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Hungarian emotive rockers BERLIOSE release new single and video “Shreddie Prinze Jr.”

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Featured in a special music video premiere last year, Hungary based noise rock band BERLIOSE released a new single called Shreddie Prinze Jr., and today we’re pleased to give you the official music video for the single above.

“We got together with the common goal to create something that is different from the usual Hungarian alternative rock sound, and instead gets more influence from the emo genre.” – comments the band.

“This style is not that well-known here, but some of our favourite bands such as Citizen, Basement, Built To Spill or Modest Mouse play this kind of music. To this, we added our love for heavier music, and the influence of bands like Deftones or Bring Me The Horizon.”

BERLIOSE self-released their first full-length album, Sleep Without You, in 2018, accompanied by three music videos. Their last release was Lungtrust, a single with a music video that premiered in the summer of 2021.

Asked about their live performance and gig experience, the band marks that they played many gigs all across Hungary, in cities such as Budapest, Veszprém, Szeged or Debrecen. “Last year we also played at Hell Vill, which was our first festival appearance. We shared the stage with many notable bands of the Hungarian underground scene, including BetterThanEver, The Vernal or Bajnoq. Our concerts are very energetic and we also put a great emphasis on stage appearance, and bring our unique, homemade lighting equipment with us to every concert.”


The recording, mixing and mastering of their new song was done at the Ghostship Recordings by Gabor Toth.

“Unlike our first album, with this song we put more emphasis on the influence nu-metal and metalcore music had on us. However, we still retained our original style with the emotional lyrics dealing with negativity, and the melodic, but still energetic sound. This was completed and amplified by the screaming vocals and heavier riffs. The main theme of the lyrics is about duality and the uncertainty that comes with it. It tries to capture the feeling when you would like to be on your own, but at the same time be at a different place. These feelings are displayed through the picture of a sleepless night, where one’s not even sure anymore, if they are a ghost or a person.”

The music video was recorded, directed and edited by Botond Tobai, with the assistance of Adrienn Pintér.

“Botond did the video for one of our previous songs as well, and we really liked working with him.” – comments BERLIOSE. “When we saw his work with analog effects, we felt that this kind of style would be a perfect fit for our song, and it wasn’t a question to ask him to work with us once again. The video recordings were edited digitally, and the result was put on a VHS, and then went through several analog devices to create the effects and distortions that you can see.”


It is late night again and I feel like a ghost
Aimlessly wandering, so silent
Yet sometimes
This is the time that I adore the most
Flashing lights, lonely nights
Our arms can’t touch

Voice breaking, heart beating
Heart breaking, old feeling
Old problems, new cast
New feelings, oh wait

I’m picking up on a lonely pattern
I only stop when I’m already shattered, shattered

I’m not sure I’m awake
My eyes are red and I’m weak
My body won’t rest and I move but it’s in vain
I’m not sure I’m awake

I was waiting for this
This is what I own and I don’t want it to be over
Cause this is the time when home feels like home
I stretch myself out and I take a deep breath

Voice breaking, heart beating
Heart breaking, old feeling
Old problems, new cast
New feelings, but I’m

But I’m
Picking up the pace
Yeah maybe I am already too late

I’m not sure I’m awake
My eyes are red and I’m weak
My body won’t rest and I move but it’s in vain
It aches and I try again
So I close my eyes and count to ten
Head’s full I couldn’t finish it
And it all feels the same and I can’t fall asleep
But I’m not sure I’m awake

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