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Noisy, chaotic hardcore act COILGUNS streaming great live session from SRF3 radio

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A few months after the official release of its third full-length album ‘Watchwinders’, Swiss noisy, chaotic hardcore punks COILGUNS are back with great 39 minutes live Radio session shot & recorded @ SFR3 Rock Special radio and available exclusively on the radio website.

In addition to this session, ‘Watchwinders’ is still available on CD, LP & Digital on CD/LP/Digital through Hummus Records (Darius, Emilie Zoé, Ølten…) & tape through Sludgelord Records and for full-streaming + Pay What Your Want Digital Download on Bandcamp.

For fans of For fans of Botch, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Unsane, Today Is The Day…

“With Watchwinders, Coilguns have clearly matured, and the decision to expand the line-up has paid handsome dividends. They are a fascinating collision of high-minded, cryptic artfulness, pure knuckle-dragging brute force and a hulking great shot of adrenaline. Watchwinders is a practically essential listen for any fans of progressive hardcore”. (HeavyBlogIsHeavy)

COILGUNS have been flying the flag for the DIY scene since 2011.

The band counts a total of four ep’s and three full lengths in their back catalogue and their history is deeply bound to the development of guitarist Jona Nido’s own label – Hummus Records – that is home to more than seventy releases including all COILGUNS discography. Their music has always been recorded live and uncut, generally written and recorded on the spot.

Their two last releases were 100% self-produced, engineered and mixed by the band members. Relentlessly touring europe since the release of their second LP Millennials, the band is known for raw, uncompromising and euphoric live performances.

Their new record ‘Watchwinders’ was written and recorded during one intense month-long session, with the results being an urgent and challenging suite of unpolished bursts. Watchwinders sums up the sheer pleasure of doing things the unusual way with nods to punk, noise, hardcore and more; summarising COILGUNS‘ discordant nature perfectly. Excessively low-tuned guitars, gnarly synths and eccentric vocals are carried away by obsessive drumbeats; the album serves as a complex and utopian mechanism of perpetual motion, an urgent and clever series of sketches.

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