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NEW GODS release Gods Of Punk 7″ in early December!

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Irish label Distro-Y has been getting around to doing up the promo for NEW GODS 7″ last week, so here it is! Records will be back from press in a couple of weeks and the label aims for December release. Check out the offickal word below and stay tuned for more!

NEW GODS cover

December 2014 sees the release of the debut 7” from New Gods on Distroy Records and Warren Street Records. Fermented on Warren Street, Dublin, the punk rock nucleus of Ireland, the five piece made up of old friends from the Dublin hardcore punk scene who got together to kick out some straight up, loud, snotty garage punk, not sparing on the melodies.

Drawing and mutating influences from classic bands such as Dead Boys, Poison Idea, The Misfits and Stiff Little Fingers, they bring four short blasts of rock’n’roll, dripping sleaze and amphetamine sweat to the world on a vicious mission to put the rock back in punk rock.
Recorded on a rain solked, hung over Sabbath morning by Robbie Brady (The Number Ones, September Girls), mixed by Tommy Duffin of 16 Ohm Studios in Glasgow and mastered by Peter Montgomery of CHR Mastering.

The art and layout was done by New Gods very own guitarist Fhyll. Even with members from Irish staples Crowd Control, Drainland and Wolfbait. It is clear that from this release, New Gods are going to forge their own path.

1. Killer Creep
2. Sweet Mutation
3. Apokolips
4. Meat Grease

Cory Feloni
Moose Forsythe
Tad Alamo
Fhyll Rlyeh

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