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New screamo split from APOSTLES OF ERIS + GOSSIP is up now via Zegema Beach Records

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Canadian screamo patron Zegema Beach Records has released a new vicious post hardcore split offering. Brought together by the love of screamo, ‘Drone and Cull’ by Richmond vicious screamo band APOSTLES OF ERIS and GOSSIP materialized from the unfinished Apostles Of Eris songs from the Pique split and Gossip’s first recordings and serves as a perfect treat for fans of: Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow, Crowning, Kidcrash and Clavel.

AOE submit their heaviest material to date with a plethora of guest vocalists including Seth from Funeral Diner/Lacrima, Tom from Raining, and Dave/Justin from Crowning as well as lyrics/themes pulled directly from the 1971 Peter Watkins’ film ‘Punishment Park’.

Gossip feature members of Clavel, Senza, For Your Health, Losing, Akira, Deadwitch, Squalor, and play a ridiculously honed-yet-expansive take on screamo – from the ridiculously fast/mathy shit to posty/lush beauty. One thing’s for sure, Gossip is gonna blow you away.

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