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New electronic project FORMANTS unveils surreal, Kafka-inspired single “The Apparatus” on Zegema Beach off shoot label SOFTSEED Music

Ahead of the release of his debut albu “You’d Think It Was A Mistake”, LOWER AUTOMATION‘s singer and guitarist Derek Allen is teaming up with Dave Norman of screamo label Zegema Beach Records and now new label SOFTSEED Music to premiere his new single, “The Apparatus”.

The song itself possesses a plucky bassline with disturbing synthy sounds which pairs nicely with a blend of intricately layered samples and loops that feel both energetic and claustrophobic.

““The Apparatus” was written after reading Kafka for the first time and thinking a lot about redemption and punishment. The main beat was put together from a bunch of small samples being processed over and over.” – comments Derek.

“I started Formants a few years back to release the more electronic and ambient music I make that wouldn’t work in Lower Automation. I pulled a lot of influence from bands like Nine Inch Nails and Xiu Xiu, and more experimental stuff like Rabit and Barry Truax. I didn’t intend for this album to turn out much less experimental than /my last album – it just sort of happened during practices and experiments.”

‘You’d Think It Was A Mistake’ cassette is out January 10th, 2022 on the new SOFTSEED MUSIC label (run by CanaDave of Zegema Beach Records).


Dave Norman of SoftSeed Music explains the idea behind the new label: “Well, I guess this an official announcement…I am starting a third record label. Yep, a third. Zegema Beach is for screamo. Tomb Tree is for heavy music in general. And now I have Softseed Music, the very obviously “softer” label, thus ensuring that I can release something that doesn’t have screaming and maybe it’ll still sell. I have released rock/post-rock/noise-rock on both Zegema Beach and Tomb Tree with very limited success. Thus, creating a small label with no limitations on genre (at least, outside of heavy music) will hopefully draw some people over time. Some bands that have projects in the works on Softseed Music are Portugal The Man, Social Caterpillar, Ramona Cordova, Opheliac, and Formants.”

Another new track from FORMANTS premiered last week on openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com:

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