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Noisy post hardcore act ABANDONCY premieres “Glass Labyrinth” ahead of East Coast Tour

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In a powerful amalgamation of harsh artistry, the musical collective known as ABANDONCY is premiering a standalone single and accompanying music video titled “Glass Labyrinth.” The release comes just before their anticipated US East Coast tour, set to kick-off on May 30th in KCMO at Farewell.

While ABANDONCY is no stranger to experimental approach to their core styles, “Glass Labyrinth” pushes the boundaries even further. The song, described by the band as a sonic exploration, is also featured in the theatrical film “How To Blow Up a Pipeline,” which delves into the haunting landscape of an abandoned desert, intensifying its narrative through the gripping sonic architecture of ABANDONCY’s offering.

Speaking on the process of crafting the film’s score, Morgan revealed how he worked closely with composer Gavin Brivik on the desert filmset. They spent days sampling sounds directly from the desolate environment, capturing the echoes of oil drums, abandoned vehicles, and power switching stations to build the haunting score that amplifies the film’s evocative atmosphere.

ABANDONCY has created waves in the music scene with their unique blend of experimental noise rock and post-hardcoresounds. The band consists of three distinct personas, each bringing their unique identity to the table, to create a harmonious sound that is as captivating as it is unique. Their offerings have been praised as a distilled representation of life’s harsh realities, rendered with both a realistic and carefully cultivated tone.

Their ability to blend intense, feedback-laden guitar riffs with an almost eerie atmosphere is really something. Their craft so far showcased their ability to combine heaviness, psychedelia, and gritty realism into a thoughtfully constructed album that leaves listeners just enough room to catch their breath.

ABANDONCY by iheartlocalmusic
ABANDONCY by iheartlocalmusic

The band’s energy is frenetic, driving their songs forward with a pounding intensity. Raw and powerful, their vocals deliver lyrics with a sense of urgency and emotion, characteristic of screamo bands. The result is a cacophony of abrasive noise and a wall of sound that is both chaotic and exhilarating.

Their angular, distorted guitars, throat-ripping vocals, and reckless abandon have been compared to the likes of Shellac and Fugazi. Their songwriting style and the spikiness of their execution place their timeless punk rock energy alongside a more contemporary post-hardcore sensibility.

ABANDONCY by iheartlocalmusic!
ABANDONCY by iheartlocalmusic

Catch ABANDONCY live at the following:

May 30: KCMO, Farewell
May 31: Iowa City, Gabe’s

June 1: Chicago, Reggie’s
June 2: Indianapolis, Healer
June 3: Louisville, Magbar
June 4: Pittsburgh, Government Center
June 5: Philadelphia, Foto Club
June 6: Tolland, CT, Knowhere
June 7: Boston, O’Brien’s
June 8: Brooklyn, The Broadway
June 9: Baltimore, Holy Frijoles
June 11: Atlanta, Bogg’s Social
June 12: Birmingham, Firehouse
June 13: Memphis, Hi-Tone
June 14: Nashville, Triscuit’s Treasure Trove
June 15: St. Louis, The Sinkhole


Recite: reticence
now assume the corpse pose
neglect all past debts
recalcitrant egoist
sanguine gradients
from the years of discontent
prepare: retrofit
from the malign skin-graft treatment

your hopes
parasitic, imitations
of your burned out, washed out,
wedding photos

Recite: resentment
etch glyphs on the void
calling it honesty
virtue signaling the end of this acrimony

invoke your mother’s tongue
collegiate articulation
of a glass labyrinth staging
your next public humiliation

if you’re so free
who’s to blame
for feeling
this way

new body, new shame
new divorce, new family name
new kids, new day
another way to disdain
new body, new shame
another day to
forget my name

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