.

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