Garage hardcore punks from NEW GODS (Distro-y Records) discuss “Gods Of Punk” 7”, Dublin punk scene, and more!

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My man Alex at Distro-Y Records has been quiet for a while, but the good news is that he’s been busy as hell with 4 new releases presented for late 2014 and early 2015! One of them is a new killer EP from Dublin punk rockers NEW GODS, put out in collaboration with Warren Street Records. This explosive five piece made up of old buds from the Dublin hardcore punk scene got together to kick out some straight up, loud, snotty garage punk. These guys embody true punk attitude and I am stoked to give you more details on their work. Play their disobedient tunes and read my interview with NEW GODS below!

GO HERE to read my interview with Alex of Distro-Y Records.

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for taking some time with IDIOTEQ. Could you please introduce the NEW GODS to the readers and tell us how should we distinguish you from the Seatlle’s NEW GODS?:)

The band’s made up from Kev on vocals, Cory and Fhyll on those guitars that are like, double guitars, Moose on sweet ass bass and Tad sorting out drummin. We’re a punk band from Dublin trying to do an older style stuff in an interesting way, which I think we pull off nicely. We’ve been around a while longer than the other lads, but I’m sure they’re lovely young men who we’d gladly do a split with if they want the profile boost.

What other bands have you been in over the years?

Probably too many to remember right now but most notably drainland,crowd control,wolfbait,loose nut. Moose also currently plays in WILD ROCKET and Cory and Tad have another band called THE WHOLE SICK.

What was the first punk show you ever went to? Do you still remember your rookie days?

Hard to say exactly.depends on your definition of punk.I would say for me personally it would have involved local punx STRICKNEIN D.C., SKINT and THE STEAM PIG. I rememeber fragments. The Dublin punk scene was much scummier back then. Punk gigs actually felt dangerous and just because someone was a punk did not mean they were someone you necessarily wanted to be times indeed.


Photo by Isabel Thomas.

Was there anything newer that you guys were listening to or inspired by when you were writing this 7’’?

We all listen to a variety of different stuff new and old. Can’t think of anything current that would have really influenced us at the time of writing these songs but everyone should listen to hank wood and the hammerheads just because they’re great.

You debut 7’’ is called “Gods Of Punk”. Can you expound more on the title of the record? Is it a kind of tribute for some of your biggest classic punk’n’roll influences?

Its a play on the poison idea record ‘kings of punk’. Except with gods instead of kings because the band is called new gods and we’re just hilarious like that. Just thought it would be fun and annoy some people.

Apart from music, where do you look for inspiration, influences or ideas?

Booze, drugs, comic books. What else is there?

How did you team up with Distro-y Records Warren Street Records for this release?

Warren street records is our label with its name taken from the street half of us live on and have all lived on at some point. Alex from distroy was kind enough to step in and offer us a hand which we greatly appreciate.

What shows do you have lined up for the upcoming weeks and months?

our record release gig is on this Sunday in brand new DIY gig space tenterhooks.beyond that,watch this space.

What cool events do you Dubliners host at your local clubs these days? Can you shoot some detailed information about your local live music scene and tell us how thriving it is?

Not a lot. Dublin sucks. We have great bands but not a whole lot else besides. As I mentioned above there is a brand new day gig space called tenterhooks which is exciting. DISGUISE, RATS BLOOD, STRONG BOYS, OBJECTORZ, LIVE FAST DIE, GAZE, WIZARDS OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN are all bands worthy of a lot of praise and attention.

Is there something’s that is bugging you about it?

About Dublin? Oh plenty. Too much to go into here.

Haha, alright. Thanks a lot for your time. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for the interest.

How can we stay up to date on NEW GODS?

We’ve got a page up at

Thanks so much! Salut from Warsaw!

NEW GODS Bandcamp

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