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New report highlights changes to global music consumption

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Music fans are spending more time listening to their favorite artists for longer than ever before, with the number of formats used also reaching an all-time high.

The average amount of time music fans spend listening to music on a weekly basis has risen to 20.1 hours, a 1.7-hour increase from the 2021 figure of 18.4 hours.

The continued ascent of music streaming

The Global Music Report 2022, which is the result of an extensive global survey of over 44,000 people in 22 nations, was issued by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). It further revealed that over 45% of respondents now pay for music subscription services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

In a packed field of music streaming services, Spotify is leading the way, leaving giants such as Apple, YouTube, and Amazon in its wake. Since launching in 2008, Spotify has 195 million paid subscribers globally to its service, which includes the app and web player.

Music streaming services continue to change the face of the music industry. Algorithms help to direct fans of certain music directions to the latest songs available in that genre. For example, punk fans are presented with curated playlists featuring songs such as Delete Myself by Fake Names and In the Crypt (featuring Biitchseat) by Hit Like a Girl. As a result, artists from less mainstream genres are given a promotional platform.

Apps more popular than ever

The IFPI report highlighted the popularity of short-form video apps, with 63% of respondents revealing a preference for this media form in the consumption of music. The preference for apps reflects the changes in people’s behavior and the prevalence of apps in the wider entertainment industry. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have dedicated apps, while alongside its music app, Apple has entered the online gaming industry with Apple Arcade. The iGaming sector has also recognized the benefits of offering apps to its customers. Here are some Maryland sports betting apps for you to check out so you can find out about the bonuses available to new players. An increasing number of companies in the entertainment sector are recognizing the necessity of offering customers a dedicated app.

Photo by Cottonbro Studio
Photo by Cottonbro Studio

Apps have become essential for companies as global smartphone usage has rocketed. This reflects a change in lifestyle with mobile devices ubiquitous in modern society. This is not only reinforced by the popularity of video apps but also the role played by music during exercise, with the report revealing that 68% of respondents enjoy listening to music when taking part in exercise.

Another revelation from the report is that 75% of music fans are now using multiple formats to listen to music, from traditional media such as television, radio, and film, to the latest in technology in the form of apps, video streaming, and gaming soundtracks.

This highlights the need for all music artists to use one or another digital music distributor that gets their music onto every platform possible, making it easier for fans to discover their songs.

The changing engagement with music demonstrates a move towards consuming music, and other types of modern media entertainment, when on the go. The altered behavior and wide range of media used to listen to music suggest that we are moving towards a society where being connected to the music we love plays an essential role in modern life.

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